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by Doktor Jeep

Badges such as these are given away at gun shows and at other times to anybody who wants one.
Each badge or button is like a flyer, but lasts longer. Those that end up in a gutter or in the
footwell in an old Buick are still readable and may still serve their purpose. Though these badges
will not save the Republic, they are worth the effort because at the least, people are happy to have them.

Below are the badges for the next production run. Some have been "issued" already and are popular.
Others are just developed and need a vote. Rather than end up with unwanted badges, your participation
in this "focus group" (the primary tool of the left) will help determine which ones get produced.
I also tend to be a little venomous when doing any kind of "political" material.
I refrain from doing flyers for this reason. So these button ideas may be a little harsh.
The tougher ones are, at least, good for a laugh.

Ideas are welcome!

b1 - The "first" button designed. I am thinking of discontinuing this one because the meaning of it escapes the un-initiated and it's hard on the printer cartridge.

b2 - This one is discontinued because they are the last to go. I will bring it back if there are enough votes for it.

b3 - Popular, though it's hard to read and the execution photo on the left half doesn't come out very clearly with 600 dpi. Yes, that's Janet Reno on the lower right.

b4 - One of the best. Unfortunatly, the hardest on the print cartridge. Printing 24 of them will drain 1/3 of the ink from a cartridge. Limited run (about 6) with each batch from now on.

b5 - This is more like a badge. These colors are close to the t-shirt colors of the Florida TRT. The colors needed to be different because if you wear black in the Florida sun, they will be checking your temperature with a meat thermometer. This one is discontinued for now..until needed.

b7 - This one started out as a limited run because it has a double meaning, which can be taken the wrong way by law enforcement types with bad attitudes. Turned out that most of the cops who hit the gun shows and saw them simply loved them. A gun store in Florida even asked for a whole batch of them. Next production run will have a lot of this button. Yes, it IS a G3 rifle.

b8 - This one was introduced at the recent gun show in Lakeland and did not have the popularity that I though it would. I might even discontinue it.

b9 and b9a - Not yet produced. Wording is yet uncertain. If enough people like
this one, I will make a couple dozen of them. I think b9a makes a better statement.
In case you are wondering, this tank photo was taken at the Waco Siege. There were no
sheep on the scene (they were in their homes cheering for the pheds).

b10 - Another new one, just created. This idea was pitched around and already seems like a good idea.

b11 - This one is yet not produced. I expect this to be easy on the print cartridge too. With the release of "Patriot", this idea comes to mind. A bit sharp, but this is legal.

b13 - Not yet produced, just created. A play on that "don't worry, be happy" slogan. We know what keeps us up at night, and what makes us happy. I have yet to know how the printer will handle this background. Printing in 1200 dpi really slows things down. Yeah, I'm running out of ideas.

b14 - Get your mind out of the gutter! This is just created and not yet produced. Little to say but a lot of meaning. Kinda sez it all.

b15 - Another one just created. Does this one seem too "brittle" or confrontational? I was in a bad mood (who am I kidding? I've been in a bad mood since '93). >:-)

b16 - Not very exciting. Voting is a trial, sort of...and we need worry about the jury too. Neal Boortz was on the radio while I was doing this, and he compared elections to a jury vote with the advantage of that vote NOT having to be unanimous. Thus, if you think Clinton-Gore is guilty of the charges against them, then you have one last chance to deliver a verdict.

What is your name?
What is your email address?

If anyone wants some of these badges, they are free to individuals on request...
though a person-to-person donation to help production costs would be nice :-)
At this time, we're unable to send out a large number of buttons to one person, due to the high cost
and man power it takes to get them out. If you are interested in making your own, go to
Once you've got your machine, you can find cheaper parts at

And if you think I stink at this and/or is unfit, then let me know
and I will send the button device to you and you can do this. I'm not
the button-man here, I mainly just hurt people.