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B&M Center: Speed

The most explosive coaster on the planet blasts-off to an unbelievable 230 feet with a 215 foot dive back to Earth at hyper-speeds approaching 80 m.p.h. This all-new, colossal mega coaster features an ultra-intense, mile-long track packed with relentless thrills! Seven steep and dramatic drops, double highly-banked horizontal loops, an S-curve and high-speed "hammer head" featuring intense, tight twists and turns are jam-packed into this colossal scream machine.

Introduced: Spring 2001
Height: 230 feet (23 Stories)
Length: 5,394 feet (1+ mile)
Top Speed: 80 mph
Ride Duration: 4 minutes
Seating Capacity: 9 rows of 4 seats
Colors: Structure is royal blue, track is fuchsia and yellow, trains are royal blue, fuchsia and yellow.
Special Features: Riders are secured in unique, open-sided cars by lap-bar restraint. Features 7 relentless hills, steep drops and sharp curves on more than a mile of twisted steel.
Height Restrictions: Must be 54" to ride.
Manufacturer: B&M

Apollo's Chariot was the first speed coaster by B&M. Its first drop is a breathtaking 210 feet at 65 degrees. The ride sets the record for most total drop footage, of which it has 825 feet. The first four drops are all over 100 feet, something that has never been done before. The layout of the ride is basically out-and-back, with a swoopy turnaround at the far end. The trains are a new design; the seats are high off the cars and there are no sides, creating a very open feeling.

Name Apollo's Chariot
Opened Spring, 1999 Length 4,882 ft
Max Speed 73 mph
Features Seats are elevated about car, creating a floating feeling
Trains 3
Capacity 36 riders per train
Cost $13 million

Raging Bull is the first hyper-twister by B&M. Unlike Apollo's Chariot, the companies other hyper coaster, Raging Bull twists among itself instead of following a simple out-and-back layout. The first drop plunges into an underground tunnel at 65 degrees. The rest of the ride is filled with high speed turns and dives. Mixed in with the layout are inclined loops. The name is confusing because they do not actually invert the train, but instead are swooping turns that are severely banked.

Name Raging Bull
Opened March 14, 1998
Height 202 ft (208 ft drop)
Length 5,057 ft
Max Speed 73 mph
Elements 65 degree drop
inclined loops
Trains 3
Capacity 36 riders per train
Cost $14 million

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