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Our Guitar Gift Recommendions
Quick-Change Capo
This the one I use. A perfect fit for the necks and fingerboards of acoustic six-string guitars. A snap to park on the headstock and then reposition between frets using just one hand. [read more]
Guitar Stand
This Guitar Stand is ideal for musicians of any level! Whether you need a place to store your beginner Guitar or need another Stand for your collection, this Guitar Stand is right for you. It is ideal for both Electric and Acoustic Guitars and features a single tubular design. [read more]
Guitar Tuner
High-precision LCD needle-type meter. Unique Korg feature lets you tune up to five semitones flat. Internal speaker produces tuning reference tone. [read more]
Guitar Tool Kit
Includes a spare B and E string, three Allen wrenches, side cutters, two small screwdrivers, and a string winder. Zippered case keeps it all together. [read more]
Guitar Strings
These are the only strings I'll use. Martin's SP acoustic guitar string series (Studio/Performance) are made by craftspeople from an ultra-high quality steel core that resists breaking much better than average acoustic guitar strings. Both the core and the plain acoustic guitar strings are plated with a smooth acoustic bronze finish. They stay bright, have long lasting tonal qualities, and look absolutely beautiful on an acoustic guitar. [read more]
Guitar Books
Guitar books are a good idea for any guitar player on your list. See our recommendations at our Guitar Book shop. [read more]
Guitar Magazines
Guitar magazines are always a great choice for any guitar player on your gift list. Check out our recommendations at our Guitar Magazine shop. [read more]

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