Nobility Report

Adent Family Tree

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Leonas Eidimtas, married to: Rozalija Prancuzevicius +

(approximate DOB: 1750 - 1770 Lithuania) Historical Links

(4 children)

Fortunatus Bonaventuras Eidimtas, (b. 02/14/1790-d. 06/03/1852)

(7 children)

married to: Ieva Junakus +

Antanas Modestas Eidimtas, (b. 1827 - d. after> 1889)




Passenger List from Ellis Island Archives ELLIS ISLAND PASSENGER LISTS

Generation Color Codes: (What color are you?) COUSIN CHART with Calculator

Dark Blue: 1st. generation American and Grandchildren of Antanas & Antanina
Light Blue: Great Grandchildren of Antanas & Antanina
Teal: 2nd. Great Grandchildren of Antanas & Antanina
Dark Red: 3rd. Great Grandchildren of Antanas & Antanina
Dark Green: 4th. Great Grandchildren of Antanas & Antanina - They are here and growing!
Purple: 5th. Great Grandchildren of Antanas & Antanina. - They have yet to arrive.
Orange: 6th. Great Grandchildren of Antanas & Antanina - expected to arrive around 2060/2075.

Descendants of Leonas & Rozalija.

I hope you enjoyed swinging through the branches of this family tree. If you are a member of this tree, either by birth, marriage, adoption, or just wandered in out of the cold and adopted one of us, and you want to be included and/or have information you'd like included, please let me know.

The information within this web site may or may not be accurate. Some of the information is documented and some is not. I will list all information as it is relayed to me. I hope that if something is inaccurate someone will bring it to my attention and supply the correct information. It is a new project and we have a long way to go to make it as comprehensive as I would like. The auto/biographies and photographs are an essential part of this site that will help to make it interesting and interactive. So... your help, and especially your involvement is needed and appreciated.

Send information and/or JPEG photos to me, Anthony Leo Adent, at: My search has uncovered many Adent family that cannot be placed into the branches above. I suspect that a few siblings of Antanas Modestas also had children that had immigrated to America and other parts of the world. A larger puzzle to piece together perhaps by another webmaster in another time. .

A total of 35 birth, marriage, and death documents have been found and are available from the Lithuanian State Historical Archives in Vilnius. Eight of which have already been received, translated and included on this web site. A coat of arms ("Tepa podkowa") of our family has also been identified. Yes, we are of nobility!!

The coat of arms along with the nobility report has been received and translated and is now on this web site.  link to The Lithuanian Royal Nobility Association information web site report Lithuanian State Historical Archives Report page 1 of 2 Lithuanian State Historical Archives Report page 2 of 2 Stop by the guestbook below on your way out.