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 Oh  mercy, where am I?

This is all so new to me!

Could it be possible,

I have just been conceived?
I hear a gentle beating,
Could it be my mother's heart?
Is it from one who's loving?
One that I am now a part.
  I feel a rocking motion,
With each breath she inhales.
I feel so safe and snug,
As her womb begins to swell.
I feel the warm blood flowing,
From her veins into mine,
A river of blood that forever,
 A love should always entwine.
What is this I'm feeling?
I'm nervous and very scared!
I don't feel safe anymore!
Is there anyone who cares?
Where is the gentle beating?
What is this pounding I hear?
It's not suppose to be like this!
Her heart is full of fear!
Mama, don't let them do this!
I've only just begun,
To grow inside your tummy,
Your daughter or your son.
Daddy, please stop her!
Don't let her destroy me!
I know I'm nothing to you now,
But give me the chance to be!
Oh, Grandmaw! Oh, Grandpaw!
Are you listening to my plea?
Can you convince your daughter,
Not to get rid of me?
Oh, Mercy!  Where am I going?
This is not how it should be!
Oh, Dear Lord, open your arms,
For my mother has aborted me!
Rozita D. Martin
March 17, 1995