Here are the scripts for season 5 of Friends, a great season in my opinion. Scroll down to find the episode you're looking for.


501. t.o.a. ross says rachel

502. t.o.w. all the kissing

503. t.o.w. the triplets-100th episode

504. t.o.w. phoebe hates pbs

505. t.o.w. all the kips

506. t.o.w. the yeti

507. t.o.w. ross moves in

508. t.o.w. all the thanksgiving flashbacks -UNCUT

509. t.o.w. ross' sandwich

510. t.o.w. the inaproppriate sister

511. t.o.w. all the resolutions

512. t.o.w. chandler's work laugh

513. t.o.w. joey's bag

514. t.o.w. everyone finds out -UNCUT

515. t.o.w. the girl who hits joey

516. t.o.w. the cop

517. t.o.w. rachel's inadvertent kiss

518. t.o.w. rachel smokes

519. t.o.w. ross can't flirt

520. t.o.w. the ride-along

521. t.o.w. the ball

522. t.o.w. joey's big break

523. t.o.i. vegas

Thanks to CFSI for most of these scripts. Thanks to Matt G. for uncut version of TOW Thanksgiving Flashbacks, and TOW Everybody Finds Out.