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The J&D Potato Cannon Homepage

Welcome! This is where the real fun starts! In the text below, you can reap the benifits of the hard work of J&D Potato Cannon Inc. Our first cannon was a smashing success, needing a little more than $40.00 to create, and some glue. This J&D Model I Potato Cannon will launch a potato over 350 feet with a single click of a Bar-b-que lighter! We will provide the instructions to this free of charge, on the page below. Plans at J&D are in the works for a Rapid Reload attachment for your potato cannon, as well as improvements for accuracy, distance, and even noise reduction with the J&D Potato Cannon Silencer! Feel free to search our site for awesome Potato Cannon Information!!!!!

J&D Model I Potato Cannon Instructions

Above: Our equipment, in storage. The totally finished J&D Model I Potato Cannon is at the far right.

Here's what your gonna need to build your own J&D Model I Potato Cannon. Get your ass into the nearest Home Depot, Lowes, ACE, or any other place that would have some Schedule 40 PVC. Make sure its Schedule 40 or else you will be picking shards of PVC outta your arse after you light the damn thing! When you get there you will need to buy:

Since PVC usually only comes in 10 foot lenghts, you will need 10 feet of 4 inch PVC, 10 feet of 2 inch PVC, a 4 inch to 2 inch reducer, a 4 inch end piece, a 4 inch end cap, PVC glue, and a BBQ Lighter. [Make sure the reducer has a rim on the inside of it. Trust us!

Ok, so by now you've probibally checked out and are at home looking at a whole crap load of PVC and a lighter! Here's what to do with it:

Step #1: Cut 2 feet off of the 4 inch pipe with a hacksaw, and glue it to the 4 inch end piece.

Step #2: Now glue the reducer to the side of the 4 inch pipe without the end piece on it.

Step #3: Take the hacksaw, and cut 3 feet of the 2 inch PVC, and glue it to the reducer.

Step #4: Get the 4 inch end cap, and drill a hole in it big enough for the BBQ lighter to fit into. Then mount the BBQ lighter to the 4 inch end cap using the PVC glue.

Step #5: Take some sand paper that you have laying around, and sand the end of the barrel of the Potato Gun so that it is sharp enough to cut through a potato.

Step #6 --> Testing: BE CAREFUL!!! Take a piece of paper, and stuff it into the barrel of the Potato Cannon, use a broom to push it all the way to the back of the barrel but NOT into the 4 inch PVC!!!!! Remove the end cap. Take some hair spray [preferably 'Aqua Net' Hair Spray], or some GUM-out engine cleaner, and spray it into the 4 inch PVC through the hole for the end cap. Quickly screw on the end cap, point the Cannon up at a slight angle, and click the BBQ lighter. After 2 - 5 clicks, the Cannon should light, and shoot out the piece of paper with a loud thud. If not, remove the end cap, and check to see if the BBQ lighter is ignighting properly. NOTE: Some modifications may need to be made to the BBQ lighter!!! Soddering a piece of a paper clip to the ground wire solved the problem for us! Just make sure that when you click the lighter, a blue spark glows from the tip of the lighter, to the paper clip! Repeat the test again.

Congrats on building your very own J&D Model I Potato Cannon! However, if these instructions are too hard to understand, or you are too lazy to build your own, E-mail us by clicking the mailbox at the bottom of the page, and for $45.oo [plus s&h] we will build you your very own J&D Potato Cannon. Please mail checks and money orders only!!! Allow 4-6 weeks for shipping! All shipping done by UPS and Fed-Ex.

Warning from J&D Potato Cannons Inc.:

If you dont let the PVC Glue cure, and dry overnight once you have constructed the Cannon, you are SERIOUSLY RISKING THE STRUCTURAL INTEGRITY OF YOUR J&D MODEL I POTATO CANNON!!!!!!!

Just a Friendly Warning From J&D:

Remember, a Potato Cannon is a potentially deadly weapon in the hands of children, and really friggin stupid people!!! Shooting a Potato Cannon MAY be illegal in some areas. Do not use your Potato Cannon to shoot houses, people, animals, cars, trucks, trains, plane, boats, Space Shuttles, or any other property that IS NOT YOURS!!!! Use like this will probibally result in jail time [and if you use your Potato Cannon like that, you deserve to be locked up!]. Always use your Potato Cannon in LARGE, EMPTY, OPEN FIELDS THAT ARE FAR AWAY FROM PRIVATE PROPERTY!!!! Always Remember: Your rights end when they infringe on the rights of others!

Things to shoot at!

You can shoot at many things if you want! Here's a list of things to shoot at, that are approved by J&D:

Good luck and have fun with your Potato Gun!!! If you would like to visit the J&D Potato Cannon New Technology page, or the J&D Potato Cannon links page, Click Here

Or you can E-mail J&D!