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Hyper Coasters

My 5 Favorite Hyper coasters

This part of my site is only of Hyper Coasters. If some of you people don't know what they are these big monsters are they are the tallest, fastest and longest coasters. They have to be over 200ft tall. They run on a steel tublar track and usually do not have inversions. I have 10 of them for you.

Now open is Millennium Force at Cedar Point. This ride is so tall it is tall than the Staute of Liberty. The ride is 310ft. tall. It total track length is 6,595 ft. long it travles along at a fastest of 92mph. It has a descent angel of 80 degrees. It's total time of the ride is 2:45. It has a 122 degree banked turn. This coaster is an out and back. It has a s`pecial feature of and elevator cable system as its chain lift. The makers are Intamin AG. It's debut date was May 13, 2000. It broke ten world records which it still hold right now.

1. Highest complete circuit roller coaster (310ft.)
2. Fastest complete circuit roller coaster (92mph)
3. Longest drop (300ft.)
4. Most roller coasters in one park at 14.
5. Park with the most rides at 68.
6. The first and only coaster right now to break the 300ft. mark.
7. Most steel roller coasters in one park at 12.
8. Most roller coaster track at one park with 44,013 feet.
9. First roller coaster to use the elevator cable system.
10. The Steepest non-inversion banked turn on a roller coaster at 122 degrees.

Those are the ten world records that Millennium Force holds right now. But with newer and better rides how long do you think it will hold some of those records email me and tell me. My address link is down at the bottom.

(these Millennium Force pictures were provided by Joe Schwartz @ Click here:
Joyrides - Amusement Park and Roller Coaster Photos

Superman: Ride of Steel is a 200 ft. tall hyper coaster. This tall coaster is 5,350 ft. long. It is in an area that is themed by Batman & Superman. This ride is at Six Flags America (SFA)

This ride was opened to the public in May 2000. This massive ride weighs 5 million pounds!! It has a top speed of 75 MPH. This ride takes 3 minutes and 20 seconds. It can have up to 32 passengers per train. The first hill is 200ft, first drop is 197ft, at an angel of 70 degrees. Second hill is 143ft. Is the tallest ride there in Six Flags America.

The next on the list is Apollo's Chariot. This wild coasters is in Busch Gardens Williamsburg. This monster is one of the best rides i've ever been on. It's just a little under 5,000ft long at 4882ft long. This rides reaches to the gods as it takes u up 210ft. in the air. The Gods answer the call by a 200ft drop with a total of 4.1 g's. The great designers B&M made this one. Along with the othe ride there also made by B&M Alpengeist.

Desperado is a lagre massive peice of work. It stand 225ft in the air and take you through a winding track at 80mph. It is in Buffalo Bill's Casion & Resort. This ride takes 2:43 to complete it will through you around. The g's are 4 and it opened in 1994. It mat not be the biggest or the fastest but it lives up to its name and forever be one of my favorites.

Goliath this is one of the tallest and fastest coasters in america. It satnds at a height of 255ft. It really lives up to its name. At a speed of 85mph it moves along very fast around a 4500ft track. It takes a full 3 minutes to go through a track. It may not be as long as some of the other hypercoasters but this large peice of twised metal is defentally one of the best. The angel decent is 61 degrees. The designer Giovanola did make one big giant. It has been open not even a year. It opened 2/11/00 at Six Flags Magic Mountain.

Magnum XL 200 is one of the oldest hyper coasters if not the oldest i'm not quite sure. It is in the coaster capital of the world Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio. This old ride goes a fast 72 mph and takes you through a winding 5106 ft. It was opened in 1989 so it is pretty old by hyper coaster standards. It 2 minutes course and the first drop it at 60 degrees. Ron Tommer is the designer and did he ever do a good one. Great job Ron.

Mamba is a 205 ft tall 5600ft long hyper coaster. It is a great ride and is pretty intence. It is located in Worlds of Fun. This ride takes 3 minutes to go through its whole track. It is i good ride deisgin. Steve Okamoto is the designer who made this really kool ride. It was opened 4/18/98

Raging Bull is another wonderful B&M coaster. This awsome ride is located in Six Flags Great America. It has a top speed of 73mph. It stands at a massive 208ft tall. with a track of 5057ft long. It takes 2:30 to complete the ride and with the drops at 60 degrees it is one hell of a ride!! This ride opened 5/1/00

Steel Force is in Dorney Park. It is 3 years old, it opened 5/30/97. It travles along at 75mph.It stands at a tall 205ft tall. It has a massive track length of 5600ft. It takes a total of 3 minutes to do this whole ride. This ride is an ok ride. It's ok but i have defently been on beter rides. It has a degree of 60. Steve Okamoto made this ride. It was opened 5/30/97.

This next ride is located in Vallyfair!. It has a top speed of 74mph. It stands 201 feet taller than me at 207ft tall. It has a big track length of 5460ft. It takes 3 minutes to complete this ride thanxs to D.H. Morgan Manufacturing Inc. (the designer) This big loving ride opened June 11 in 1996. This rides name is Wild Thing. It is a good ride and I love it. Most people under rate it.

Those are they hyper coasters that i rode over the summer. Most of them were some of the best and intense rides i've ever rode. All though hyper coasters aren't my favorite or second favorite they are a high third. Thanx for reading. Please E-Mail me on what you thing your thought are of the most importance. Thanx Eric

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