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The Spirit of Rebellion Against Tyranny
is Alive and Well in Colorado


Tyrants everywhere, shudder in your boots. No longer can you go about your
work unmolested and uncontested. No longer can you pull the fluffy comforter
of public apathy around your crimes against the people. Mainstream media,
prepare for having to cover up and ignore large demonstrations of public
outrage against the stealing of American God given rights. For there's a
phenomena occurring in Colorado and it's spreading to other areas of the
country. It's based on the simple idea of No Tolerance for Government Tyranny.

Apparently born over a few beers, it is the brainchild of a few citizens who
knew that they were not the only ones fed up, and the time was ripe to mobilize
and take their bodies and their voices to the front lines, wherever that might
be, whenever that might be. Thus the Tyranny Response Team became a reality.

From time of inception (Early 2000) to date, they have shown up at gun rights
confiscation events, gun shows (to promote the idea) and town meetings. At
each place they have roundly outnumbered their opponents, the people that are
busily working, working, working all the time to take away your freedom. The enemies of
freedom never sleep. The citizens have been sleeping far too long. The Tyranny
Response Team has no base, no office building, no official leaders, no budget.
it needs none, for it consists of the whole body of the people.

No one has to fill out a form, make a pledge, send money, or join a group.
All you need is your outrage, your American spirit of rebellion against tyrants
and a willingness to confront them, whenever and wherever they decide to rear
their ugly heads. And if you'd like, you can buy a T-Shirt. The hot news is,
it feels great. It brings you together with citizens of like mind. It sure
beats screaming at your T.V. set or beating your head against the wall in
frustration. What could be better than seeing a politicians face turn from
smug, self serving smile into outright horror, when he realizes that the masses
are sick and tired of being over taxed and over regulated. Of course, if he'd
ever read any American history, he would realize that these are not new issues,
and Americans once before saw the necessity to dispatch the people that supported them.

The smiling faces of Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, George Washington,
Patrick Henry, Paul Revere and all of the other patriots of our original
liberation, spring to mind. You can almost hear their collective
"It's about time".

So if you know where tyranny is being supported in your community
or in your state, sound the alarm, spread the word and get that
original first source guardian of freedom, the American People,
out and to the barricades, to proclaim freedom and liberty throughout
the land. All you have to lose is your chains!