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    The South West Florida Pagan Page

Welcome South West Florida Pagans!
Feel free to use this bulletin board to post events,
topics or anything that you want to share with other
South West Florida Pagans.
Networking is one of the best ways to meet more like minded.
Blessed Be

      Pictures Of Our Local South West Florida Pagans

Merry Meet 4-9-2000
May Day 5-1-2000
Mother's Day Merry Meet 5-14-00
Full Moon Circle 5-17-00
In Loving Memory 5-28-00
Pagans At Play 5-28-00
We Missed U 5-29-00
A Happy April Fools 4-1-01
Merry Meet Merry Swap 4-8-01
C.C. Merry Meet 6-10-01
Naples Beach Merry Meet 7-8-01



Last updated 7-4-02