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She was clad in white linen
with a sash made of gold
I knew she was an angel,
without being told

Her presence was felt
without uttering a word
I closed my eyes in awe
at the music I heard

She pointed to the path ahead
as she touched me on the arm
And I felt the presence of the one
I'd waited for so long

I felt a rush of angel wings
and swiftly they were gone
I looked at the path that lay ahead
that once seemed so very long

Trumpets blared at the gates ahead
and I saw a golden light
And a little child with golden hair
that drifted out of sight

The angel that had led me
was going through the gate
And she called to me in a gentle voice
'' I'm sorry you have to wait ''

Suddenly, I opened my eyes
and lay there in the night
It seemed so real, the dream I had,
the moon outside shone bright

A quiet peace surrounded me
and light shone on my bed
I felt the presence of the Lord
but it wasn't my time yet

I am the first time Mother of a child born with
Down Syndrome, and have found life in that.

She is an Angel in all sense of the word.
This site will be about her and her battles in her
short 6 years. There will be information
about her health, Our Family, Our struggles and then all
kinds of information about where to get support and
life lines, prayer lines etc.

Please excuse the info pages not being here yet..I have been somewhat busy this past year.

My mother passed December 7th 2002, and I have added the very page for her . Thanks to a fellow Angel ..Lady Legend of a group I belong to ...My Mom..will be finished very soon!
It's now 2006! Lot's of illness with myself and my Angel..I will try to get things done daily.

This Heavens Angels site
owned by Angel Teresa

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