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My Trading Rules

My Want List

I am currently only trading for Zakk Wylde, Ozzy, Alice in Chains, and Living Colour due to time limitations.

However, a side project I've been working on is archiving all of my Ozzy and Zakk Wylde/Pride & Glory/Black Label Society videos onto DVD. I recently got a DVD-R recorder and it's great. But I don't want to archive poor copies. If you have a clear first generation copy of any Ozzy or Zakk video I have or don't have, please contact me. I'll make you a FREE copy on DVD if you can hook me up with quality stuff.

Specific Zakk Wylde shows I'm particularly interested in:
Pride & Glory - Milan, Italy 6/94
Pride & Glory - Helsinki, Finland 5/27/94
Zakk Wylde - Golden Vally
Zakk Wylde - Dynamo '99 soundboard

Thanks for coming by.....Let's Trade!!

My List

As always very much under construction:
Click on the date of the show to get the setlist and a sound sample


Note: Ticket images are shows that I attended, not recorded (although I wish that I had)

10-21-78 Boston, MA Paradise Theatre FM A
9/13/95 France Fun Radio Session (5 songs) FM A
9/3/77 San Francisco, CA Old Waldorf Theater SB B/A
1983 Detroit, MI Live 1983 AUD B+
1983-85 "Aftershocks" Flick of the Switch rehearsals and live B-A
1976 & 1979 England BBC Live FM A
9/10/78 Columbus, OH Rare complete radio show SB A
1977 Various Live 1977 AUD B & SB A
8/22/77 Cleveland, OH Live at the Agora (complete show) FM A
10/16/79 Townson Living in the Hell SB A
7/5/96 England, VH-1 Studios VH-1 Uncut TV A-
1974-2000 Various Rare Studio Tracks Studio A
2000 Stiff Upper Lip World Premiere Broadcast FM A
9/13/00 Phoenix, AZ Radio Broadcast (2CD) FM A+

1974 Detroit, MI SB B+
1987 Studio Permanent Outtakes (2CDs) Studio B/B+ varies
8/19/90 Donnington Monsters of Rock FM A
8/11/90 New York Complete Unplugged TV A

I saw AIC when they opened for Ozzy this night
1992 “Working Class Hero” Stud. + A Live SB
1990 “Heroin” B+
1992 Toronto, CAN “Live in Toronto” SB A
1993 “Swarm” Aud B+

12/27/97 Los Angeles, CA “Forbidden Fruit” SB A


The confetti is from when I saw them on 8/2/99. I lost my damned ticket.

12/20/70 Paris, France TV A
5/24/74 California Jam "Canibus Confusion" SB B+
8/6/75 Philadelphia, PA Sabotage tour!!! (2CD) SB A+
4/21/77 Olymen Lund, Sweden “Killing Yourself to Die” Aud B
6/78 London, England "Welcome to the Electric Funeral" SB A
9/22/78 Fresno, CA Includes Shockwave, Never Say Die! Aud A-
6/3/98 Budapest "Ozzy Rules Budapest" Aud A-
1/8/99 San Jose, CA (2CD) SB A-
8/2/99 Biloxi, MS Aud B

4/12/63 NYC, NY Town Hall SB A & 10/26/63 NYC, NY Carnegie Hall SB A-

5/2/99 Dublin, Ireland Live in Dublin (2CDs) Aud B+
?? ?? “Just Passing Thru” FM A
1999 Woodstock Woodstock ’99 SB A
10/27/97 Stuttgart, Germany Live in Villa Berg SB A
1997 MTV Unplugged & Hardrock Live TV A


1964 Newport Live in Newport SB A
1994 Rick Rubin’s cabin American Outtakes STUD A
3/17/94 Austin, TX Live at Emo’s Aud A-
9/17/95 Netherlands Live in Netherlands Aud B
7/9/96 New York Irving Plaza (2CD) SB A

1/99 Toronto, Canada “Trinity Church Sessions” SB A+
1998 VH-1 Storytellers TV A
1992 Unreleased Album “All I Wanna Do” Studio A


3/17/89 Live at the Ritz TV A

5/77 Live May 1977 (2CD) SB A-
12/29/82 Long Island SB A+
VH-1 Storytellers TV A


12/22/73 London, England "Christmas Concert" (2CD) FM A+
5/22/77 Raibow Theater "Rainbow Rock" (2CD) SB A- (some pops)
5/28/79 Moscow, Russia “Russian Bullet” (2 CD) SB A
1988 Chicago, IL King Biscuit Flower Hour - Poplar Creek FM A
9/6/93 Foxboro, MA "The Bitch is Back" SB A 1994 Greek Theater Disney Concert (incomplete) TV A 3/30/98 Tokyo, Japan Face to Face w/ Billy Joel (2CD) SB A+

5/21/91 2 Meter Session FM A (5 song acoustic session)
4/5/89 & 1990 NYC & Minneapolis "USA Live 89-90" SB A
11/91 Chicago, IL "A Physical Experience" FM A-
1993 Leeds, England "Nothing Lasts Forever" SB A-

OZZY OSBOURNE (also see Zakk Wylde)

10/22/80 Chelmsford, England Early Blizzard show - Randy Rhoads Aud A-
5/11/81 Cleveland, OH "Real Tribute" (Undubbed Randy Rhoads Tribute) SB A
7/31/81 Montreal, CAN Randy Rhoads “Another Tribute” FM A+
1/15/82 Minneapolis, MN Randy Rhoads SB B
2/9/82 Kalamazoo, MI Randy Rhoads SB B Cassette
6/12/82 & 1992 Los Angeles, CA & Italy "Tears of the Sinner" Brad Gillis & Zakk Wylde (Italy) SB & Aud A/A- <--Snowblind w/ Zakk
3/18/84 Salt Lake City, UT "Still Paranoia" Jake E. Lee SB A
6/29/84 Tokyo, Japan “Beast in the Darkness” Jake E. Lee SB A+
4/1/86 Kansas City, MO King Biscuit Flower Hour FM A
7/11/88 Leicester, England Early No Rest for the Wicked show w/ Demon Alcohol (2CD) Aud B
7/14/88 London, England
12/12/88 Richfield, OH
6/4/89 Philadelphia "Wicked & Wylde" Zakk Wylde TV A-
8/12/89 Moscow, Russia Moscow Peace Festival TV A-
2/8/91 Long Beach, CA
2/24/92 Stockholm, Sweden Zakk Wylde Aud B+
3/11/92 Milano, Italy (2CD)
11/15/92 Costa Mesa, CA Solo set & Sabbath Reunion (2CD) Aud B
4/13/96 Phoenix, AZ Live in Phoenix (1st song cuts out) FM A Cassette
2/28/98 Japan "Back to Ozz" w/ Zakk Aud A-
3/1/98 Japan "Zakkman Cometh" Aud B-
12/15/01 Worcester, MA Merry Mayhem (2CD) Aud A-
12/18/01 Albany, NY Merry Mayhem Aud A-
12/23/01 East Rutherford, NJ Merry Mayhem Tour Closing Show (2CD) Aud A-
2/18/02 Yokohama, Japan (2CD) Aud A
3/10/02 Hamilton, Ontario Audio ripped from the video Aud B
Various Studio Rare Studio A

1956 Little Rock, Arkansas Live in Little Rock SB A
1969 American Studios Outtakes American Crown Jewels Studio A
1969 American Studios Outtakes Finding the Way Home (2CD) Studio A-
8/19/70 Dinner and Midnight Show Double Dynamite (2CD) Aud B+
3/18/74 Richmond, VA Guaranteed to Blow Your Mind SB A
12/13/75 Las Vegas (10PM show) Just Pretend SB A-
Various Various Acetates Unadulterated Recordings Studio B 128kps
7/24/70 MGM Rehearsal (2cd) “Brightest Star on Sunset Blvd.” SB A Cassette
8/20/70 Las Vegas, NV (DS) “A Dinner Date w/ Elvis” Aud A- Cassette
1/26/70 Las Vegas, NV (OS) “Walk a Mile in My Shoes” SB A- Cassette
9/6/70 MGM Lot - Rehearsal “Hang Loose” SB B+ Cassette
7/15/00 MGM Rehearsal “Electrifying” SB A- Cassette & 2/23/00 Las Vegas SB A- Cassette
1/26/00 Las Vegas (OS) & 2/23/00 Las Vegas (CS) “True Love Travels on a Gravel Rd" SB B- Cassette
8/16/74 Rehearsal From Sunset Blvd. To Paradise Rd SB B+ Cassette
8/19/74 Las Vegas (OS) SB A- Cassette
6/27/68 Burbank, CA 6 PM Sitdown show SB A Cassette
6/27/68 Burbank, Ca 8 PM Sitdown show SB A Cassette
1/27/71 Las Vegas, NV “All Things Are Possible” SB A- Cassette
12/29/76 Birmingham, AL Burning in Birmingham SB B+ Cassette
12/31/76 Pittsburgh Auld Lang Syne (Classic!) Aud A- Cassette
1965 Hollywood, CA Girl Happy at the World’s Fair Studio A Cassette
9/2/74 Las Vegas (CS) Desert Storm SB A- Cassette
1966 Nashville, TN Stand By Me (gospel outtakes) Studio A Cassette
7/29/70 Culver City, CA MGM rehearsal SB A Cassette


Various Studio Outtakes “The Undertaker” STUDIO A

8/30/87 Donnington, England Monsters of Rock SB B
8/15/98 Detroit, MI Harpo's Concert Theater (2CD) Aud B-

?? New York City, NY VH-1 Storytellers TV A

5/22/68 Oakland, CA Historic Oakland Coliseum SB A


8/12/99 & Las Vegas, NV House of Blues SB A
4/19/00 San Diego, CA “Four” Unplugged FM A+
2000 Los Angeles House of Blues SB A+
2001 Rolling Rock Festival TV A-

1990 Various Achtung Live-Into the Heart SB/Aud B/A
Various Studio Outtakes The Salome -Axtung Beibi (3CDs) Studio A
12/5/00 Irving Plaza, Paris Beautiful Day FM A+

1970-2000 MP3 disc of John Valby’s best stuff. 5 hours on 1 disc Aud/SB A-B

VAN HALENVan Halen was my first concert in 1989, but I lost the ticket :(

1976 Warner’s Bros Demos Studio B-A
7/6/84 Indianapolis, IN Diamond Dave Goes Home Again Aud B (sound shifts channels)
1986 New Haven, CT Live without a Net TV A
1989 Tokyo, Japan Got the Miracle Fingers SB A-

8/25/90 Alpine Valley, MI Peace in the Valley (2nd to last show) SB A+

One of 5 times I've seen Zakk live :)
6/4/89 Philadelphia Pay-per-view w/ Ozzy TV A-
1989 Moscow Peace Festival w/ Ozzy TV A
5/93 Rochester, NY "Wylde's Thing" Aud C-B+ (varies)
1993 Costa Mesa, CA Lynyrd Skynhead - Parking Lot Show w/ Q&A (2CD) Aud B
7/10/93 Novi, Michigan Lynyrd Skynhead Aud B (2CD) This version includes great Q&A!!
8/1/93 Mansfield, Mass. "Zakk Gone Wylde" w/ Allman Bros (2CD) A-
8/93 Pride & Glory "The Great Southern Undercovers" Aud B
6/4/94 Donnington, England Monsters of Rock Festival SB B+
6/24/94 Gibson Guitar Anniversary w/ Slash FM B+ (3 songs)
8/15/94 Pride & Glory "Old Bridge, NJ" Aud B-
11/10/94 Tokyo, Japan Pride&Glory "Fadin' Away"(2CD) SB A (no skips!!!!)
1994-97 "Zakk TV" Audio from various TV appearances (Rockin' Around the Bay, Headbanger's Ball, etc...) TV B-A
1994-97 Various radio shows "Zakk Mylde" FM B-A (varies)
8/20/96 Washington + Rockline "Live at the Bayou" (2CD) Aud B (Washington) A (Rockline)
9/15/96 KLOS 95.5 Interview FM
1/24/97 Osaka, Japan "Acoustic Cowboy" (2CD) Aud A-
1/24/97 Osaka, Japan "Shadows of the East" Aud A-
8/14/97 Japan "Love Shadows" (2CD) Aud B+
11/15-16/97 Amsterdam, Holland "Plugged & Unplugged" FM A-
2/27/97 & 7/9/98 known as "FL '96 and Nashville '98" Aud B-B+
8/16/97 Japan music festival remaster Aud B+
2/28/98 Osaka, Japan "Back to Ozz" (2CD) Aud A-
3/1/98 Japan "Zakkman Cometh" (w/ Ozzy) Aud B-
5/16/99 Dudley Black Label Society (2CD) Aud B-
5/17/99 London, England BLS (2CD) Aud B
6/14/99 Biebob, Vosselaar, Belgium Black Label Society Aud B
9/23/99 Buffalo, NY BLS "Rock n Roll Heaven" Aud B
9/24/99 Cleveland, OH "BLS - Live in Cleveland" Aud B
9/25/99 Detroit, MI BLS at Harpos - Like the 9/24/99 show includes Miracle Man (2CD) Aud B
10/29/99 Phoenix, AZ BLS "Live at Jackson's" Aud B
6/17/00 Yokohama, Japan Black Label Society at Bay Hall Aud C
7/14/00 Old Bridge, NJ - BLS at Birch Hill Nightclub Aud B+ <---They covered N.I.B. this night!
7/24/00 Rochester, NY BLS live radio show (censored) FM B-A (varies)
2000 Florida BLS- Unknown venue (2CD) Aud B-
9/30/00 Detroit, MI BLS - Live at Harpos Aud (2CD)
Instructional Video audio "Pentatonic Hardcore" TV A-
12/18/01 Albany, NY Merry Mayhem show w/ Ozzy Aud A- <----click on date for sample of Star Spangled Banner!
3/18/02 Los Angeles, CA "Rockline" Syndicated Radio Show w/ Bridge to Cross live- Zakk Wylde featured guest FM A+
5/19/02 Nürburgring, Germany "Rock AM Ring" Short but awesome set from BLS!
7/20/02 Holmdel, NJ BLS at Ozzfest Aud C+/B-
2002 Total Rock Interview + Bridge to Cross acoustic live B+
9/5/02 Phoenix, AZ BLS at Ozzfest Aud B
9/21/02 Asbury Park, NJ Stone Pony Aud B+

Please see Ozzy section for other scattered Zakk shows!

Videos (NTSC format)


70's Various (3 tapes) Bon Scott Compilations Pro/Aud varies
11/17/83 Detroit, MI Live in Detroit Pro B+
1/19/85 Rio, Brazil Monsters of Rock Pro B
1996 VH-1 Studios, England VH-1 Uncut Pro B+
8/11/00 Toronto, CAN Live in Toronto Cam A-


12/20/70 Paris, France 1970 Paris TV-Special Pro A
6/4/74 California Cal Jam (3 songs) Pro C
1975 Don Kirchner's Rock Concert Pro A
12/31/98 Phoenix, AZ Reunion tour opening night Cam B-
1/6/99 Los Angeles, CA LA Forum Video Monitor Feed Pro A- (incomplete)
12/5/99 London, England Live at Astoria Aud B+


1994 Live at the Manhattan Center VH-1 B picture/ A+ hi-fi sound
1998 All Star Tribute to Johnny Cash TV A-


1996 Hard Rock Live TV A


1996 ?? VH-1 Storytellers Pro A-
1994 Disney concert w/ Ray Cooper Pro A-


1981 After Hours w/ Randy Rhoads (high generation) B-
12/03/88 New Haven, CT Aud
6/4/89 Philadelphia Pay Per View Special TV A-
6/92 St. Louis, MO Aud B-
6/11/92 Seattle, WA Video feed from monitors, soundboard audio! A few generations down but cool video from No More Tours tour! A-
6/13/92 San Franscisco, CA Aud
9/8/95 Santiago, Chile Pro B
12/16/01Ozzy Merry Mayhem Buffalo, NY Awesome 2 camera mix! Great quality!!
12/18/01 Merry Mayhem Albany, NY. Excellent quality audience video (tripod). Click Here for the setlist and screen captures from the video. Super sound and picture!
3/10/02 w/ Ozzy. Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Another great 1st generation tripod show! Includes Believer, War Pigs, and Bark at the Moon - not on the Merry Mayhem vids!


6/74 Omaha, Nebraska Live in Omaha Aud/8MM B
12/31/76 Pittsburgh, PA Rockin' w/ Elvis NY Eve Aud/8MM C-A
6/19,21/77 "Elvis in Concert" CBS Special TV A-


5/29/83 U.S. Festival Pro B+


1992 Dallas, TX Short video of Zakk jamming southern rock and blues tunes with Tony MacAlpine and Tommy Keifer. 40 min. Filmed from side stage.

3/6/93 Costa Mesa, CA Unknown venue commonly known as the "Parking Lot" show. Zakk performs cover tunes as Lynyrd Skynhead under a tent in a parking lot. Pretty funny Q&A period as well. Tape ends after about 90 minutes during "Couldn't Stand the Weather."

7/10/93 Novi, Michigan "Outdoor Clinic" An incredible parking lot show, likely the best quality early Zakk out there includes Q&A. Super clear from DVD!!

8 hour compilation tape. Includes Losin' Your Mind and Horse Called War videos, Zakk's Headbangers Ball appearance, House of Guitars 5/93, Costa Mesa seminar, "Rockin' Around the Bay" Japan 1997, Nashville '98, and some Pride & Glory footage. Some pro and some audience shot, various qualities

6 hour compliation tape (different material from the 8 hour) - Includes both of Zakk's instructional videos Pentatonic Hardcore and Hardcore Volume 1, Pride & Glory Sweden proshot, Monsters of Rock '94, various other P&G glory footage, "Way Beyond Empty" and "I Wish" videos. As you can probably guess, quality varies.

Black Label Society 5 Pack (all '99 shows) - Pittsburgh, Detroit, Dudley, London, Dynamo Festival (Holland). All audience shot.

12/16/01Ozzy Merry Mayhem Buffalo, NY Awesome 2 camera mix! Great quality!!

9/14/00 Black Label Society - Jacksonville, FL - Nice BLS Stronger Than Death set. Click on date for screen captures! Very low generation, clear picture!

9/28/00 Black Label Society - Montreal, Canada - Another fantastic Stronger Than Death show! You won't believe the screen captures on this one! Super close!! Take a look!

9/30/00 Black Label Society - Detroit, MI - Pretty good sound and decent picture! Click for screen captures!!

12/23/01 Meadowlands, NJ w/ Ozzy. Last stop on the Merry Mayhem tour. Average video filmed from right (Zakk's) side of the stage!

12/18/01 Merry Mayhem Albany, NY. Excellent quality audience video (tripod). Click Here for the setlist and screen captures from the video. Super sound and picture!

3/10/02 w/ Ozzy. Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Another great 1st generation tripod show! Includes Believer, War Pigs, and Bark at the Moon - not on the Merry Mayhem vids!