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Why a web page?

The worldwide web gives everyone a chance to say something, sell something,or to just entertain.

Swaneerat Webdesign can help you do all of this, at a very reasonable price.

Swaneerat Webdesign

Everyday, more and more people sit down to a computer to research. They are looking for things to buy, places to go, or even information about an area to relocate.

Your small business can be one of these places that people discover from the comfort of their home!

We design your site, submit it to search engines, and even get you a 'domain' name if you would prefer.(you pay the additional fee for the name registration)These 'special' names are not as important as they used to be.

We give you tips to get visitors to your site, or to make a few bucks with advertising. Although we make no guarantees for the amount of traffic you may get, we do all that we can to help you.

Need advice about the web in general ? We can help, through tutoring, setup, and one-on-one guidance; to gain confidence and operate your computer to your best advantage.

Who can benefit from a website?
small business
Retired folks
School age children
College students
People with a specific interest

Everyone can enjoy some benefit with access to the world..24 hours,7 days a week, from the comfort of your home!

We are economical, you can pay a whole range of prices for websites, tutoring, and site maintenance; we keep it cheap! This does not have to be an expensive venture.

You can E-Mail us to inquire about our low cost services. You will NOT become part of a mailing list, and all discussions are held in the strictest confidence.

Maybe you would like to 'give' a webpage to a loved one as a unique gift? Or have a website that relatives can visit to
see photos and family news.

We will only consider websites that are family oriented.

Check out one of our 'creations'
American Canoe Adventures.

So, check it out, we can help you talk to the world!

You can check out my multiple page website and display of some graphic art.

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Do you already have a website, and would like a new look?....Give the folks at Swaneerat a chance to improve your image.......

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