These are the scripts for season 3. Scroll down to find the one you're looking for

301. t.o.w. the princess leia fantasy

302. t.o.w. nobody's ready - UNCUT

303. t.o.w. jam

304. t.o.w. the metaphorical tunnel

305. t.o.w. frank jr.

306. t.o.w. flashbacks

307. t.o.w. racecar beds

308. t.o.w. the giant poking device

309. t.o.w. the football

310. t.o.w. rachel quits

311. t.o.w. chandler can't remember which sister

312. t.o.w. all the jealousy

313. t.o.w. monica and richard are just friends

314. t.o.w. phoebe's ex-partner

315. t.o.w. ross and rachel take a break

316. t.o.w. the morning after

317. t.o.w.o. the ski trip

318. t.o.w. the hypnosis tape

319. t.o.w. the tiny tshirt

320. t.o.w. the dollhouse

321. t.o.w. the chick and a duck

322. t.o.w. a screamer

323. t.o.w. ross' thing

324. t.o.w. the ultimate fighting champion

325. t.o.a. the beach

Thanks to CFSI for most of these scripts. Thanks to Matt G. for the uncut versions of some scripts.