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Family Profiles

May 1, 2000

Let me start by saying this profile started as a whim but has led to an in depth look at my family tree. I grew up in Massachusetts seperated from most my family. My Mom’s side of the family lived in Conneticut but we didn’t stay in touch that much. My Dad’s side of the famliy was mostly in Texas and we didn’t stay in touch much either. I had three older sister’s from my father’s first marriage, but the lived in Texas with thier mom and again I had little contact.
My grandparents passed away when I was young so I never got to know them very well. I knew of my Dad’s two brothers who I sometimes Summered with and some cousins. That was the extent of my family. Growing up I had what I could only describe as an empty feeling inside that I only recently have come to realize and understand. The emptiness of family, of heritage, of belonging to something larger.
Two weeks ago I knew of my Great Grandfather and my Grandfather, but I didn’t know them. On a whim one night I entered my last name into the computer to see what popped up. I found lots of listings, most noteably was “Erny”. I decided to do an article on him for my website and that led me to things I never knew.
I found a Victoria (Vicky) Pinckert Rafa in California who was trying to create her family tree and together with my Dad, and a stack of photo albums, we found people and connections that just fell together. I can now look at a tree and go back to my Great-Great-Great-Grandfather.
It turns out Vicky and I are related, “Erny” was her uncle. My Great-Great-Grandfather and her Great-Grandfather were brothers. Feel free to visit my Pinckert Family page for more details on the family tree. Now here is what I found on William Ernest “Erny” Pinckert.

William "Erny" Ernest Pinckert

Erny was born William Ernest Pinckert on January 15, 1906 in Medford Wisconsin. He had nine siblings and according to family insisted that his full given name was in fact “Erny”. My relationship with Erny goes up the family tree a little ways. He would be my cousin three times removed or my fifth cousin depending on who you talk to.
Erny’s father was Richard Franz Pinckert, born Feb. 7, 1865 in Grafenhainchen, Saxony Anhalt, Germany. Richard Franz had two siblings, Herman Otto, born in 1844 in Germany, and a sister named Emma. Herman Otto was my Great-Great-Grandfather and that is were the relationship lies.
I don’t know much about Erny’s early years growing up but he definately left his mark in later years. Just a quick search on the internet will bring his name up at least a dozen times. Whether its for his college years playing football at the University of Southern California or his years playing for the Washington Redskins or his 1997 induction into the Rose Bowl Hall of Fame. Erny Pinckert has definately left his mark in history.

All American Jersey Number 17

Don Williams
Erny Pinckert
Mike Battle

The earliest information I found on Erny was his college days. He played for USC from 1929 to 1931, most notably was the 1930 Rose Bowl. In college several oil paintings were done of the team by Roger Noble Burnham who later used them to pick out models for a statue. The bronzed Trojan warrior, unveiled in 1930 at the USC’s 50th jubilee, was to serve as a symbol of the university’s fighting spirit. As years went on it became a popular meeting place on campus as well. Burnham chose two atheletes to use as models, 1930 Rose Bowl Player of the Game Russ Saunders and All-American Erny Pinckert.
There is contoversy as to who actually modeled for the statue but Russ Saunders was quoted as saying; “Burnham made more than 100 oil paintings of various football players from our squad and from them he selected the paintings of Pinckert and me. We put in a lot of hours posing, and the result you see is my head, chest and shoulders. The rest is all Erny.”

Football All-American Team 1930

E-Wesley Fesler, Ohio St.
E-Gerald Dalrymple, Tulane
E-Frank Baker, Northwestern
T-Frederick Sington, Alabama
T-Mel Hein, Washington St.
T-Milo Lubratovich, Wisconsin
G-Theodore Beckett, California
G-Frederick J. Linehan, Yale
G-Barton Koch, Baylor
C-Benjamin Ticknor, Harvard
B-, Notre Dame
B-Marty Brill, Notre Dame
B-Reb Russell, Northwestern
B-Ernie Pinckert, USC
B-Marchy Schwartz, Notre Dame
B-Leonard Macaluso, Colgate
During his college days Erny achieved the Highest Rushing Average, 11.6, for a single game in 1930. This is still unbroken today and ranks along side such plyers as O.J. Simpson and Keeshan Johnson. Also in 1997 Erny was inducted into the Rose Bowl Hall of Fame.

1997 Rose Bowl Hall of Fame Inductee’s

Terry Donahue - UCLA
Jim Grabowski - Illinois
Warren Moon - Washington
Erny Pinckert - USC
Ken Ploen - Iowa
Sandy Stephens - Minnesota
Erny’s days of playing football did not end after college. In 1932 he played for the Boston Braves and then from 1933-40 he played for the Washington Redskins. His most notable game was probally when the Redskins, coached by Ray Flaherty, faced the Giants at Griffith Stadium on Sept. 16, 1937. Coach Flaherty was recorded as saying;
"I want 60 minutes of the best that's in you. I won't take anything less. Sixty minutes of 100 percent effort. Those Giants are going to be tough tonight. You know how they hate us. And I'll tell you something, I've found out that they're out to get Erny Pinckert. I want you guys to give Erny plenty of protection. I don't want anybody standing around when they start to give Erny the works. You've got hands, use `em. You're as big as they are. And I think you're tougher. Understand?"
Recorded by: Shirley Povich of The Washington Post
After Erny finnished playing football in 1940 he became a clothing designer with an exclusive line in his name under California Designs. In closing Erny Married Mildred Kadlec and had three children , Julie, Erny Jr., and Rick. I hope you’ve enjoyed this profile, I only wish I could have brought you more to show you the life of this amazing family member. For more detailed information on some of things I touched on please visit the links.

-Jack Pinckert

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