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Inverted Coasters

My 5 Favorite Inverted Roller Coasters

An inverted coaster is a roller coaster where your feet hang below you and the track is above you. Inverted coasters are a modifications of the suspended coasters. The trains of an inverted coaster are fixed to the track which allows them to do inversions such as a heart-line twists (barrel rolls), corkscrews, cobra rolls, loops, and my favorite but is only on 2 coasters right now is the bat wing.

I'll start with the tallest inverted coaster right now, Alpengeist is 195ft tall. It has a total of 6 inversions. Which include a cobra roll, 2 heart-line twists, and 2 loops. This ride is very well themed and i love it. They really worked hard on it. This ride really feels like your going to have your legs taken off. This ride is in a simi-compact area. It has 3828ft of total track. It takes 3:10 to do the whole ride. This ride cost $20 million dollars, but it was made by B&M so it's worth what ever it cost, it opened on March 22,97. You really have to sit in the front of this ride or any other inverted ride.

Batman: The Ride is one of the most popular names for Six Falgs, but the 1 i'm talking bout is in Six Flags Over Georgia (SFOG) This monster of a inverted coaster is kinda short at only 2700ft long. It as 5 inversions and a first drop of 105ft. It takes 2 minutes to do the whole ride and it was built by B&M the best coaster makers in my opinion (most people would aggree) and it opened on 5/3/97.

Montu is one of the two rides with a bat wing on an inverted coaster. It is a well themed ride and is a real good ride. The 150ft drop followed by a large loop is one hell of a ride!!! Its top speed is 60mph as it takes you through 7 inversions and 3983ft. It takes 3 minutes to go through the whole ride. B&M built this ride and they should be very proud of it cuz it's still going strong with the public in its forth year of operating, it opened 5/16/96. Plus my favorite part of this ride is when you think its over you swing left for a trun and they swing you back and throw you upside down under ground. This is like a bat wing but bat wings have 2 inversions not one, but they do have a bat wing on this.

Raptor is a 137ft tall inverted coaster. It's located in the roller coaster capital of the world Cedar Point. It travels along 3790ft of track at a top speed of 57mph. It flips you upside down a total of 6 times in a time span of 2 minutes and 16 seconds. It was built by B&M and they spent 11.5 million dollars on this ride!! I love this ride and it is a real good ride, plus with its other 13 coaster firends in the park.

The Mind Eraser is one of the first inverted looping coaster built, It features a half loop, half barreal roll and repeats this over again (see picture). It was built in 1995 and is 115ft tall. It takes you through a 5 inversion of twisted track at 55mph over 2170ft of track. It has 2 trains running on this track dispite the short length, and takes a total of 2 minutes 5 seconds to take you through the track. Vekoma,Inc. is the builder of this track. This is not the only Mind Eraser though. It has a twin in Denver Colorado at Six Flags Eligh Gardens. They are exactly alike or a least i think so i've riden both but the one in Co. is just a little more intense due to the surroundings. Two Face:The Flip Side is the classic boomerang design. It goes fowards and backwards, but there is one catch you can go fowards or backwards first;in other words you are facing you fellow riders rather than seeoing the back of the chair. It was built in 1999 and may only have a first & second drop of 137ft. but it packs 5 times your body weight into it. Its is a total of 1000ft. long and travles along at 55mph. The ride it self only take 90seconds and can carry up to 28 people. This ride is an inverted foward & backwards looping coaster that features a boomerang doubleinverted sidewinder and a 72 ft. vertical loop. This ride has seats which the passengers face each other and sit back to back (see picturs) Volcano is the only inverted roller coaster with linear induction. Linear induction shoots the roller coaster trains off at a set speed. Volcano is launched off at 70mph. It opened August 1,1998 and takes you through a twisted 2,757ft of track. It may be short but but with a 155ft vertical incline and a half corkscrew at the top and great hang time on the other inversion you cant beat this ride!!! It runs 3 trains on this track. Its claim to fame is that it is the worlds first linear induction suspended rollercoaster. It blasts them up 155ft stright out of the top of a volcano!!! pretty cool hun? It featurs a total of 4 inversion including 3 barrelroll spirals and an 80ft drop at the end. The people who made this ride (Intamin AG, Switzerland) should get 3 thumbs up for this ride great job guys! Dare thee ride a twisted dragon? This thrill ride, a dual track inverted roller coaster, comes with the greatest rollercoaster queue area ever created. As you enter the castle you know something is amiss. It is in shambles, bashed in, clawed at. Pyrrock and Blizzrock, the fire and ice dragons, have been here before. Merlin tells the tale of how as an aging sorcerer he came to the castle, only to have the demonic dragons attack. Charred knights abound in the room where Fire sizzled. Frozen knights on horseback, in blocks of ice, follow in another chamber where Ice chilled. These dragons have apparently been working knights. After seeing the fresh handiwork firsthand you walk through the castle's catacomb dungeons where skeleton bones reside. With Merlin's final warning, to turn back, ignored by thrillseekers, "Choose Thy Fate" awaits. Go left and Fire is your destiny. Go right and Ice is your endeavor. This is an inverted coaster, meaning the track is above you and your feet dangle freely below you. Seating is four-across, enough to have a nervous kid or two wedged between equally nervous parents. This will be the first attraction ever to not only have a minimum height requirement but a maximum one as well (my apologies to any seven-foot knights out there). Why? Well the two tracks are not identical. While they each have three different inversions the one common bond is that at three different times the dragons will practically collide with each other -- pulling out at the last minute. From the first 125-foot hill, the red fire dragon train, on the red track, drops practically the entire 125 feet at nearly 60 miles per hour. On the other hill the blue ice dragon train, on the blue track, heads down about 115 feet. From that point on, the 2 1/2 minute ride will take you through thrilling loops and near misses, whether you went with Fire or Ice -- racing around the land outside a makeshift castle. The ride is so elaborate that, while climbing the first hill, it weighs both vehicles and staggers the rise to optimize the near-misses. While these elements are best seen from the front row of each train that luxury also commands a much longer line.

(some pictures pervided by Joe Schwartz.[All of the Raptor,Montu, & Batman pics were pervided by Jeo])

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