Best Songs Of The 20th Century The November/December 1999 issue of Sheet Music magazine published its list of the best songs of the 20th century. Although I may feel that classics like The Beatles Yesterday may have been over looked, the list is a great place to start to explore the Standards. The list is as follows with links to available sheet music: Song - Composer/Lyricist (Date)

Star Dust Carmichael/Parish (1929)

God Bless America Berlin (1939)

White Christmas Berlin (1942)

Begin The Beguine Porter (1935)

All The Things You Are Kern/Hammerstein (1940)

As Time Goes By Hupfeld (1931)

Deep Purple DeRose/Parish (1934)

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes Kern/Harbach (1933)

In The Mood Razaf/Garland (1939)

Over The Rainbow Arlen/Harburg (1939)