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dedicated to Joy Fowler
The fear that comes upon one,
When the dreaded word is said,
The shock of realization,
When the biopsy is read.
The anxieties are overwhelming,
Uncertainty grabs your heart,
Not knowing what to expect,
As your world starts falling apart.
 Your mind begins to think the worst,
You become scared and want to cry.
You want to run away and hide,
And you begin to ask God "WHY".
How will I be able to cope with this,
If I survive the surgeon's knife?
What will  my body look like?
Will he still want me for a wife?
No one has all the answers.
There's much that depends on you.
You can't close your eyes and give up,
You'll have to fight to  make it through.
 You don't have to face this all alone,
You'll find strength from those who care.
They'll tell you that your're beautiful,
Even if you lose all of your hair.
Family, friends and strangers too,
Will give you loving care.
And many will not stop at that,
For they'll go to GOD in prayer.
Your greatest strength will come from GOD,
Through all of your agony, fear and pain.
And when your battle with cancer is won,
You'll have your life back again.
Rozita D. Martin