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The Path of a True Old Guard Master

I am IronBearDm

I stand in the honor of the ancient ways and laws of Old Guard.

I stand in my own blood as to its honor. I stand in my family and Clan's memories and the honor to those memories as to my oath. I will keep the Sacred Gift to its place above all else.

My Family has shown me the ways of the Ancient Warriors who kept the Sacred Gift. They were trained and taught by Fathers, and Uncles ... and shown the true ways of the Gift by Aunts and their protégés, a fact that I am proud of and voice the name of the Clan I was a part of. I am Iron Bear, part of the Provenzano Clan. And to this day, I am proud of my heritage. The Rites of Passage to the next level will tell of a true Master, or one who speaks of it. Without the Rites of the Old Guard, there can be noone to be kept in honor as to the reality of the position of Dominant or Master, in Old Guard, by way of those who profess it and do not know the rites and rituals. Secrecy was the price to pay for the knowledge, and forged in the Steel Rite was the honored Silence vow.

We are one heart, mind, and soul in Old Guard; we stand in the honor of the Ancient Ones who have blessed us with the truth and knowledge of the care for the Sacred Gift.

What follows, are the rites I have passed to progress to the level of Master ...

Rite of Acceptance.......age 9
Rite of Integrity.......age 10
Rite of Dignity.......age 12
Rite of Usage.......age 13
Rite of Truth.......age 15
Rite of Steel.......age 16
Rite of Blood.......age 17
Rite of Honor.......age 18

Dominant Trainee for 2 years
Apprentice Dominant for 5 years
Full Mastership ....... age 25

Mentorship Trainee for 3 years
Apprentice Mentor 2 years
Full Mentorship ....... age 30

I have been trained and accepted in Old Guard since 9 years of age, family traditions and rites and rituals are all in my blood and honor. I have been schooled in the ways of Domination to the Ancient Guardians of the Sacred Gift for 36 years. I have been a practicing Master for over 27 years. I have been head of the Bear Clan, Mentor, Trainer, and Teacher for 2 years.

Having taken the 7 Rites of Honor, the 7 Rites of Blood, and the 7 Rites of Steel, I have earned the rights of an Old Guard Master. It is in these Rites that one can achieve the level of inner peace and knowledge to carry on the Laws and Rites of the Old Guard.

I stand in honor and the blood of my ancient ancestors. It is through them that I live my life in honor, respect, and dignity. And I will uphold and to my death, follow the Ancient Guardian of the Sacred Gift's Rules and Laws.

Now in Peace and for eternity,

With Respect and Honor,


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