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Orders being taken for J-Boats Cheveyo and Lionheart laser cut frames

I have the .dxf files for laser cutting frames for Cheveyo and Lionheart that were created by Pietro Bastiani. See the images lower on this web site for both of these fine models. I provide laser cut frames at 48", 60" and 1/16 scale models for for $175, $225, and $350 plus shipping. Shipping to countries out side of US and Canada by US Priority Mail Large Flat Rate Boxes is $83. Within the US and Canada is about $30 with insurance.

Dean Derusha plans to offer complete kits for these fine models with all the wood, hardware and sails, he plans to use the same laser cut frames in the kits. So, you can get started now building the hulls.

The J-Boat Cheveyo lines by Pietro Bastiani - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - The J-Boat Lionheart model from the J Class Website

Click for the PhotoShow of how a Cheveyo model was built.

Dean Derusha and Alan Horne will continue my model boat activities with new web sites

While still a "work-in-progress", take a glance at , one of two web sites that Dean Derusha will use to sell kits of my model boats. They will include planking, sails and fittings. Don't be confused by a similar , by a strong competitor that sells many different model products. Dean will also use a new web site of to sell kits of my models. It is currently a work-in-process.

Alan Horne of the UK will also continue my model boat activities in Europe. He has started work on a web site that includes his very successful fiberglass Nottingham and Canterbury J-Boat models. He has a unique process that allows him to mold two colors in one pass! He sells hulls and r/c equipment at .

Sources for model hardware and many types of fiberglass boat and ship hulls

Ken Valk, owner of Wet Goose Marine, supplier of custom made model boat hardware provided the link to Microglass, provider of very accurate and light weight fiberglass hulls. Microglass will make molds of your best models if not made of balsa wood. Seeing is believing. Click on the links provided. Microglass shows drawings of their models which is worth a study by itself. Wet Goose Marine makes custom model hardware in virtually any size. He has made a very tall Dorade type ventilators that are used on J-Class models.

Ken Valk was found on-line when he called about laser cut frames for Dave Gallagher's model steam boat as shown below.

Dave Gallagher's model steam launch Le Va t'en

He named it Le Va t'en which is a verb construction in French meaning to take yourself away.

Dave Gallagher says, "Howdy to all those who might be interested in steam models!"

You all might like a look at the final result of my efforts on the model that I have been working on since November 2012. It is a scaled down model of the large torpedo hull steam launch that I built in 2003. Sincee no plans were available, I made sectional molds and transcribe them to reduced station photos and made new plans, sketchy but accurate enough for my use.

It is made of 1/32" plywood and is quite light. The interior seats are quickly removable since being held in place with tiny rare earth magnets. Those little guys are so strong! The gas is hidden under the foredeck and can be gotten to fast as the deck is also held in place by magnets.

The decorations are taken in part from the Bat by Keith Townsend, a marvelous model. Not much else is in common but his touches are here and there for sure. If you use Google Chrome or FireFox, got to Keith Townsend's steam launch that Dave Gallagher referred to.

It is pretty darn quick. The hull is so stable that scale whitecaps and stiff breezes are no problem for this little 37" hull. If I preheat the boiler with a bench tank and then stick in the on-board tank, it will run for about 20 - 25 minutes. If you would like to see the original model, I'll send a picture of it at 54". Email me at .

Russel Ward said, "At first glance, she looks like a nice simple ship. But when you look closely, the detailing is magnificent. especially love the "form fitting" forward seats and the stern bracket."

Dave promised a video of his steam launch underway in the near future.

I offer laser cut frames for this model at 36" and 48" for $175 plus shipping.

See the short PowerPoint of Dave Gallagher's Le Va t'en by clicking on this LINK . You must have downloaded or have the Microsoft PowerPoint player installed. Click on the popup to safely run it by clicking on "Slide Show" then "Continue from slide" or click on each frame to move ahead. You can save the .pptx for playing any time later.

Roy Burton of the UK Offers Custom Built Steam Launches and Parts

Roy Burton offers the best quality model boats, boilers, gas tanks, water condenser tanks, gas tanks and boilers, all tested certificates. He wrote: "SL.Bat was sold and is now sailing around in South Africa! I am now building a plank-on-frame hull".

Roy sold his Clinker Steam Launch shown lower on this web site.

Contact Roy at

I offer laser cut frames for the Bat, Truscott Fan Tail Launch and other 48" steam launches for $175 plus shipping.

Truscott Fan Tail Launch and Steam Launch Bat

Truscott Fantail Launch frames are ready to ship!
See the 50" Truscott Fantail Launch frames set up ready for planking within minutes of receipt! They are now available at 50" and 36" with other sizes available upon request.

This is an ideal hull for steam or electrical engine power. It is a 1920's type launch seen on lakes with fringed canopies. It can be configured as a tug boat using the Francis S. Smith deck house. Click on each photo to enlarge and save it.

The Truscott and Steam Launch Bat models are much like the African Queen from the Humphrey Bogart/Catherine Hepburn movie. They are good hull designs that can be powered by steam engines or electric motors. They can be enhanced with tug boat Francis S Smith deck houses. Truscott Fantail Launch frames at 48" loa for $175 and at 36" loa for $150 plus shipping.

I am working on other steam and electric launches in several sizes with canopies and cabins, much like old time lake tour boats and tug boats. The Gozzo style hulls as shown on this site are being developed for a variety of deck house configurations.

Dave Gallagher provided four good links for steam enthusiasts. The French company makes a line of complete plants that are beautiful and reliable, but there usualy is a wait. The site can be translated easily. Stuart also has very good complete plants, probably without the wait. Their Puffin engine would be good for the 50 inch hulls; too big for the 36 inch ones.

The Lake Tahoe Steamer, scuttled in 1932, has been suggested as a good one to model.

Click on the Kingston Mouldings to study the Lake Windermere Launch that they provide molded hulls for. And, I can send you the Steam Launch Bat article as a .pdf from an early copy of Model Boat. It has a very detailed article with many photos. Read about the Bat in Wikipiedia being one of the first radio controlled model boats in 1904! An entertaining story is about a person faking control of model boats by voice from an audience. He listened to their commands and controlled the boat from a hidden radio control unit. Try this on your grandchildren!

The Truscott Fantail Launch is a very attractive model for steam engine fans. See the plans available for it from Classic Wooden Boat Plans of Australia. But, be sure to look at the Models by Design's molded hulls before you commit to making your own. Don't be surprised that you did not know of their alternative models. Be aware that shipping cost from the UK are as much as $60 to $70 for shipping a typical hull. Don Spielberger and I will provide molded Truscott hulls shortly after I provide the laser cut frames. I recently shipped 3 frames for the Truscott at 50".

Google for "Topaz steam launch" to find the many YouTube's of the many very fine copies made commercially. Some were from Model Steam Boats that no longer sell them. However, they provide working steam engines and all the parts and accessories needed to get your steam launches up and running

Roy Burton of the UK Offers Custom Built Steam Launches and Parts

Roy Burton explains his Bat Steam Launch engine and valve system.

Contact Roy Burton at to buy this model.
I offer laser cut frames for the Bat, Truscott and other steam launches for $175 plus shipping.

Four Steam Launch Models with Working Steam Engines

Models By Design of the UK offers their Steam Cutter Solent and many other molded hulls.

"Models by Design" has a very extensive list of molded hulls shown on their web site. I can recommended some of them over making equivalent models from laser cut frames. The big advantage my frames provide is that I can make them in virtually any size. For example, Steam Cutter Solent may be a good alternative to the Steam Launch Bat but may be smaller than the steam plant you want. I can do the S L Bat as large or small as you like. Models by Design mainly does ships and power boat models. They have a wide range of accessories to complete your models including motors, electronic speed controllers, M Sonik speed controllers, shaft couplings, stainless steel propeller shafts (all sizes made to measure), six volt and twelve volt gel cell batteries and chargers, Epoxy glues, glassfibre mat and resins and scale fittings.

I will encourage them to offer molded sailboat hulls. They may want decks, deck houses, stands and wooden accessories in support of their hulls. stocks many of the Models by Design products and many other items of interest to classic model sailboat builders.

Click on the photos to go to a sub-directory for the Steam Cutter Solent.

I offer the Truscott Fantail Launch as an alternative to the Steam Cutter Solent. It is higher sided and has more sea keeping ability if you will be running your model in a chop.

NOTICE! My PhotoShows may no longer work with Internet Explorer unless Adobe Flash Player is installed

Re: Roxio Creator PhotoShows:

To install Adobe Flash Player you can not have Microsoft Outlook or Internet Explorer running when you attempt to install Adobe Flash Player. Alternatively, you can run the PhotoShows using FireFox or Google Chrome instead of Internet Explorer.

I have attempted to provide more easy access to the many different models with four different ways
A. PhotoShow is provided that shows a little bit about each model but it is not up to date.
B. A section has links to each model
C. The directory at the bottom of the page that is not up to date but gives many links
D. A list of links to the many PhotoShows is on the bottom of my web site by model name

My web site will be taken over by Dean Derusha of Miniature Harken Hardware fame. A replacement web site is being built at for my models and for his Harken Miniatures. I will maintained this web site until Dean's new websites are completed.

A Lesson about George Gershwin's Music Found On-Line

Because I like Geroge Gershwin's music, I added this YouTube address to learn more about him and how he came to write such favorites as Rhapsody in Blue. Go to: George Gershwin explained in Yiddish with English subtitles.

Chesapeake Log Canoes are a traditional vessel that are still sailed there

Ted Persons of Baltimore built his model from a Wye River Models kit and added a copper centerboard and rudder. They have other classic Chesapeake Bay type models. Ted previously provided photos of his very well done Stuart Knockabout 28 and International Dragon Class models. He said, "My Chesapeake Bay log canoe is named Virginia Brynn. The name "VA Brynn" is on the bow. She is rigged in brass wire with brass tubing used as sail outlines. She is scratch built after buying the rough cut hull and plans from Wye River Models . I fashioned a working centerboard in copper and rudder. The picture is in front of a mirror on my son's mantle. I gave her to my son to hold in trust until my grand daughter (age 11, her namesake), is a few years older".

A tribute to Pietro Bastiani of Liguria, Italy for his many contributions to this web site

Pietro Bastiani sadly passed away in October 2013 after a brief battle with cancer. He was a director of the Model Sailboat Academy for his many contributions of classic sailboat lines drawings and laser cutting files for models shown on these pages. He also did classic yacht renderings like these. He designated his nephew Andreas to be his heir. We will arrange for royalties to be paid to Andreas' bank account.

Pietro provided the lines drawings for the J-Boats Lionheart, Chevajo, Ranger, Svea, and Atlantis. He also provided the lines drawings for Gozzo, The Atlantic, Bluenose and several other classic yachts. He used DELFTship, a very complex software package that allowed him to develop the lines and .dxf files from photos and sketches. He refined them to the point were I used them to provide laser cut frames. He was truly remarkable in his skill and understanding of yacht design. His work is shown throughout my web site including how he modified the 48" Lionheart frames to widen the keel to allow the lead shot ballast to be poured lower in the hull for better stability. We used Google Translate to communicate in our own languages which was invaluable. I first learned of him when he sent me photos of his beautiful and completed 2 meter model of one of the J-Boats. I think it was Endeavour or possible Ranger. I think it is somewhere on my website.

New Yacht Designs and Yachting News Every Day from A BlogSpot

There are daily updates to Yacht Design Blogspot. This blog spot shows who has signed on while you are watching on the left column. It also has travel announcements that are yachting related from time to time.

Gozzo, the historical Mediterranean plans by Pietro Bastiani

The Gozzo has been powered by steam engines as well as internal combustion engines. A Google search for the "Gozzo" style boats will show that it is an antique design built in every conceivable configuration. We thank Pietro Bastiani and his brother Adolfo for bringing this design to our attention. It is much like the Truscott Fantail Launch offered below. It can be fitted with cabins, rowing stations, canopies, lateen sails or what have you? It is best to do an IPad Google for the Gozzo construction drawing shows simplicity but the solid way they are build. Laser cut frames are now available at 36" and 50" for $200 and $275 plus S&H. They can be fitted with various decks and deckhouses and rigged many different ways as shown in the PhotoShow of over 50 pictures. See how the full size boats are built by amateurs at their homes!

Click on the Yacht Design Technical Blogspot link provided by Pietro Bastiani. Although it is based in Italy, it has an English language option. Scroll through it from the two photos of a 1901 sailboat. There are over 500 pen and ink illustrations and five chapters on antique to more modern boats.

Look beyond the book for videos of the recent Americas Cup AC72 launchings, AC42 races in San Franciso, M70 high speed catamarans racing in Ireland, classic yachts in Svezia much like International Dragons but larger, an extreme sailing video of an ocean going trimaran, the L' Hydroptere campaign to sail to Hawaii in a hydrofoil equiped trimaran and two of Pietro's boats rendered in 3D. His "Gozzo" is shown above on the right. It is an antique fishing vessel. The hull shape is like tug boats and steam launches I am working on. See the Gozzo options using the same hull shape!

Let me know if you want to make a model of Pietro's Gozzo from laser cut frames. When you access this blog, your location is recorded on the left margin. I was reported as accessing it from Osprey, FL, the neighboring town that our address is listed in phone books.
Click for available plans. I have many available for immediate delivery!

J Class Association Booklet and Video

See the Claasen Booklet that tells of the 10 original J-Boats built of which only 3 remain. But, there were many designs, some of which are being built in steel and aluminum. Classen takes great pride in presenting the J-Boat Lionheart, the biggest one every built based on the Ranger development by Starling Burgess and Olin Stephens.

Click for J Class Association videos.

Watch the Building of the Atlantis, the newest J-Class yacht.

See the many sections of the J-Class Association web site.

Clinton Goins's Lionheart deckhouses were installed on his 48" J-Boat Endeavour

See Clinton Goin's good works in the deck house photo show. Clinton was the first to build the Lionheart deckhouses.

He offered suggestions that will be incorporated in Version 2.

Rather than varnish his deck houses, he painted them.

We will provide deck houses in 1/16" mahogany for all sizes in the future.

Ralph Perkins provided these assembly drawings for the J-Boat Lionheart deck houses.

They are available in 48" and 60" mahogany and 106" in white birch which can be stained mahogany.

The deck houses can be provided in any size. There are several styles shown on this website including Ranger, Rainbow, Endeavour and Tuiga. They are available in virtually any size.

Vintage Marblehead Madcap 50/800 and other vintage design Laser Cut Frames are now available

Spring Lake, NJ has a group interested in a fleet of Madcap Marblehead 50/800s to race as a Vintage Marblehead Class. Others may want this design with a deeper keel to race as a one-design class.

The planked keel can be used as a plug for casting the 10.5# lead ballast.

Vintage Marblehead boats have become very popular in the Northeast lately.

Ships wheels and other laser cut hardware for sail and power boats now available

The Aphrodite 48" and 74" model ships' wheels are provided. They can be sanded to round edges and painted with brass or gold to look like metal. I can provide other types of wheels and hardware in 1/8" white birch parts such as boom vangs, mast head cranes, jenny stay strut spreaders.

See the Wet Goose and SAILSetc catalogs for the many designs that can be duplicated in plywood successfully. Also, the Cornwall Model Boats address shown in my Sources list have parts that can be duplicated in plywood. Send photos of parts you want or models showing interesting parts to .
The 4" ships wheel and engine order telegraph are for the 74" Aphrodite by Herb Miller. They can be made in any size you want mounted on a box or on a pedestal. They can be painted silver or gold with spray paint that makes them look very realistic.

Larry Ludwig, AMYA J-Class web master's advice on ballast

The single most important force operating on a model sailboat is the righting moment. I have never seen a model that was too stiff. If you want your model to sail properly, and I mean very well... consider putting a removable keel with a fin and bulb. It will make your model sail magnificently. You can remove it for displaying. Unless you look for it, you will not notice the opening for the attachment.

If that is a problem, fit a plug into the opening. I have seen this done since I started model sailing in the 1970's. Scale winds that we sail models in are many knots more in relation to the models size. The smaller the size, the more percentage ballast is needed.

A friend completed a Gertrude Thebauld at 20" long. He wanted to sail it with a scale hull. Not a chance! We put a 10" fin with a 1.5 lb bulb on it. Now it sails like a champ. Pull the pin, drop out the fin and bulb and put it in the stand to place on his mantle.


Trina, Bill Shaw designed 24' yawl rigged mini-cruiser

Trina was a very successful mini-cruiser built as the first of eight wooden boats from Denmark in 1956. The design was pirated by George O'Day who named it the Dolphin 24 and built almost 800 of them in fiberglass. There is an active Dolphin 24 Class Yahoo Group that promotes it. See my Trina 24 PhotoShow for the many photos found on-line.

Laser cut frames are $175 for up to 48", $225 up to 60" and $300 up to 72" plus shippcing.

Al See, formerly of Greenwich, CT sailed the Trina on Long Island Sound in the MORC Class. This was at the same time I was racing my 25' 7" Pearson Ariel sloop rig but with a Star sail on the backstay. I frequently flew a Star Class jib off the backstay and joked that the Mizzen mast is mizzing. It is like Trina but with fixed deep keel and lead ballast. See my 25' 7" Pearson Ariel story.

The Trina was a phenominal boat winning her first 9 races and the MORC Championship in 1956.

She can have a sloop or yawl rig and fitted with a centerboard or deeper keel to achieve a neutral helm.

Already Assembled American Classic Sail and Power Boat Models Now Available

Branching out from my niche market of laser cut frames, I now offer moderately priced quality plank-on-frame model boats for those who want finished display models. They include the 1851 America, 1903 Reliance, 1930's Cabin Cruiser, 1930 J-Boat Shamrock V, 1934 J-Boat Rainbow, 1934 J-Boat Endeavour I, Beetle Cat, Herreshoff 12 1/2, and the International One-Design.

Some are on back order from my supplier. Many are ready to ship that I will add to this website within the week. These models are very carefully crafted by the same Chinese supplier who has provided this set of models for over 10 years. So, all of the designs are well developed. The sailboat models only require the rigging to be set up using the simple directions provided while the power boat models are ready for immediate display. A PhotoShow of the many classic model boats has been started . I continue to provide laser cut frames for many of these models in any size for those who want to build their own.

I carry an iPhone and IPad Air to respond more quickly to phone inquiries and e-mails. My iPhone number is 941 735-6860. My computer room phone with an answering machine is 941 966-9179. E-mails come to my cell phone and PCs at .

Plans for ships are available on-line from 48th Fleet

Bruce McKenzie provided a web site address for ships' plans. It is at .

Click for 48th Fleet High Speed Runs of 1/48th scale Wickes and Gearing Class Destroyers.

Laser cut J-Boat Ranger deckhouses are ready to ship

An inquiry for 1/16th scale J-Boat Ranger deckhouses prompted me to make them available now. These are the deckhouses of the Ranger replica built in aluminum several years ago. They are available in 3 sizes: $100 for 48", $150 for 60" and $225 for 102" which is 1/16th scale.

This and other J-Boat deck houses were laid out by Ralph Perkins, former model designer for Revel.

Other deck houses shown on this web site are for the Tuiga and J-Boats Endeavour, Rainbow and Lionheart. Tuiga deckhouses shown below will work well with most of the models I offer frames for. Combinations of deck houses from the several sets are available to suit your needs.

The Wm. Fife Tuiga built in 1909 has attracted a lot of interest

The Tuiga is the flagship of the Monaco Yacht Club. It is very similar to the King of Spain's yacht and is raced in the 15 Meter Class. Many models of the Tuiga have been built over the years.

I added many photos of the deck houses found on an excellent French Tuiga model to my Tuiga PhotoShow. I emphasize these deck houses that can enhance any model. I provide them in any size to match your existing models. Click on each of the following examples for larger images.

Another Tuiga PhotoShow shows an excellent Tuiga R/C model and more photos of the real boat.

Large Aphrodite power boat model frames continue to be very popular

It is an ironic coincidence that Yachting and RC Boat both featured the 74' Aphrodite at the same time I started delivering the 74" and 48" Aphrodite laser cut frames and parts.


Yachting featured the 74' Aphrodite commuter launch just as my 74" models are delivered !

Yaching Magazine for January 2013 features the Aphrodite at the same time as our 74" and 48" laser cut frames have become available. This is the "Look of Love" as they call her and she has had many lives in her 76 years already.

Classic Boating has an 8 page feature on the models by James Delaney which includes Aphrodite, Baby Boot Leger, 33' Baby Gar, a model from the Perfect Storm and an Auxiliary Steam Launch.

Aphrodite has been modeled by many over the years and now, for the first time laser cut frames are available to make this a very practical model for even first time model builders!

See Yachting photos and frame layouts and then look through the full collection I have presented to help modelers develop their plans for building this popular model.

My first four customers are Jim Wangard, "Classic Boating" editor, Matthais Gawriloff, Basil, Switzerland's Symphony Director, Mike Cochran, accomoplished Cad/Cam engineer and model maker of Odessa, FL, and Herbert Miller, master model shipwright from Marathon, FL.

Click for the history of the Mighty, Mighty Aphrodite from the Greenwich, CT Times Magazine 2007

Click for the RC Boat articles about James Delaney's 74" model and other news items.

The 74" Frames preview shows the many frames and cabin parts. The 74" frames and parts require eignteen 1/8" and 3 1/16" panels of 12" x 24" plywood. The 48" frames and parts are of 8 1/8" and 1 1/16" panels.

Clear glass plastic windows are also included with both sizes of frames.

The 74" frames and parts require 18 1/8" x 12" x 24" and 3 1/16" of plywood.

The 48" frames and parts require eight 1/8" x 12" x 24" and 1 1/16" of plywood. The windows are parallel to the deck which is at variance with the profile plan. This has been confirmed by James Delaney per the plans provided by Mystic Seaport. The forward cabin's access doors are only on the port side and in the pilot house.

The 48" Aphrodite Rev 2 hull with cabin installed will be finished as an r/c model

The Aphrodite 74" Revision 4 layout is now ready for providing frames at 48" and 74". Replacements for the 48" cabins are being sent to those who received earlier versions. The new layout corrected the cabin and deck widths as well as adding two patterns for making a display stand as shown in the lower left corner.

We anxiously await photos from those who have built their Aphrodite models from my laser cut frames beside those provided by Herb Miller as shown above.

The 48" frames layouts are shown on the left and the 74" frames layouts are shown on the right.

A set of 48" Aphrodite frames, cabin and decks was shipped to German model builder Stavros Gianakakis of WIESBADEN, Germany recently.

The cost of shipping is $79.95 by Priority Mail in a large flat rate box to all countries outside of the US and Canada. Most Germans are usually very exacting model builders.

Herb Miller has most of his model now covered with mahogany veneer.

Click for the web site for Aphrodite models covered by the Model Boat magazine 1st Edition. I have 5 extras for those interested in buying a set of frames. It includes many photos of the excellent 74" Aphrodite model by Patrick Dempsey and the story of how he obtained the plans and help from the boat's captain.

Click for Aphrodite PhotoShow of modeling and the complete rebuild of the full size boat at the Brooklin Boat Yard in Brooklin, Maine. There was hardly any of the original wood in the final rebuild.

For veneering the sides of the cabin with mahogany, I found that Constantine Wood Center of Ft. Lauderdale, FL offers 2 rolls of 6" wide by 9' by 1/16" veneer. Shipping of that to Herb Miller in Marathon, FL was only $28. See the veneer page at Their cost is much less than the veneer with self adhesive from Loews or Home Depot would be. Contact them at .

The Constantine veneer was more orange than expected. Herb stained with a dark mahogany stain on a sample piece before comitting the veneer to both sides of the cabin. The recommended method of attaching the veneer is contact cement. By using small wooden dowels, the veneer can be supported above the cabins, removing one at a time to let the veneer fall onto the cabins without wrinkles. This is the way formica is placed on kitchen counters.

Lionheart - the latest full size J-Boat that was launched in 2010

The frames and keelson are $375 for the 8' 8" size with 31 frames. 60" and 48" versions use every other frame for a total of 16 each. 60" versions are $250. 48" versions are $175 plus shipping.
The Ranger layout shows how the deepest 102" J-Class Lionheart frames are made in two parts on 18 plywood sheets for the 30 frames.

Click for J-Boat Lionheart data by the builder

Click for Yachting World coverage of the Lionheart commissioning in June 2010.

Click for Lionheart engineering and construction details.

Laser cut frames and parts are now available for each of these designs in any scale you wish.

Lionheart is the newest and largest of the J-Boats at 144.36' loa. Click for the Lionheart story. She is based on the Ranger F design by Wm. Starling Burgess and Olin Stephens that was never built. The design was evaluated with performance predicting software versus other J-Boats and found to be potentially the fastest.
The Lionheart's maiden voyage on July 18, 2010 on YouTube is very enlightening.

See the Lionheart laser cut frames based on Pietro Bastiani's lines drawing that he created using DELFTship marine design software. There is a PhotoShow of the lines and 3D solid model rendering. Several naval architects have been very positive about these lines.

Dean Derusha and Pat Murphy set up Pat's 106" J-Class Lionheart frames. Pat gave this report:
"Dean and I just quickly put the frames together since he has not had time to do his yet. The parts snap out very easily and are smooth as can be. No sanding necessary.

Pat Murphy now has two new sets of J-Class Lionheart frames! He gave his first hull to Dean Derusha to finish it for r/c and fit it out with Harken Miniature hardware and fittings. He will plank one model and do the other with fiberglas over high density foam. See how Andrew Charters did his 9' Gloriana shown lower on this page.

Pat Murphy wrote, "I documented every step in the construction. Dean and I talked about our developing a group of builders that would be willing to help each other and thus show that even a NON-MASTER MODELER like me can do an excellent job. Seeing the parts go together so easily was great and made the build seem less daunting. The parts are all numbered and lettered, and tab A fits into slot B, etc, etc."

One of Pat Murphy's J-Class Lionhearts will be planked and the other will have fiberglas over high density foam. When the fiberglas sets, the foam will be disolved with gasoline. See how Andrew Charters did his 9' Gloriana shown lower on this page.

Earl Boebert's 36" Yankee III can be made with 'Glass over Foam

Click for Yankee III, the 36" r/c model of the Yankee that Rainbow defeated in the trials for defending "The Cup" in 1934. Be sure to read Graham Bantock's eloquent introduction found on Earl Boebert's web site. He has a wonderful "turn of phrase".

Consider buying the $40 DVD for the 42 Vintage Model Yacht Group Newsletters at There are over 300 sets of plans orderable from that page.

102" AMYA J-Class Ranger Laser Cut Frames and Ranger Replica's Deck House

Ranger was my first set of frames for a AMYA 8' 6" J-Class. They require 18 sheets of 12" x 24" x 1/8" plywood for the 30 frames. The largest frames are made in two pieces to use 12" x 24" panels of white birch plywood. Okoume plywood frames are available for $100 more.

Frames are available in other sizes yet made, there is a $100 design charge. That covers the costs of CAD/CAM services.

Clinton Goins' 48" Lionheart deck houses are shown on his J-Boat Endeavour. See more about them at the top of this web site.

Clint painted them rather than varnish them. Since then, I offer them in 1/16" mahogany that can be varnished.

The Ranger deck houses are available as shown in my PhotoShow for deck houses for large model yachts. They are provided in 1/8" birch plywood for $185 and 1/16th" mahogany for 60" and smaller boats. See their photos lower on this web site. Other deck houses can be provided as layouts become available. Ralph Perkins, former model designer for Revel developed the layouts for cutting this Ranger deck house and the two large Lionheart deck houses.

The 48" Lionheart deck houses were built by Clinton Goins of Cape Coral for his 48" Canterbury J-Boat. They make his boat look very sharp!

J-Boat Ranger 102", 60" and 48" Frames Offered with Above Deck Parts

102" J-Class Ranger Revision 1 frames have 1/4" square inwalls and center line cuts to strengthen the deck edge and assure perfectly straight hulls. These cuts are at the suggestion of John Hanks, AMYA J-Class Secretary who has considerable experience with many different J-Class models. He provides a lot of advise to the many new J-Class model builders who have taken advantage of my J-Boat frames. Since the availability of the new Svea and Cheveyo J-Boats plans, there has been a renewed interest in building from frames versus buying fiberglass hulls.

60" Ranger laser cut frames are available with 31 frames. You can make two hulls from the 31 frames by only using only half of the frames. The T-Rails are reusable and the keelsons can be copied by jig sawing a set using the keelson as patterns. Thus you can get a two-fer! (Two hulls for one.) The same is possible for the other 60" and 48" sets of frames I sell.

Click for The Ranger Story from Dockmaster Models.

Click for Ranger vs. Velsheda

The Ranger design was based on Burgess's scheme derived from models tested in Stevens Institute towing-tank during partnership work with Olin Stephens. The final design had elements of both men's ideas. The design lines were established by August, 1936; keel laid in December, 1936. She cost $500,000; had a steel hull, flush riveted; heat-treated steel rod shrouds; translucent bakelite deck inserts. She lost her mast on the delivery cruise off Cape Cod. It was replaced with new one in 21 days. She used the wheel, rigging and sails salvaged from Rainbow and Enterprise. The same No. 1 main was used on all three J-Boats. Harold Vanderbilt's 3 J's all used the tender Bystander which also served the 12 Meter defender candidate Vim in 1958, challengers Gretel (1962) and Dame Pattie (1967). She was launched May 11, 1937 at Bath Iron Works as Hull # 172. The cost was funded solely by Harold Vanderbilt. He named her for the USS Ranger, a frigate commanded by John Paul Jones. She was the largest displacement J-Class. She was hauled at end of 1937 and never sailed again. She was sold for scrap in May, 1941 bringing only $12,000. The Ranger replica was built in 2008 and is racing with other J-Boat Velsheda and Shamrock V which is creating a big interest internationally in the J-Boat racing circuit that has been developed.

Click for Ranger sailing and the J-5 Ranger video which provides good views of sail handling during a cruise.

"The Book" has all of the America's Cup Boat Lines from 1851 to 1986

The "Book" contains the plans for all of the America's Cup J-Boats and earlier Americas Cup Yachts including The America, Magic, Columbia, Whirlwind, Weetamoe, Yankee, Enterprise, Shamrock V, Rainbow, Ranger, Endeavors I and II and all of the 12 Meters. I also have Black Magic and the 1990's deep wing keel designs like America 3, Abracadabra and Young America.

Study the many excellent AMYA J-Class Models onWWW.THEAMYA.ORG

I provide frames for the new Lionheart, Svea, Cheveyo, Ranger, Rainbow, and Endeavour I and II J-Boats in 3 sizes: 1/16th scale of 102", 108", 60" and 48", Reliance, Shamrock III, Magic 1888, Columbia 1899, America schooner 1851, Charles W. Mower's Number Boat 22,Oheka II, Swallow, Aphrodite and The Luciole II at 70". Orders pending: 12 Meters - Southern Cross, Constellation, Heritage, and Intrepid; NY 30 and Buzzards Bay 25, Endeavour II J-Boat, decks and deck houses for many of the available frames sets. The 30 frames in cut from eighteen 12" x 24" panels for Ranger are shown below. They weigh 18 lbs if you want to check the shipping cost from Sarasota, FL. The first Ranger J-Class 102" set was sent to Lee Keen of Morehead City, NC on 12-20-2011. We anxiously await seeing his work. He is a master carpenter who does interiors for Jarret Bay Boat Works, a luxury sport fishing yacht builder in Morehead City, NC.

After the Svea project, Hoeck Design will do a replica of the oldest J-Boat Enterprise. Following that, their third project is a replica of a never built super J-Boat by Franck Paine. “This design will be developed along, the lines of Lionheart,” Hoek concludes. “She will be another very strong contender in this exciting and expanding fleet of J-Class yachts. See the YouTube for th new J-Boat Atlantis! Watch how she was built out of aluminum! I will provide laser cut frames for the Atlantis when the lines drawings become available.

Study the J-Boats detailed on Wikipedia well referenced article.

Click for Where are they now? for the America's Cup yachts.

Click for the August 2011 J-Class Racing at Mystic, CT to see some of the best.

Click for the J-Class models built by John Hanks and Bob Eger.

J-Boat Rainbow defeated Endeavour I in 1934

Click for the Rainbow PhotoShow of the February 2012 launching of the replica.

The Rainbow lines were provided by Russell Weaver of Easton, MD who bought a set of frames for an R/C 78" Rainbow model. I will provide him a deck and deck houses as soon as I get the layout from Paco Labrador of Spain who trades .dxf files for laser cutting layouts. Paco has a Programmable Router Table that he can use the same CAD/CAM files to cut frames as I do with the laser. See the description below on his FaceBook and soon on his new web site.
AMYA J-Class 102" Rainbow r/c model laser cut frames - $375, 60" - $250, 48" - $175 plus shipping.

Builders' Notes for finishing laser cut framed models

Send me your e-mail address to receive a .pdf copy of Tom Houle's paperback "Building and Racing Radio Controlled Model Sailboats". Copies of it appear on EBay from time to time. It is an excellent but out of print booklet on how to build a number of sailboats. It includes the International One-Design Class. I found Rolf Andersen's IOD mold and photos in it and bought 4 fiberglass hulls to start making my 48" IOD models. When the mold wore out, I provide bandsawn frames and laser cut frames. From there, the laser cutting projects mushroomed!

Why larger models have become so popular:

Large model airplane engines are less expensive than smaller ones. That accounts for why the large model airplanes have become popular lately. As to sailboats, the publicity for the new replica J-Boats has caused a significant increase in larger size model activity. The increased number of model yacht clubs and regattas seems to have caused the recent increased interest in the larger models. Comparatively, the larger laser cut frames are less expensive per frame than for smaller models. The same identical winches and radios are used so you get more bang for the buck in the larger model sizes.

J-Class Lionheart and Ranger frames show significnt differences in the hull design! The Lionheart frames are more "V" shaped while the Ranger frames are more rounded. The Lionheart has a more rounded transom than Ranger.

Regarding the bottom of the keel from the bow to the deep keel:
Of the J-Class models that John Hanks has built: Ranger, Rainbow, Shamrock V, Endeavour and Endeavour ll, all have a sharp keel line or with an edge. The Lionheart should be the same. The lines are different for all of the designs this feature is common to all of them.

The laser etched decks' lines shine through paint and more vividly through clear varnish. The groves can be filled with black epoxy to give the look of caulking. When strip planking, black contruction paper can give that same look.

Most large yachts have toe rails inside the covering boards at deck edge.

Examples of models built from laser cut frames offered on this web site:

TV2 Productions: J-Boats Ranger vs. Velsheda Racing Off Newport, RI in 2011

Click here .

Columbia Defeated Shamrock III in 1899 and Shamrock IV in 1901

The Columbia at 50" loa will be rigged with multiple headsails and a topsail.
It is for a buyer near Fresno, CA who has many r/c models in his collection.

Andrew Charters of Charleston, SC provided the diagram for sail controls to handle the complex rig. I will post the diagrams and details in the near future.

Click for the Columbia sailing in 1899. This historic video was made by Thomas A. Edison who invented "movies" from many stills linked together.

Shamrock V lost against Enterprise in the 1930 America's Cup Races

Click for the Shamrock V History and see her deck layout. Double click on the deck layout to expand the image for a readale copy of the original Camper and Nicholson drawing of 1934. This is provided for model builders to place my deck houses and Dean Derusha's Harken fittings.

1903 Americas Cup Reliance vs. Shamrock II

The 200' Reliance was designed by Nathaniel Greene Herreshoff, the Wizard of Bristol. She was 200' loa with a 200' mast and 17.000 sq ft of sail. She is the tallest gaff rigger every built. She beat Shamrock III after their two races on August 25, 1903. A third race was cancelled for lack of wind. She exploited a loop hole in the 90 Foot Rule for the races which allowed long overhangs fore and aft that increased her waterline when heeling. That is why you see her heeling over in the photo with the large quarter wave.

Click for the PhotoShow of the Reliance and two other historical Herreshoff yacht designs.

Reliance laser cut frames are offered at 48" - $175 and 60" - $215 plus shipping using lines from "The Book".
Click for Lines drawings.

Ranger 102" frames now available

Click for the J-Boat Ranger promotional video.

The first set of AMYA J-Class Ranger 8' 6" laser cut frames were delivered to Lee Keen of Morehead City, NC.

It took 18 sheets of 1/8" x 12" x 24" to make the 30 J-Boat Ranger frames. The price is $375 plus S&H for 8' 6" to 9' 6" r/c models. The 60” Ranger laser cut parts are $250 plus S & H. The 48" Ranger laser cut parts are $175 plus S&H.

I can now supply frames for all of the America's Cup Boats up to 1986 including J-Boats and all of the 12 Meters frames using the lines in "The Book". Velsheda is the only one that I am still looking for. I also can provide "Black Magic, the NZ 1990s deep winged keel design which was the last of that type before the catamarans.

Robert Diaz has installed Endeavour Deck Houses on his J-Boat as shown on

Robert Diaz of Santa Cruz, CA provided the photos of the main deck house on his 89" J-Boat Shamrock V. He created the inside of the cabin details beyond what I provide as part of the deck house parts. Notice that he even included a door knob and drawer pulls! I provide deck houses in any size made from 4mm Okoume or 1/16th mahogany for new and existing boat models.

I now provide J-Boat Lionheart deck houses like those shown on the Lionheart model lower on this site. They were laid out by Ralph Perkins, former Revel model designer. He also did the new style J-Boat Ranger deck house and the Schooner America shown lower on this site. See the Endeavour deck houses and parts PhotoShow. I offer the above deck parts for the J-Class size Endeavour and others of 102 to 106" loa alone for $135 in 4mm Okoume plywood or 1/8" white birch for $135. The 1/16" mahogany plywood for 48" or 60" J-Boat models are $135 plus shipping.

1930 - 1937 Americas Cup J-Boats and modern day replicas have been racing

Be sure to view the J-Boat Association's web site for photos and history of the modern aluminum replicas.

Click for the Velsheda versus Ranger races at Newport, RI.

Interest in the full scale J-Boats is heating up with many regattas planned.

The new aluminum replica of the Rainbow that beat Endeavour in 1936 is being finished in a Dutch yacht yard. Find more photos of the replica Rainbow by searching with Google for "J-Boat Rainbow". She was 127.7' long.
I offer two sizes of J-Boat Rainbow laser cut frames at 6' 8" and 8' 6" loa. I can provide other sizes as needed.

J-Boats racing at Mystic in 2008, the last Mystic race in 2008, and at Sacramento in the 2009 Nationals.

A new AMYA J-Class model has been recently launched. Click for the Nick Mortgu's photos of her.

Endeavour I Frames from "The Book" Are Available

I provide J-Boat frames based on the lines drawing from "The Book". The layouts are easier to build and with the t-rails that makes the set up and planking much easier. The J-Class 104", 60" and 48" sizes are available. The 104" hull is deepened 2" below the scale design per AMYA J-Class rules. The 60" is deepened 2.5" and the 48" is deepened 3" to improve stability. The keels can be widened to allow internal ballast to be concentrated much lower in the hull. The maximum allowed for the J-Class is 1 7/8" outside dimentsion. The 60" J-Boat maximum is 1 1/4".

The 48" Endeavour I frames with 3" deeper keel are $175. I also offer Endeavour II frames with t-rails like the Endeavour I frames. I have one set of 48" 'to scale' of Endeavour I frames that match the lines from "The Book" for display models for $135.

32" J-Class Lionheart Half Models Offered by Herb Miller

Herb Miller, the man with the “golden hands” per my neighbor will make finished 32" J-Boat Lionheart half models using frames and deck house parts that I provide. His finished half models of the J-Boat Lionheart on mahogany plaques without hardware are $1200 plus shipping. Some options are available.

Alan Horne of the UK provided this deck layout for his 48" Canterbury J-Boat which is based on the J-Boat Ranger hull shape. I can provide this layout in any length and width to fit my many model boat designs shown on this web site or to your requirements. 48" laser etched decks made of 4mm Okoume plywood from Aircraft Spruce are $175 plus shipping. I will provide quotes of other sizes upon request.

Alan Horne offers excellent fiberglass hulls with different top sides and bottom colors. This is the first supplier that I have seen that can do that! Contact Alan Horne by e-mail which is provided on his web site listed above.

Click for the new J-Boat Ranger YouTube showing her sailing with new mylar sails.

J-Class Lionheart Revison 1 Laser Cut Frames Are Now Available in three sizes

Revision 1 of the 106" J-Boat Lionheart.
The partially planked model is by Dan Roth using the Version 1 frames.
Dan Roth planks his models in a matter of a few days with a Hot Melt Gun.

Mast Heights for J-Class Models per John Hanks, AMYA J-Class Sec'y

I am using Ranger because Lionheart was one of the designs that were in the Ranger family so I am thinking that all of the designs used very similar rig designs and sail plans. The differences in the designs were subtle changes in the hull shapes and overhangs. To begin with the max allowed water line in the J class rule is 87' and all of the last Js built used that max in their design. That calculates to 65.25" on a 1/16 scale hull. The rules allow a 2" variance over the 65.25" length giving a max LWL of 67.25".

All of the J boats from Shamrock V to Ranger use a scaled sail plan max of 4200" plus a few inches that vary with the specific design. All of the main booms are between 45" and 50" again depending on the design chosen for a scale rig. With that said the 1/16th scale Js do not sail well with a full scale rig due to the fact that the water and wind do not scale down at the same rate, you loose stability in the hull faster than the power of the wind decreases with the scale sail plan. The model Js sail best with a sail plan of around 2900 inches for the smaller boats, Shamrock V and Enterprise and about 3400 to 3500 inches for the larger models, both Endeavours and Ranger. All of the J models built with a full scale rig are very tender in all but the lightest of air.

The mast calculation that I am working with is Ranger's. She had a 165' total length mast but remember the mast was stepped on the keel. The J class rule measures the mast from the deck to the top of the mast. Ranger's mast at 165' scales to 123.75" but we need to remove about 8' to get to the deck level and that gives you a mast height of 157' and a scale mast height of 117.75" which is under the 120" allowed in the class rules. Again to help compensate for the effect of scale and accommodate the reduced sail plan a mast in the 110" range or less, works best for the models.

Kiwi Magic KZ 7, the 12 Meter from New Zealand, laser cut frames are now available

An order for Kiwi Magic KZ 7 frames for a 48" display model causes me to offer the frames at 48", 60" and 72" for radio control with the keel deepened for improved stability. Click for KZ 7 Photoshow .

The 12-metre class yachts were last raced in the America's Cup in 1987 when Australia defended cup off Freemantle, near Perth. I was there on IBM business the year before when the challenger bases were set up. The French Kiss name caused a stir in the Perth community!

The New Zealand entry, KZ-7 Kiwi Magic, was one of the trio of boats built for Sir Michael Fay's first America's Cup challenge. They were designed by the team of Laurie Davidson, Ron Holland and Bruce Farr.

KZ 3, was the original Plastic Fantastic: the first fibreglass Cup boat ever built. Her hull was estimated to be 20 times stiffer than the aluminium equivalent. She and KZ-5 and KZ-7 caused a furor. "If you want to build a glass boat, why would you do it unless you wanted to cheat?" complained Dennis Conner. Conner went on to defeat KZ-7 convincingly in the challenger series before beating the Australian defender, Kookaburra III in 4 - 0 to reclaim the Americas Cup that he lost to Australia II in 1983.

In recent years, Prada's America's Cup head, Patrizio Bertelli raced KZ-7 on the European 12m circuit, but he intends to stop competing.

Now called simply Kiwi, KZ-3 is plying waters off Australia in a charter business which includes the 1987 Australiant Kookaburra I. KZ-5 sails in the United States 12m circuit. The boats are actually more than 20m in length and sport masts about 27m high.

This is one of 5 professionally made models without the keel which was hidden from view for many years.

Laser cut frames are available at 48" for $175, 60" for $225 and 72" for $300, all plus shipping. The 32" half model frames are $95 plus shipping.

KZ 7 is now for sale by Bill Koch who retained the cup in 1991 with the America 3. She is berthed at the US Merchant Marine Academy at Kingspoint, NY. The Sailing Master provided the from the 12 Meter recent 12 Meter Regatta .

Kiwi Magic modifications to keel and bow by Bill Koch. The black mast and boom were provided by Jim Gretsky whom I worked with for the PACT - Partnership for Americas Cup Technology in 1990 - 1991.

Oracle's Rudder Hydrofoil Fixes Accounted for Some of the Improved Performance

Paul Bieker, Appendage Design Engineer for Oracle Team USA gave some interesting insight behind Oracle’s speed improvement leap. He modified the rudder hydrofoils to reduce cavitation drag and added a feature at the stern to provide lift up wind and in maneuvers. These plus the Stability Assistance Systems which helped maintain foiling when going to windward allowed Oracle take the 8 straight race come from behind winning of the 34th Americas Cup.

Frames for the Columbia 5.5 and Sabre of the same hull are now available

A West Coast inquiry for the Columbia 5.5 lines induced me to research this design. I found that the 5.5 Class rules did not allow fiberglass boats. So, Columbia was stuck with their fiberglass mold and decided to offer a cruising version with two bunks and a head from the same mold.

The Sabre has four bunks, a small galley over top of one and a head in the v-berth area making it a very fast mini-cruiser.

The hull looks very much like the Etchells 22 which is similar but has a fin keel and is much smaller. I offer the Etchells 22 as well as other popular One Design Classes you will find on this web site.

These frames are offered for $175 at 48", $225 at 60" and $300 at 72" plus shipping. The Sabre cabin is simple enough to make locally.

Australian Queensland YC has challenged Oracle for the 35th AC!

The Aussies have so many good sailors involved in this year's cup that it is not surprising that an Australian club has challenged.

Larry Ellison will try to get more countries involved and pick a venue and style of boat tht will not be so costly to campaign.

Team US Oracle won the 34th Americas Cup Race by 44 seconds after losing the start!

In what is called the best come back effort in the world founof sports, Oracle won 8 straight races to come back from down 8 - 1 to win! Jim Spithill, Australian now living in San Diego and married to an America wife pulled it off with the Oracle catamaran that kept improving its speed.

Gary Jobson said that they would tell what changes were made to the boat. That has not happened so far except there have been speculations as found on

There are rumors that Emirates Team New Zealand will protest Oracle for adding an on-board computer that worked with an automatic adjusting mechanism to control the foils. That presumably accounted for Oracle being able to stay up on the hydrofoils longer. They claim that rules do not allow adding equipment once the racing has started.

This could blemish the otherwise sterling performance of Oracle.

The Kiwi's are claiming the foiling augmentation system is unfair

Click for Slate's take on the Americas Cup being only for billionaires!

Olin Stephen's Design #7 52' Dorade won the Transpac in 1936 and again in 2013

Laser cut frames for Dorade are available at 3/4" and 1" to the foot scale for $175 (39") and $225 (52") plus shipping. Smaller frames are available for half or display models.

The lines by Olin Stephens when he was only 21 are available on-line from a Uffa Fox book as shown. The keel can be deepened by 2" and 1.25" to improve the stability of r/c models.

A new Adkins book about Dorade comes with a set of lines, available from for $250. An Olin Stephens' autobiography "All This and Sailing, Too" is recommended.

Built in 1929-1930 at Minnefords on City Island, NY, she won the 1931 Transatlantic Race and then many races in England. She was moved to the West Coast and won Transpac 1936 and again, 77 years later!

Dorade Air Scoop Ventilators were first introduced along with other innovations still in vogue today.

Dorade is considered the greatest ocean racing yacht of the twentieth century. It begins with Roderick Stephens, Sr. whose "deep and abiding faith in his sons' talents, character and good sense" led him to invest his reputation and fortune to help Olin Stephens, then little more than a teenager, and Olin's brother Rod, design and build an ocean racer to compete against the finest offshore yachts of the day.

The result was Dorade, a 52-foot yawl launched in May 1930 into the teeth of the Great Depression. Lightly built, with spartan accommodations and berths like coffins, she performed well in her shakedown summer. But it was the 1931 Transatlantic Race, which, under Olin's command, she won in sixteen days and an hour, beating the next (and much larger) boat by two days, a winner on corrected time by over four days, that set her name firmly in the annals of yachting history -- and changed forever the face of ocean racing yacht design.

In the eight decades since her launching she has been actively raced and restored under the ownership of a host of colorful and devoted characters on both coasts. A common sight off San Francisco and Seattle, a frequent racer in the Solent and Mediterranean, and now back east to race again off Newport, she has outlived her modest and beloved designer and most of her owners. She has crossed the Atlantic to England and the Pacific to Hawaii numerous times, suffered collisions, lapses of good judgment, and misguided improvements. She has endured repairs and restorations, witnessed love affairs, heartbreak, and even death. This is her story, from stem to stern, nautical history at its best and related with affection, accuracy, and eloquence by a sailor who has sutured together the many strands, both verbal and visual, of a great yacht's life. And what a life it has been! As she ghosted past the Lizard that morning of Tuesday, 21 July 1931, to shock the yachting world with her Transatlantic win, Dorade was first to finish and has remained first ever since.

Click for Matt Brooks', the owner's comments on winning Transpac 2013.

See Sparkman and Stephens' blogspot for Dorade with many photos and articles about this famous classic yacht. There are photos of Olin and crews. He was only 21 at the time he designed her. And, see for the current news and search Wikipedia for the many stories of this legendary icon.

The Dorade history includes a lot about Olin Stephens' illustrious career.

ABC News Report of the Transpac Race.

Many Dorade models have appeared over time in yacht clubs and libraries. Some are very detailed with skylights and hatches that I will provide like those from Endeavour, Lionheart and Ranger sets or combinations of parts.

I provide frames for true-to-scale Dorade half models in any size.

Be sure to view my PhotoShow of Dorade photos.

Frames and deck houses are available for making half models in virtually any size

Reliance half model frames preview .

Based on an inquiry for an approximately 32" Reliance half model, I offer the half frames with keelson and deck beams, ready for planking in any size. The price is the same as for the full model because changes to the .dxf file are required to reduce the number of frames when making them smaller than for full models and center pieces must be added to hold the frame shapes when cut in half. Also, frames deepened for r/c must have their keelson's restored to the true lines.

36" Bonzo built by Herb Miller was picked up on September 5th in Marathon, FL

Herb Miller made this model for me and we drove to Marathon in the Keys to pick it up after Labor Day. It was a long drive from Sarasota so we stayed overnight and an extra day to recover. The model is just what I wanted since first seeing the design in a Uffa Fox book while in High School. It is a German designed runabout with an outboard in a center well. We decided to finish it with conventional power for R/C.

We visited Clinton Goins in Cape Coral, FL who constructed the first 48" Lionheart deck houses for his 48" Canterbury J-Boat. It is based on the J-Boat Ranger design. See photos for his project under the Deck House section below.

But, Herb will not do the fancy striping on his 48" Bonzo that he did for me. Herb likes his boats to be at least 48" for his large hands and preference for larger motors. His Bonzo's should be considered Objet D'Art considering the unique striping and finish he applied to this German designed runabout.

The plural term "Objet D'Art covers a wide range of works, usually small and three-dimensional, of high quality and finish in areas of the decorative arts, not paintings or sculptures.

Herb Miller built this 36" Bonzo for me with a strip planked deck and gunwhales. He liked it so much that he will make one for himself at 48"! The left photo shows the stained mahogany that had three different hues requiring special treatment. He powered it with a conventional motor rather than the outboard motor mounted in a center well per the plans. The 36" frames came about when another Italian DELFTship software expert who calls himself Eta Beta did the .dxf files. He wanted to learn how my laser cutter draws them for 12 x 24" plywood panels. It was a warm up project before doing the Yankee One Design shown lower on this page. He also uses TurboCAD 2D/3D to produce .dxf files and 3D renderings. He will do any boat you want frames for! Email him at Eta Beta. See the list of plans that I have on-hand.

nt The Bonzo plans are in the Uffa Fox "Sailing, Cruising and Design". I found it in 1948 when making models at Penn State. It is one of his four classic books on boats of all types. There is the "Best of Uffa" book that has 50 of his best designs in one volume. You can buy it from

Watch the Bonzo PhotoShow for more about this interesting German runabout. I found it in a Uffa Fox book while in Maury High School in Norfolk, VA in 1943. I always wanted to make one for myself but decided to have Herb Miller make a 36" one for me. I provided the frames and mahogany planks. It will be radio controlled with a conventional power unit instead of the outboard in a well of the original design.

J Class Association Web Site Scrowls New J-Boat Photos

Click on the J-Class Association web site for new close up J-Boat action photos! You may have to click on each photo to advance to the next one.

Drop down to find news, next events and other recent large photos that can be scrowled by clicking on each one.

J-Boat photos of racing in light airs show good ideas of how others built theirs

Steve Schroeter provided his collection of over 50 old J-Boat photos that I scanned for a photo show in almost random sequence. They show a variety of rigs, sails, stands, dollies/carts and deck housses for the big models.

Click on PhotoShow .

5,700 Model Boats in Drawings on FLICKR by David Thibodeau, an active Marblehead Skipper

Click on for 5,700 images, spanning 238 years from 1775 to 2013. There are 70 countries represented.

They were provided as a link by David Thibodeau on 6-20-2013. There are all types of model boats for many people to enjoy our hobby in many different venues.

The ideas you will gain make it worthwhile to take a long hard look. You can do screen captures to save those images that you find most interesting. I recommend that you go to his web site: and do searches for boats or things of your interest. You can click on "Sets" to select photos from 40 different Sets that David has already set up. For example, do a Google search for "J Boats". Many things that have that in their file name will show up like the two J-Boats and the model power boat posted here.

Dave provided them as a FLICKR page of Model Boating Images that I will include some examples of here. He said about his project, "Five year ago, I started with a simple objective. That was to capture the innocence of children playing with model boats from a time gone by. It wasn't long before my love of vintage pond yachts influenced the content.

I found that people with artistic interests are my most active viewers. They can be designers, artists, photographers, graphic designers, historians, etc. This group actively supports my efforts. One wanted to do a FLICKR of the history of childrens clothes based on those found on David's collection.

Earl Boebert, the historian for the US Vintage Model Yacht Group and Russell Potts, the historian for the British Vintage Model Yacht Group actively support my efforts. But, I have little success in interesting the population who actively sail pond yachts in my collection.

I do not own the rights to the content of my FLICKR page. That limits the options for distributing the material. FLICKR has given my collection some sort of "favored nation status". Within 15 minutes of my posting a new image on my FLICKR page, a search using GOOGLE or BING will display my FLICKR image!"

David has seven Marblehead pond yachts, having lived in or near Marblehead most of his life. He has two Marblehead 450 pond yachts, one possibly built by L. Francis Herreshoff. He has five vintage M Class pond yachts. One old hull was from EBAY that he will restore and convert to RC. David worked in the IBM Cambridge, Boston and Waltham offices. He worked with the IBM S/360 Model 65 and 67 as a Field Engineering specialist from 1956 to 1991, the same years as me, working mostly at IBM Headquarters in White Plains, NY with a three year assignment covering South East Asia as a PC Product Manager from 1984 to 1986.

Thanks to David Thibodeau for these historical photos which I consider to be a "National Treasure". Contact him at .

Matthias Gawriloff provided two great J-Boat videos with modern J-Boat replicas

Two videos were made by a radio/TV station in northern Germany. Wolter Huisman, Werftchef (German for shipyard boss) is shown at beginning of J-Boat PhotoShow 2. He arrainged for both videos to be made with Bekens' photos of the replicas that are interspersed with the vintage footage. One was made ten years after the first.

The photos are in the same sequence from the DVD for the first J-Boat PhotoShow 1. I rearrainged them for continuity in the second J-Boat PhotoShow 2 . The 74' Aphrodite that I offer frames for at 48" and 74" is seen in J-Boat PhotoShow 2.

The longest of the two videos provided over 150 photos included in my second J-Boat PhotoShow 2. I will continue to add more captions and resequence it for better understanding of the J-Boat differences.

I saw no Copyright Notices so I can include the entire Quick Video of over 739,142 Kb on the Model Boat Memory Stick offered lower on this web site for $35 including shipping.

2013 Wooden Boat Show at Mystic Seaport, CT

Click for 2013 Wooden Boat Show website that scrowls videos at the top of the page that make you feel that you were there!.

Click for on the directory and gallery of images on the right side for more video displays. They give you a good view of the main things seen at the 2013 Wooden Boat Show.

PhotoShows of laser cut framed models:

My PhotoShow Collection includes one for most of the boats I offer frames or models for. I add new things as members of the Model Sailboat Academy and others provide photos and other bits of knowledge for each of them. There are more than 35 model boat designs shown on these pages.

The Bluenose Schooner web site by John Dowd of the UK is especially good for planning your next model. Click Bluenose to see his fabulouse web site for a fin and bulb keel radio controlled model.

See Sail Classics web site for photos of their Bluenose schooner made in China that is sometimes seen on E-Bay.

I especially liked the 18' Hampton Sloop by Odonovan and Dole that won "Best professionally built model" selected by Judges and Attendees at a 2011 boat show. See the step by step procedure they followed to build this boat. It is a good tutorial for those who are planning to build their first model the same way but from my laser cut frames.

Click for my first YouTube where I showed America's Cup boats from "The Book". I created it with "One True Media's" easy method. It is not as easy to use as Roxio's PhotoShow but is FREE. You simply upload the photos you want to show, add some text and select the music. Uploading is by the click of a button once you are registered with Youtube.

The America's Cup 1903 Reliance and Shamrock III

Click for the ReliancePhotoShow
9' Reliance and Shamrock II Laser Cut Frames are available at 1/16th scale, 60" and 48".
Sets of 1/16th scale sets of frames for Reliance and Shamrock II were been delivered. These are 9' triple head sail, gaff rigged models that have a great appeal to those who admire the vintage classics.

The 9' Reliance laser cut frames went together in less than an hour, ready for strip planking! The smaller model frames shown in one photo are for the 48" Ranger. Solid blocks of wood are used on the bow and stern.

Watch this site for updates as we follow developments of this large model and others like the J-Boats Linheart and Ranger that are nearing completion by several new builders.

Classic Boats' photos of America's Cup Yacht Races in the UK

Photos of 12 Meter and other historic America's Cup Yachts racing in the UK are accessable online for viewing. I find the Classic Boats monthlies at Barnes and Noble and Books-a-Million. I usually buy a copy on impulse when I see a classic yacht that needs to be modeled!

32" Cruiser model power boat from Model Craftsman of October 1936

48" laser cut frames of this classic design will be cut for Herb Miller who likes to make large models. A layout for inside the cabin was developed by Ralph Perkins to include with the parts.

"THE BOOK" book has lines, plans and articles for each America's Cup Boat from 1851 to 1986.

I provide laser cut frames in 3 sizes for any boat that there are plans for! My AMYA J-Class 1/16th scale are now $350, 60" are now $275 and 48" are $250 . Endeavour I deck houses made of 3mm Okume are $135 if ordered at the same time as the hull frames. If ordered later, they are $175. As other deck house layouts become available they will replace Endeavour deck houses to match the other J-Boat hulls.

This book is a God Send for model boat builders of Americas Cup models. I scan the lines to make files for laser cutting.

Click for the "Book" PhotoShow. I add new lines drawings as I receive orders for Cup Boats. The Lionheart is my flagship model. It was designed for the 1937 Cup Races but not built until 2010. Pietro Bastiani of Italy has provided the lines for making the laser cutting files. He is building a 60" Lionheart model and improving the lines as he goes. I show my own models of the IOD Class, my first laser cut frames set. Be sure to see John Hanks' model building steps and his finished Ranger model with deck houses and hardware. They are the best we have seen! He wrote a series of 6 build articles, beginning with the Spring 2000 AMYA quarterly: Volumes 119, 121, 122, 123, 124 and one on building a planked deck in Volume 149.

The new J-Boats Lionheart and Svea were built in aluminum in Holland as well others of the 1930 and 1937 era J-Boat Class.

Many 8' 6" plank-on-frames models are being built to race in the AMYA J-Class. They conform to the original designs except for 2" added to the keels ahead of the rudder to improve stability.

60" and 48" are provided with 2.5" and 3" deepened keels to make them more stable.

Five J-Boats Racing at St. Barths shown on this outstanding video

Five J-Boats in close racing is quite a sight. If Endeavour I was present, it would be even more dramatic.

Ranger, the white one, being 20 tons heavier than the others, benefitted from the high winds of 25 mph on some days. Click for St. Barths Bucket video found on Yachting's website.

When five J Class yachts raced head-to-head for the first time in decades, Onne van der Wal was there to capture it in this must-see video. Published: May 15, 2013

See how they stacked up at the end of the video. I had thought Lionheart would top the leader board but it was not to be! She came in second to Hanuaman which is a replica of Endeavour II which had 4 points to Lionheart's 10 after 4 races.

Herbert Miller's 19' Chris Craft at 3" to 1' scale = 57" loa

Herbert Miller will build a 57" from frames I provide for his 19' Chris Craft runabout at 3" to 1' scale. He likes to make 48" and larger boat models to use large Weed Whacker gas engines. See a number of other boats on this web site by Herb including the 36" Bonzo below, his 48" IOD, 48" Dragon and 48" Crandall Flyer

Ralph Perkins made the .dxf files for it. I cut the frames at Sarasota's Faulhaber Fabrication Lab from eleven 1/8" x 12" x 24" lite ply panels. I bought the lite ply from BalsaUSA through my local hobby shop. The local hobby shop price for the same BalsaUSA product was less than ordering direct because they do not charge for shipping! Lite plywood is made of poplar, not birch and is preferred by model airplane builders because it is a little lighter, softer and a little more flexible.

Herb will make this model as a single cockpit version with a minimum of hardware appointments on deck. When finished, he will offer it for sail for $3500.

I will investigate making the windshield, steering wheel and navigtion lights and staffs using a 3D Printing service provider.

Click for the 19' Chris Craft frames and cockpit styles to choose from. Watch for updates as Herb Miller builds his 57" Chris Craft model.

Laser Cut Frames and Decks for Any Boat Model You Want to Build!

Laser cut frames include the inherent research, planning, scaling and other preparations that can save 6 months time to start planking your next model in minutes from the time you open your laser cut frames package! Per Carl Brossius, Master Model Maker of Finesterre at 57.75".

To obtain a quote on any boat frames or things you want cut by laser, Send me .pdf, .jpg, or .gif files of your plans to save the shipping expense. Have your plans scanned by Staples, Office Depot or other copy center and put on a memory stick or CD-Rom to forward by e-mail from your computer. That saves the cost of a mailing tube and postage.

I list a number of sets of frames I have on hand. I will accept any reasonable offer for them as I finish up this business. It has been a fun hobby that looked a lot like a business!

Cap-Maquettes Fittings found on-line

Click for Cap-Maquettes.
Sign up so you can log in and get their newsletters and notices.
I signed up and use the English translated version.

Christophe Guerin of France told us that Raboesch makes couplings with inner fittings that can be chosen, as you can see on their website at .

In the menu “produits par marques” (products by brand), you will find Raboesch here .

The couplings are found under Cardans .

Herb Miller was able to find one coupler from Mack Products of Long Branch, NJ that was devestated by Hurricane Sandy and is just now recovering. He shows the coupler assembly, propellor and propellor hub nut he will be using on his 48" Aphrodite.

Herb Miller's 48" Aphrodite plywood cabin may be painted to simulate wood grain. I will provide some teak veneer to try out with some orange stain to try to achieve the color as seen in the real boat photos. Others may cover their cabins with thin adhesive backed mahogany veneer from Home Depot and Menards as recommended by Jim Wangard, editor of Classic Boating.

The Aphrodite models give encouragement to others considering building one for themselves

Jim Wangard, editor of Classic Boating, included Aphrodite items in the January 2012 issue. He provided detailed drawings of the cabin profile and plan view for cutting frames and parts to add to the hull frames and parts which are now available as shown below.

Click for photos from Classic Boating May/June 2007 Issue 137 featuring Aphrodite, the ultimate express cruiser design for model boat building on my latest Aphrodite PhotoShow. Click for a Aphrodite model builder explains!

The cabin parts are made from white birch for mahogany stain for a bright finish. There are frames for each station as shown in the PhotoShow.

The Brooklin Boat Yard video has photos of classic yachts they have built or restored including Aphrodite's second restoration. My PhotosShow has 3 photos of how the bustle back was made with over 1,000 copper rivets.

Click for a 10 day free trial of classic boat videos that has a segment on the Aphrodite and the Brooklin Boat Yard. It starts at 4.02 minutes into the excellent tutorial type video.

Some Sources for Model Boat Making Supplies

See , a unique source for model making materials. Lots of odds and ends may be of interest to you. It is a hardware store for engineers.
  1. Model Ship World
  2. Display Cases
  3. Wet Goose Model hardware
  4. Lumber Yard Wood and ship kits
  5. Taubman Plans offers many plans for all types of models
  6. The Floating Drydock offers many plans for US Navy ships
  7. Ship Models Forum
  8. John R. Haynes's models Museum quality naval ships and hulls
  9. CNC router cut models CNC cut superstructures for 1/96 scale ships
  10. Laser cut foam superstructures
  11. Micro Glass Models Fibreglass hulls but no superstructures
  12. Scale Shipyard w/catalog
  13. NE Scale Lumber Model RR car siding w/grooves that hold dark stain. Looks like tongue and groove planking
  14. Call Jim Dissette 941 309-4949 xt 113 for water jet metal cutting
  15. If new to model boat building, request a copy of Tom Houle's "Building and Racing R/C Model Sailboats. I send it as a .pdf by e-mail at no charge. And, read the on-line Boys' Book of Model Boats which is excellent. | Alan Horne's 48" Canterbury and Nottingham J-Class Hulls | Aphrodite 74' express cruiser | Aphrodite model being planked | | The Aphrodite restoration | Pearson Ariel One Meter | AircraftSpruce | Bell Bottom News | Boys Book of Model Boats | Books | Rod Carr | Crandall Flyer | US CG 52' Steel Life Boat | Contact Milton Thrasher | Columbia 50" | Deck Houses | Dragon 48" | Endeavour deck houses | Endeavour 48" | Endeavour 60" | Endeavour J-Class | Etchells 22" | Exotic Woods | Evelina M. Goulart 31.25" | Finisterre 57" | Fittings | Gloriana 48" | Gloriana 9' | Hardware | Heritage 12 Mtr | Hindenburg Disaster | Hirondele 36" | International One-Design section 1 | International One-Design section 2 | International One-Design section 3 | John Hanks' Photos | J-Class Info | Larry Ludwig | Luciole | J-Boat Masts | Motors | J-Boat Rigging | Ray Osmun | Number Boat 22 at 58" | Oheka II" | PhotoShow Collection | IOD Page Link | | Ranger J-Class | Rainbow J-Class | Reliance | Rigging suggestions | Sources | IOD History | Titanic Insurance Fraud | SAILSetc | Skerry Sq Mtr models | Shamrock V deck | South Bay Shore Bird | Sources | Svea J-Class | USS Constitution 32" | Vagabond 82" | Vanja and IOD Pages Link | Video Links | Yankee III J-Boat Link | Yankee Half Model Link | Table of Laser Cut Frames Ready To Cut |

    International Dragon Class Laser Cut Frames Available In Any Size

    An international cooperative effort between Italy, Australian, Canada and the US caused my new Dragon Class frames to be developed. They are superior to other Dragon kits on the market. Colin Johanson of Australia noted the Dragon frames I show lower on this website based on the Billings Dragen kit. His client owns a full size Dragon and wanted a 48" r/c model. I provided a set of laser cut frames in exchange for his doing .dxf files based on a model design provided by one of my J-Boat Lionheart client. It was created for two full size Dragon owners in Menphis, TN in 1970. They commissioned the building of two detailed r/c models. They include cockpit seats, cuddy cabin and cockpit coamings. Colin included all of these features in his .dxf layout as well as a laser etched deck with strip planking and a cabin roof. The set includes two keelsons. One is for display models and the other is for r/c with a 3" deeper keel.

    The parts are shown before they were erected as a skeleton ready for planking. The bow and stern keelson pieces work with the display and deeper r/c keels. The deeper r/c keel has cut outs for lead shot ballast to flow as low as possible and not be blocked by deadwood in the keelson.

    Click for the PhotoShow of Herb Miller's 48" Dragon made from laser cut frames. The layout was based on a model design developed from measurements of two full size Dragons in Memphis, TN. Colin Johanson developed the .dxf files for producing the laser cut frames with two keels. One for display models and one for r/c models with a 3" deeper keel than to scale. The layout includes a laser cut and etched strip planking.
    The laser cut frames can be planked with balsa or basswood and covered with fiberglass in virtually any size. I recommend making the keel 3" deeper to improve stability if finishing them for r/c sailing. The 48" size may be larger than smaller cars can handle. Therefore, I will provide the same layout at One Meter and 36" loa.

    The hull frames alone are $175. The deck alone is $75. If both are ordered at the same time, they are $225, all plus shipping.

    Herb Miller built this Dragon from the frames I provided for a client who will rig it for r/c. He planked it with 1/8" hard balsa and then covered over that with 1/16" mahogany strips.

    Dragons are very popular in Europe, particularly Ireland, UK, Germany and The Netherlands where they have large fleets. I will provide laser cut frames in any size for R/C, display and/or half models to suit your needs.

    The Dragon was the 3 man keel boat in the Olympics from 1948 to 1972 per Wikipedia. There are many photos available on-line by searching for Dragon sailboats.

    The International Dragon Association has a page at and racing in Melbourne, Australia.

    The 2010 European International Dragon Class Championship was held in September in Ireland. Click for Championship Race 4.

    The 48" Dragon hull frames are $175. The decks are $75. If both are ordered at the same time, the price is $225. All are plus shipping. Shipping is typically $25 for Dragon frames with the deck within the US. Other sizes are available.

    The 48" Canterbury J-Boat deck is more narrow than the Dragon Class deck. Both of these deck layouts can be modified to adjust them to the widths of several stations to match any hull for about 36" to 60". For instance, the Canterbury deck layout was provided by Alan Horne for his boat and adjusted to match the Canterbury J-Boat hulls that Hans Burger provided to Jerry Delaat recently. The cut outs for the hatches for the rudder and radio were eliminated so that they could be made as needed by the builders.

    Thunderbird Commuter Launch, Baby Bootlegger and Baby Gar Frames

    Jim Wangard, Editor of Boating Classics, provided the plans and photos of Baby Bootlegger and Thunderbird along with the .dxf files for Baby Bootlegger. I will offer laser cut frames for both of these well known classic boats.

    The Thunderbird frames with the complex cabin are $250 for 36", $350 for 48" and $450 for 60", all plus S&H. Other sizes available upon request for price

    See the Thunderbird PhotoShow for a good photos of this boat on Lake Tahoe where she is a part of the Thunderbird Lodge. See Thunderbird Lodge website for more background information on this iconic classic boat.

    Gar Wood boat model frames are now available

    Click for the story of Gar Wood's race against a train in 1925!

    See the latest photos from Dan O'Neill of his Baby Gar 33" commissioned model. Herb Miller of Marathon, FL is building a 48" Baby Gar IV model and shows the planked hull ready for decking. I am providing photos of the very scarce Gar Wood triple cockpit boats still plying the waters.

    Dan O'Neill is a museum artist. He ordered a set of Baby Gar IV frames to use in making a 33" model for a client. See his earlier works at where some of the most detailed ship models and dioramas of ocean scenes are shown.

    Dan has an incredible YouTube video of his recreation of the sinking of the Spanish Galleon Atocha, the rear guard galleon that sank on a Florida reef with millions of silver coins that were recovered. Take a good look at this one with the sound on. He has created sound effects of crashing waves that make it so realistic. He has taken model making and displaying to a whole new level! He makes the static model come to life with many different views from different angles. His Atocha model sits in the Mel Fisher Maritime Museum in Key West, FL.

    Click for Dan O'Neill's PhotoShow of building the 1929 Consolidated cruiser "Lulu Belle" model. I will create a step by step slide show with commentary of how he made this beautiful model. It is something like the Oheka II that I offer laser cut frames for in 48" and 60" sizes. I now offer frames at 36", 48", 60" and 72" for $175, $250, $325, and $400 plus S&H.

    Likewise, I offer frames for the similar "Lorraine" and "Bluebird" whose plans are available from Rose Stiles of Vintage Plans 905 on EBay as show at the top of this web site at the same prices.

    Some Recommended Books on Model Sailboats

    The Best of Uffa Fox has 50 of his best books from his collection of books. I bought a used copy through for about $20 including shipping.

    Graham Reeves, a Vintage Model Yacht Group Member of the UK came for a visit to Sarasota,FL recently. His e-mail address is in case you wish to contact him. He sent me a copy of the "100 Years of Model Yachting & The Model Yachting Association 1911-2011 which he authored. He started at age 8 and has been an avid model builder and racer for over 50 years. His book has a fine collectiion of photos, race results, minutes of meetings and historical figures' biographies. Graham recommends the "Model Racing Yacht" book that is available from ( for about $24. I remember finding this book years ago in the Larchmont, NY public library. It treats the construction and design of mostly very large A Class boats with vane steering which are still popular in the UK. Graham is active with the a 36" Class. They alternate which country will host their regattas every other year. The class is the UK 36" Restricted Class and their race is held every two years. Next year they will race at Gosport end Llandudno in North Wales. To find photos of their group with Google, search for Graham Reeves. Their boats must fit within a box of 36" x 9" x 11". There is another 36" Class that allows a deeper keel and any size sails.

    The Daniels and Tucker "Model Sailing Craft" is also available from for $134. Save that amount by buying a 4 Gig Memory Stick that has the 188 page .pdf with 6 large models like the one mentioned at the top of this web site. There are technical descriptions of each design and race results.

    The Yacht America that started the Americas Cup Competition

    See the full size replica of The America in San Francisco harbor for the current Americas Cup AC72 races.

    Frames for the America schooner are now available in 38" length on deck and other sizes upon request. Herb Miller has the rigging, sails and hardware that came with an old expensive Sterling B22M kit. I gave it to him to finish but the dried balsa wood frames and planking crumbled due to age. So I am providing him with a set of frames to use with these features. At the same time, a former model designer requested the frames for a 3/8ths scale set.

    This model is a good candidate for removeable fin and bulb ballast to allow it to be a display model as well as for radio control.

    A number of America models are found on-line but none seem as close to the actual lines as my models. Ralph Perkins, former model designer for Revel, did the .dxf files for laser cutting the hull, deck houses, and rigging parts. It has a circular cockpit as shown in the model's photo I found at the Old Saybrook, CT Library on loan f=rom a nautical museum. The 38" length on deck frames are available for $235 plus $20 shipping in the US and Canada via Priority Mail.

    Click on the YouTube image to view Dick Arpin of Candida, NH's wonderfully detailed video of how he built the Billings Boat Schooner America kit model in four parts in 2011. He did a fabulous job in showing how he did each step including making his own sails. I provide the laser cut frames at 38" length on deck. They are especially interesting for those who have the Sterling kit B-22M that has balsa wood frames that may have crumbled by now. This kit has been noticed on EBAY from time to time for about $150. Three of my customers are currently building this model from my frames. They are Herb Miller of Marathon, FL, Dwayne Moore of Summerfield, NC and Ralph Perkins of Chama, NM. Dwayne Moore provided us with copies of the very detailed two-sided building instructions that comes with the kit. They make it so much easier to finish this handsome historical model. I will provide 4 .pdf's of the plans for those interested in studying this famous yacht that started the America's Cup Competitions.

    See the PhotoShow of Dean Derusha's Harken Miniature hardware. It shows the many working blocks and fittings that will be needed to accurately finish this model.

    2 Meter J-Boat Rainbow Model by Jan Kraak of the Netherlands

    Jan Kraak provided many photos of how he built his very detailed 2 meter r/c model of the J-Boat Rainbow. He has visited the shops where the real boat was built and witnessed the races off Falmouth, England from a high speed power boat. His model is fully equiped to operate very much like the real boat in many ways. It has adjustable stays, an auxiliary motor and even operable ventilators! He made many of the mechanical and electrical parts himself. See the Overview of his model in the PhotoShow Chapter 1. I am doing more PhotoShows for all aspects of his model building. They should serve many J-Boat customers well by showing his very clever building techniques. They include examples of how he made his mast and rigging, deck houses, ballast, auxiliary motor installation, r/c equipment mountings, hardware, etc. He solved many of the situations and things my clients ask about.

    You can jump ahead as I develop more PhotoShows. Go to Jan Kraak's web site and his R/C J-Boat Rainbow build, movies and history pages . Use the links on the left side of the page for the three sections. These are the source for my PhotoShow chapters. Deck, Deck Houses and Ballast are in Chapter 2. The Controls and Hardware are in Chapter 3. The mast, boom and hardware are in Chapter 4 . Building the deckhouse Chapter 5.

    Click for which is Jan Kraak's very informative website. He is now making the sails. E-mail him at

    Jan has a large section on submarines from all over the world and good links to other model boat sites. I am interested in his submarine section having attended the US Navy Submarine Officers' School in Groton, CT in 1953. The Korean War ended right after I arrived. I asked to be returned to the fleet to be absolved of the 1 year extension I accepted to attend "Sub School". I was re-assigned to the USS Waller DD 466 as the ASW Officer for a 22 port Mediterranean Cruise! That took us to the exotic ports of Cannes, France for Chrismas 1953 and Venice, Trieste, Naples, Polarmo, Sicily, Athens, Istanbul, Corsica, Palma de Majorca and places where the J-Boats race!

    Jan Kraak's 2m Rainbow model is complete with very exactly detailed rigging, deck houses and hand made hardware! Especially notice how Jan has provided an auxiliary motor! She is a real beauty! Jan has visited to the two shops where the J-Boat Rainbow replica was built in aluminum. He recently went to Falmouth, England where five J-Boats raced in July 2012. Jan took 1000's of photos which he shares with us that I will add to the Photoshows.

    Click for Classic Boat J-Boat Rainbow replica photos in the August 2012 issue.

    The 1/16th scale Rainbow laser cut frames - $375, 60" - $250 and 48" - $175 plus shipping. Click for the Rainbow J-Class lines drawing and for the original Rainbow photos. er

    2 meter molded hull available from Peter Torz of Germany

    A 2 meter J-Boat Ranger model is available from Peter Torz of Germany. Contact him by email to
    His web site is at Model Boats! . See six photos of his 2 Meter J-Boat Rainbow.

    Be sure to see the slide show of classic boats and click on the link to other large models.

    PhotoShow of Peter Torz's sailboat hardware from Germany. The "Boats by Purdy" is recommended reading for Aphrodite enthusiasts.

    Select from my over 40 models to build starting with laser cut frames!

    I offer laser cut frames in 1/8" white birch plywood in 3 sizes: 1/16th scale, 60" and 48". Other sizes upon request.

    I recommend printing this entire web site to study, reference and share.

    I await enough orders for new models to defray the costs of creating AutoCAD .dxf file drawings for laser cutting.
    Six week delivery for new model frames for those willing to pay for the .dxf files up front.

    Model Boat Plans Found on E-Bay for the International Dragon

    Buy model boat plans from Rose Stiles of Vintage Plans on EBay of Canada. She recommends laser cut frames from Milton Thrasher to those who buy her model boat plans.

    Her International Dragon plans for $19.95 are especially good for those who want to band saw their frames. They were compared with the 48" Dragon frames shown in the web site below developed by Colin Johanson of Australia and found to be very adequate for experienced model builders. This is a shameless act of log rolling with another model boating marketeer! She has over 200 sets of plans in her inventory! Her web site is at

    I share marketing tips with Dean Derusha. See his new Run the slideshow to see the wealth of model hardware that he offers. Call him at 989 980-9423 and ask about his $450 worth of miniature Harken fittings in exchange for a set of Milton Thrasher's large scale model yacht frames.

    Click on

    Frames and Models On-Hand for Immediate Delivery

    J-Boat Ranger 48" - w/3" deeper keel for r/c - $175
    Endeavour I - 48" display model - $175
    Endeavour I - 48" r/c model w/3" deeper keel for r/c - $175
    Endeavour deck houses - 48" - $135
    Endeavour deck houses - 102" - $135
    Best of Uffa Fox selections ROGUE RG65 - 25.6" - $95
    Starlet 36" - $60
    Star Class One Meter - $75
    Star Class 45" - $85
    Starlet and Star Class models are recommended for youths and manual training classes
    Yankee One Design 48" - $175
    IOD One Meter - $125 each or 2 for $200
    Pearson Ariel - One Meter - $150
    Skerry by CLC - 21.5" - $115
    Oheka II power boat - 48" - $150
    Crandal Hydroplane - 48" - $150
    PhotoShow for details

    Other models for sale
    Star Class One Meter hull - display model with stand by Herb Miller - $800
    IOD 48" hull - display model with stand by Herb Miller - $800
    IOD 36" hull - display model with stand by Herb Miller - $800
    Evelina R. Goulart fishing schooner hull by Herb Miller - $350
    Allmand 31" family cruiser hull w/deck house and stand - $350
    Soling 1 Meter R/C racing model - $700
    Orca 3D A Class hull, fin, ballast, rudder by Bob Sterne - $500
    Victoria Thunder Tiger new kit - $125
    Vanja 73" A Class hull mold - $500

    Videos, PhotoShows, and other Links for Over 40 Models' Frames

    | The America | The Aphrodite featured by Yachting | The America full size replica | The Yacht America of 1851 | 4 Models sold to Europeans | 48" Dragon Class Laser Cut Frames | 74' Aphrodite express cruiser | Gloriana | Rogue RG65 | Endeavour, Lionheart and Ranger deck houses | International One-designs | 74' Aphrodite express cruiser | America's Cup Yacht Designs | America's Cup 1903 Reliance | Herreshoff Designs, Inc. website | IOD's | IOD #1 | IOD models | J-Boat Ranger | J-Boat Deck houses 1 | J-Boat Deck houses 2 | J-Class Racing 2011 | J-Class Racing 2011 2 | J-Class Models | Lionheart J-Boat | Lionheart 48" | Lionheart and Svea | Lionheart | Lionheart 2 | Lionheart Models | Monarch Marblehead | Starlet 36" | Star 1 Meter and 45" | Stuart Knockabout 28 | Finisterre | NY 30 & others | Number boat 22 | OHEKA II 85' yacht | Steam Launch Bat | Pearson Ariel | Ranger vs Velsheda on TV | J-Boat Rainbow | Reliance | | 20' sloop in development | J-Boat Shamrock V Sailing in Montenegro, Croatia and Greece in 2008

    Starlet 36" from 1942 Popular Mechanics, Star Class One Meter and Star Class 1/6th Scale

    NOTE: These frames are of my own design. My Star Class 1/6th scale is 45" loa. It does not conform to the AMYA Star 45 Class.

    Per Larry Ludwig, former AMYA Star Class Secretary, I am posting his suggested statement:

    My 45" loa Star is not an AMYA Star Class 45! It is a 1/6th scale Star of the full scale Star Class design. I not longer call it a STAR 45 because that is the name of the AMYA Star 45 Class boat model.

    The new Starlet 36 laser cut frames are true to the International Star Class lines. The layout simplifies the building process for these excellent pond models. They are ideal for young people to build in groups and father/son or daughter teams. They assure a better final product with 1/8" plywood frames that can be planked very quickly using CA glue and accelerators. Use basswood or 12" by 48" plywood available from hobby shops.

    A deeper keel option is provided to increase the wind range that these models can be sailed in. Starlet 36 frames are only $60 per set. Group discounts are provided for 5 or more sets of frames. Star Class One Meter frames are $75 and Star Class 45 frames are $85 plus S&H of $15 for US and Canada.

    This is an ideal boat for high school manual training classes. It exposes young people, both boys and girls to reading plans, wood and metal working, painting, sewing and team work. They can be built very inexpensively and accurately with laser cut frames. Plumbers' lead ingots or #9 lead shot can be used for ballast. Read the 1942 Popular Mechanics article for the detailed instructions. The YouTube Star Class 45 instructions are also very helpful.

    The original "to scale" keel is included for display models. The t-rail assures alignment and avoids problems of lining up the building board with cross beams and establishes the spacing. The 8 page Popular Mechanics article is available at . Printed it out to plan your work. The article came out while I was at Maury High School, Norfolk, VA in 1942. I built a 6' Star Class model following this plan while at Penn State. Plank the sides and deck with basswood or plywood sheets. The arc bottom is planked with strips.

    My PhotoShow shows the article and the Star One Meter and Star 45 Class information as well as two of the five full scale Star Class boats I have owned. Study the Star 45 YouTube that shows how these models are built.

    Herb Miller of Marathon, Florida made the balsa wood Star Class One while I made the mahogany one. See it at the Star Class One Meter PhotoShow. Click for PhotoShows, YouTubes and photos.

    The 1942 Popular Mechanics Starlet 36" article is followed by an article that shows The Moville Rowing Club of County Donegal in the Irish Republic, about 22 miles from Northern Ireland's border's organized a group effort for 14 adults and 9 youths to build Starlet 36" kits for local boys and girls and adults. See the news about this at the Moville Rowing Club. Contact Paddie Gillespie.

    See the PhotoShow for the Starlet 36" and other Star models being discussed and the new one by Patrick Coletta of Atlanta, GA. Boys' Book of Model Boats has a lot of good ideas even for experienced model makers!

    And, see another way to make models like the Starlet 36" and how a Bluenose type schooner is made.

    Two young Dutch boys are shown in a YouTube that shows how they made them over a span of several years.


    Milton Thrasher
    4258 Hearthstone Drive
    Sarasota, FL 34238
    941 966-9172

    H-28 by Herreshoff and 30.5' Babe by Sparkman and Stephens

    Laser cut frames for a 1" to 1' scale H-28 by L. F. Herreshoff has been ordered.
    Plans were found at

    Laser cut frames for a 1" to 1' scale 30.5' Babe by Sparkman and Stephens has been ordered.
    Plans are from a .pdf at Babe History .

    John Hanks shows how he decked a J-Boat

    A PhotoShow of John Hanks decking Bob Eger's J-Class Shamrock V was posted on this web site. It is based on his DVD where he tells you step by step what and why he is doing things. John Hanks makes this inspirational DVD available for a modest distribution cost. His e-mail address is given at the end of the PhotoShow. It is well worth the time to study his many innovations.

    Robert Diaz is finishing up his 89" J-Boat Shamrock V following the John Hanks method of decking but with the Endeavour deck houses set into the frames. See the PhotoShow of his work NOW.

    Click for John Hanks' Endeavour II Photo Show of his remarkably detailed deck and deck houses. The PhotoShow of his building this 1/16" Scale J-Class hull will be posted here later today.

    Dinghy Type Rowboats for Your J-Boat Like On John Hanks' J-Class Ranger

    The J-Boat Ranger dinghy is 12' long full size. At 1/16th scale, the model dinghy is 9" long with both ends squared off and is of lap strake construction. It appears that all of the American J-Boats used the same type of dinghy while the Brits used a more common type small row boat with a pointed bow of about the same size.

    Midwest Products' Midwest 1/6th scale Big Yacht Skiff Wooden Boat Model Kit will work well with the Brit's J-Boats. It is a replica of the small utility boats used around the world for hundreds of years. It is an Amesbury Style Skiff used as a yacht tender. It is very similar to a row boat.

    The Chesapeake Light Craft Passage Maker Dinghy is very close to that shown on John Hanks' J-Class Ranger. See the CLC PassageMaker YouTube which shows how a group builds them in their workshop at Annapolis, MD from CNC Router cut parts. I can provide these as laser cut parts. Of course it is very easy to cut the frames and other pieces out of balsa with a box cutter. And, the smaller sizes can be carved from solid balsa or basswood.

    International One-Design Class News

    "The Best of Uffa Fox" book includes this write up of what became known as the International One Design class.

    IOD 75th Anniversary photos in a PhotoShow based on photos found in the IOD history as shown in the section on IOD's. I recommend the book at $60 plus shipping.

    I was surprised that it did not include photos of the original Aileen, Cornelius Shields' orginal boat. I owned her from 1971 to 1976.

    This photo was taken in 2006 on Long Island Sound when Tony Huston of the Larchmont Yacht Club owned her. She was the fastest boat in the 2006 IOD North American's rotation of 10 IODs. She is now in the new IOD Fleet at Chester, Nova Scotia and owned by Mike Kelly. She has had an abundance of TLC over her many years since 1936.

    The IOD 36" display model hull alone by Herb Miller is available for $500.

    Rigging Suggestions

    John Hanks, III is the AMYA J-Class Secretary who has provided many important things to help new model builders. He commented on winches:

    I prefer the arm winch for as Milton said there is less to go wrong. If you prefer a drum winch, then an RMG-380EH will do the job, If you want an arm winch then Servo City has a selection that will work. You will need a winch with about 3000+ oz of torque and that will go full out to full in, 180 degrees, in about 2.5 sec., Both winches work very well and personal preference usually is the deciding factor on which type the skipper uses.

    I have used the layout provided by Bill Bischel with a Hitec 720BB drum winch with a servo to adjust the jib for my 73" Vanja A Class models. If you put CD-Rom platters on the drum to keep the line from dropping off if it becomes slack you will save your self a lot of grief because they do fall off! I prefer the arm winches and found the Hitec 815BB to be strong enough for the smaller models in the 48" and 60" sizes.

    Comments by others

    Click on the Nantucket IOD Invitational Races for 2013 .

    Click for Vintage Model History , the Vintage Model Yacht Group and the AMYA .
    Click for Duckwork Magazine. See Mark Steele's article on J-Boats and my laser cut frames.
    Click for unusual French model boat videos .

    Click for Malcolm Farrant's 71 photo album of his IOD 48" build. This is an excellent step by step slide show that applies to building any classic plank-on-frame model.

    J-Boats Svea of Sweden and Lionheart are featured boat models

    The sensational J-Boat Svea was designed in 1937

    Svea will be a replica of the famous Torre Holm J-Boat design. She will carry the sail number J S 1. LOA 41.50 m LWL 26.55 m Beam 6.40 m Draft 4.57 m Sail Area 704 m2 .
    Svea is one of the best looking J Boats ever designed. She is being built for a Swedish and Dutch six owner consortium.
    Torre Holm's 1937 philosophy will be very apparent as the yacht comes to life seven decades later. Hoek Design Research showed that Svea’s hull will be one of the fastest upwind of all the J Boats after she is launched. Svea is sure to be among the top new contenders on boat speed and handicap. She is to be launched in December 2012.

    Pietro Bastiani produced the lines and rendering using DEFLTship. They are included in the Lionheart PhotoShow. I provide laser cut frames for J-Boat Svea in the same 3 sizes as the other J-Boats: 1/16th scale of 102"; 60" and 48" with decks and deck houses.

    Click for the PhotoShow of the full scale Lionheart compared to other J-Boats.

    See the J-Boats Svea and Lionheart PhotoShow and other J-Boats' construction details.

    How to make the 44" Amati J-Boat Endeavour a Successful R/C model

    This Endeavour model sails beautifully with sufficient stability for winds over 10 mph.

    Patrick Foley built it from laser cut frames I provided. He installed the 7# lead ballast provided by Hans Berger. Hans makes them for the 48" Canterbury J-Boats based on the Ranger design. He did a slight modification to ballast to fit the profile by removing a 1/4" from the rear to match the rudder post profile. And, he changed the profile in the forefoot area to make that look ok. The keel was deepened by the depth of the ballast approximately 2 1/2" - 3". He drilled five 1/2" holes in the rear of the ballast so that the boat would sit on her lines. The final weight of the ballast was 6 3/4 pounds +/-. After bolting the ballast to the keel, he fiberglassed over it and the rest of the hull. The ballast is indistinguishable from the rest of the keel.

    Three of the Amati Endeavour style frames have been delivered to Patrick Foley, Pietro Bertrand of Mont Tremblant, and Dave Wickland of And I will be providing the Endeavour I frames based on the lines from "The Book" for r/c sailing 3" deeper for R/C. The ballast can be #9 lead shot or the builder can make a mold from the planked keel area and create the lead ballast which can be more effective.

    Pietro Bastiani provided diagrams for controlling the double headsail rig of the William Fife . That plan can be used for any of the double head sail rigs I show on this web site. I will post them later on.

    AMYA J-Class Models

    A new AMYA J-Class model has been recently launched. Click for Nick Mortaghu's photos of it.

    Click for the 2010 AMYA J-Class RC National Championship races. This video shows many of the very large models being launch. It is perhaps the best available on YouTube to see the variety of models that meet the AMYA J-Class rules.

    Click for the American Model Yacht Association and the AMYA J-Class for more information about the largest of the AMYA Class models.

    The AMYA J-Class models are 1/16 scale. That is 3/4" to 1'. The hulls are from 7' to 8.5' loa weighing from 65 to 97 pounds. Link to

    John Hanks, J-Class Secretary, reports that the AMYA J-Class has grown significantly in recent years. Sixteen J-Class models were entered in the J-Class NCR in October 2010 at Chicago, IL.

    The lead ballast is removable to make it easier to handle these very large models. They are launched with some ballast installed and the remainder added after launching.

    Eight new J-Class models were registered this year alone! Shamrock V is the smallest of the 9 designs.

    The AMYA J-Class is expected to announce that the J-Boats that were modified to conform to the J-Class rule may be raced with the original 10 AC race designs.

    The new Lionheart J-Class design was drafted by Pietro Bastiani of Liguria, Italy for me to creating laser cut frames. His model was designed using a free marine software system called "DELFTship". Click for details at DELFTtship. It can produce 3D solid renderings and tables for evaluating the design in addition to lines drawings! It will be interesting to run several of the real J-Boat designs through that system.

    Smaller size J-Boat laser cut frames for the Endeavour 48" J-Class hull frames are $175. 60" J-Class frames are $250. Above deck parts are $135 in 1/16th in mahogany plywood plus $15 Shipping in the US.

    The 8' size J-Class frames are quoted individually depending on the extra parts required for the individual boats.

    The layout of those parts are shown. Other sizes are quoted upon request.

    Now that 10 of the famous J-Boats can be modeled from official plans, plank-on-frame model building has been taken to another level. Link to AMYA J-Class web pages for more information about this premier model sailboat class.

    Learn the history of the J-Boats at Story of the J-Class Yachts.

    Various sizes of laser cut frames and parts are now available for the J-Boat Endeavour. This beautiful J-Boat was launched in 1934 and lost to Rainbow after 6 races. She was rebuilt and is being refitted in New Zealand as shown in the photo.

    The frames and parts are available in almost any size. The 44" model is large enough for radio control. The keel can be made deeper to improve stability if desired.

    My 44" J-Boat Endeavour Construction PowerPoint slideshow is provided free to those interested in building a J-Boat model from laser cut frames. Contact me for a copy at Click for the Deckhouse instruction diagrams.

    I offer the above deck parts for the J-Class 1/16th scale for 48" and 60" models for $135 in mahogany plywood plus $15 Shipping with the USA and Canada.

    Endeavour UK 4 was launched in 1934. She lost against Rainbow after winning the first two races although she was the faster boat. Her crew struck for higher wages forcing the owner to hire inexperienced crew members. They were not able to handle the heavy sails allowing Rainbow to squeak by after 6 races.

    Greatest LOA, tallest rig (158 ft. from deck). Flush-plated steel hull, steel framing, planking, mast, wood Park Avenue boom, steel centerboard, pine decks. Fortunately she was spared and fully restored later.

    Click for Endeavour’s history and current refit in NZ.Click for J-Boat Scuttlebutt


    Contact SAILSetc for plans, high quality hardware and model boat parts

    Graham & Lorna Bantock 141 high street kelvedon essex england co5 9aa
    tel + 44 (0) 1376 570 583 fax + 44 (0) 1376 571 437

    SAILSetc owners, Graham and Lorna Bantock and I have arranged that I sell laser cut frames and parts for eleven of the models that he has designed. That is provided the buyers show proof of purchase that they have bought a set of the plans. Visit his website at for his plans as well as rigging, sails, hardware and books. Link to his 32 page Word.doc "Yacht Design Notes with details of his designs or request a copy from Milton Thrasher - for convenience.

    For those who show proof of purchase of the plans from SAILSetc, I provide one set of laser cut frames for each. Purchase plans from and contact me with proof of purchase to obtain a quote. Specify the features you want such as deck, stand, planking type and width for offset, 1/8" birch or 3mm Okume plywood for frames.

    Click for SAILSetc models that I sell laser cut frames for.

    Sails and Hardware Supplier Recommendations

    SAILSetc owners, Graham and Lorna Bantock and I arranged that I sell laser cut frames and parts for eleven of his models that Graham has designed. That is provided the buyers have proof of purchase that they have bought a set of the plans. See the list of models at the top of this web site. Meanwhile, visit his website at for his plans as well as rigging, sails, hardware and books. Link to his 32 page Word.doc "Yacht Design Notes with details of his designs.

    Click for the eleven SAILSetc models that I sell laser cut frames for.

    ROD CARR, SAILMAKER 3011 - 177th AVENUE NE REDMOND, WA 98052-5825 RodCarr Sails
    For the 60” J-Boat Lionheart, he recommends sail plans with a triangle area of 1200 sq. in. same as the EC-12 on a 72” Goldspar mast. The rig height is the same as the overall length distributed 61% in the main and 39% in the jib. Include "Model Yacht Sails" in the email subjects to avoid spam filters. Provide phone numbers. Phone: 425 881-2846 Mon-Fri 9 AM - 5 PM PST.

    Ray Osmun - GoldSpar aluminum masts 3506 Fox Rd, Huron, OH 44839, 305 743-5720 Ray Osmun

    Dean Derusha, Miniature Hardware 989 980-9423, Scale Model Co. PO Box 656 Freeland, MI 48623 Dean Derusha
    Miniature Harken fittings in 3 scale sizes will be shown on 3 model sizes: 48", 60" and 106". See file: the challenge

    Larry Ludwig 10’ masts and equipment.
    Airfoil masts, same as Ray Osmun's "GoldSpar" and original Vortex spars. Large diameter 120" in mill finish. 72" Airfoil masts are clear and black anodized and mill finish. The 96" and International One Meter masts are round 72" clear anodized only.

    RMD Marine Bob Dudinsky RMD Marine 727-360-4193 RMDMARINE@TAMPABAY.RR.COM
    EC 12 hulls and hardware. 18 Bellevue Drive, Treasure Island, FL 33706

    Ken Bauser 203 575-9882, 32 Woodstock Street, Waterbury, CT 06704
    Sails for most classes, Carbon tapered masts, Star 45 and Comet 36" vintage one-design, the Star Class little sister based on the Comet Class lines

    Patrick Foley recommends www.MARITIME-MODELS.CO.UK which is a retail outlet for AERONAUT MODELS. and Model Expo in Orlando, FL for ship/boat wheels in different diameters. He found one suited for his 44" model of Endeavour. Binnacles and such are from Cornwall Models UK but may be too small. He endorses the great source for many parts at in the UK and Roger Cousineau who makes very nice brass parts.

    Roger Cousineau Model Boat Fittings High quality brass fittings for sailboats boats over One Meter.

    Cornwall Model Boat Company of the UK has most of what you may need for one of the most complete inventories of things model boat builders need. I got my Amati Endeavour .pdf from them that made it possible to provide "above deck parts" for the many J-Boats I offer and a set of Pen Duick plans. Graham Davis, a customer for Endeavour deck parts suggested them for distributing my laser cut frames.

    Please advise of other hobby shops in your area that may be interested in distribuing laser cut frames. The term is "drop shipment" for orders place through a vendor to be delivered direct to the consumer. Boat model builders are a special breed in this day and age of the "ready to race" models. I was impressed with a hobby shop I contacted in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, the land of tremendous wealth!. They have every imagineable high tech toy at the Dubai Hobby Center .

    IOD Documentation

    I posted the text for an IOD 48" Assembly Manual at It was written for finishing 48" IOD fiberglass hulls that I sold until the mold wore out. You can find a lot of good information there for building IOD models from laser cut frames that I provide.

    See AMYA Classifieds and check other Suppliers listings.

    MIDWEST Model Yachting, LLC P.O. Box 605 Plainfield, IN 46168 provides fittings, parts, SAILSetc plans, and supplies for all classes or model boats. Their web site lists plans for Nimbus MKII, Astra Marblehead, IOM's Kite, Box Kite, Vektor and ZigZag that I provide laser cut frames for provided you have a proof of purchase of the plans.

    Books for Building Model Yachts

    Uffa Fox's "Thoughts of Yachts and Yachting" includes many classic sailing yachts including two of his Square Meter yachts. They have long overhangs and narrow waterlines but are very light with small sail areas. Read about Uffa at Classic Yachting and his Square Meters at

    I recommend "Sailing Craft" by Edwin J. Schoettle, "Your New Boat" by Yachting Editors, the full Uffa Fox Series, and "Proper Yacht" by Arthur Beiser. You can find many lines drawing on-line by searching for them with Google. Your New Boat is a 1947 hard cover book of designs with lines drawings for a wide variety of boat types from dinghies to larger sailing craft. It provides advice for those who may be interested in getting afloat for recreation, and particularly to those who may be making their first venture into boat owning. I have made many models from it including the Comet, Hampton, Star Class, and my favorite, the International One Design.
    You can buy "Your New Boat" online at and Book Finder.

    50 year old classic designs are featured. A 4 J-Boat Regatta Series for the 100 Guinea Cup is the four J-Boat owners' Regatta Series that ends in July 2012 in Cowes for the 100 Guinea Cup. Read about this at the J Class Yachts Blogspot. Check out for videos of past events and schedules for future events.

    Endeavour and the Superyacht Cup Videos

    J-Boat Ranger reproduction sailing
    J-Boat Lionheart sailing
    Lionheart's Maiden Voyage
    Shamrock V sailing alone
    Endeavour versus Shamrock V
    Shamrock V Sailing ! Hanuman - Endeavour Sailing
    J Class Yacht in Big Seas ! J Class Yachts - First clash
    J Class Off Yarmouth, Isle of Wight! Velsheda at Superyacht Cup
    Ranger Superyacht ! Wally 130 at Sardinia

    Click for AMYA Quarterly Newsletter 12-1-2011

    Current Activities Highlighted Here

    Click on the images for larger copies. Some model makers are fitting the Endeavour I deck houses on their existing models. A PhotoShow was made from Robert Diaz's Blog on that shows how he set the cabin into his frames. Bob Egers plans to install it flusc to the deck.

    Patrick Foley installed the first set as shown lower on this web site. I can provide them in any size. He encouraged me to make the Lionheart deck houses from scratch for my 60" J-Class Lionheart demo model.

    48" Swallow gas or electric power boat by Mariusz "Szmyk" of the UK as seen on

    The Swallow is a 48" power boat model made from laser cut frames that I provide in any size. 48" loa frames are $225 plus shipping.

    Check out the PhotoShow of Mariusz's model power boat. I am offering laser cut frames in 3 sizes. It is shown on with many photos that are included in this PhotoShow. I can provide frames for any of the power boats found on . See the latest posting in RC by Mariusz, the designer/builder! Herb Miller has completed his model from frames I sent him. I have made laser cut engine exhaust gratings and frames for Herb as an added part of the frames kit.

    Mark Beatty built this model at 52". He has done a lot of powerboat models and wants to try this one in the surf! Learn more about his project at USCG 52' Motor Life Boat . Click for the PhotoShow of the laser cut frames. See the solid models that can be made from the same CADCAM files as the renderings.

    Dan Roth told of a group in Benton Harbor, Ml that is interested in as many as 10 Americas Cup Reliance frame sets at 108" for underpriviledged children to learn boat building. They want to show them how to make things and large model boats for under $1000 all up with rigging and sails seems a better deal than kayaks! I pointed out how Paddy Gillespie of Eire's Moville Rowing Club has a Starlet 36 building class for 14 adults and 9 youths that I will show photos of in the Starlet 36 PhotoShow.

    Finisterre, The Three Times Newport to Bermuda Race Winner Laser Cut Frames - 57.75" LOA

    Click for Finisterre RC model frames for Carl Brosius of San Francisco. He will build a fin and bulb r/c model at 57.75" r/c model. Finisterre is the Sparkman and Stephens' small yawl rigged phenomenon. She was designed for shallow water cruising but won the bi-annual Newport to Bermuda Race an amazing three times. She was launched in 1954. Four boats have been built to her design!

    That was the year I returned from 3 years of sea duty, with one year in Korea on US Navy destroyers. I resumed model and big boat building. I built a Star Class #3909, a full scale boat from scratch in western red cedar and covered with fiberglass before it hit the water. It was launched in time for the July 1958 Larchmont Yacht Club Race Week. I tracked big boats racing in SORC like Salty Tiber while crewing on large boats on Long Island Sound.

    Finisterre's dimensions are LOA: 38'-6", LWL: 27'-6", Beam: 11'-3", Draft: board up/down: 3'-11"/7'-4", Displ: 18,640 lbs, Sail Area: 713 Sq. ft. The model will be 1.5" to 1' scale with a well to install a titanium fin and bulb keel. That is instead of deepening the keel for stability as was done by Andrew Charters and Patrick Foley's Gloriana as shown below.

    To recall the mid-1950s SORC era, click on Finisterre vs. Hoot Mon. I remember that these decidedly different designs raced nip and tuck.

    Finisterre was designed and built in 1954 for Carleton Mitchell for single-handed sailing and cruising. She exceeded her owner’s expectation and astounded the yachting world by winning the Bermuda race three consecutive times: 1956, 1958 and 1960. Her 1956 victor was the first ever by the smallest boat. Her design turned the trend back to smaller, beamy centerboard boats as evidenced in the 1958 Bermuda race where a 111 boat fleet was jammed with Finisterre-type boat. Unlike many legends in the past Finisterre still races and cruises.

    The laser cut frames will be based on Finisterre's lines from WoodenBoat Magazine with a fin and bulb keel style extension to improve the stability for r/c racing.

    Check Google for the Finisterre story on YouTube for these famous boats and the famous skipper, Carleton Mitchell. He has given up racing and is devoting his time to painting. We note that Charlie Morgan and Dennis Connor have also gone to the avocation of painting or is it their profession? I would have expected them to go into sculpture!

    Charles D. Mower Number Boat 22 58" Frames Now Available

    Herb Miller has built his Number Boat 22 to be powered by a electric motor. He is also building a 42" version for himself and for Milton Thrasher. Mike Brookes of Australia has ordered a 56" size version with the 1/16" laser etched deck that is laid over a 1/16" sub layer. The frames are now available thanks to Emmett Smith, Curator of the Antique Boat Museum in Clayton, NY. He and his father, Everett Smith have built a number of these wonderful boat models for the full scale boat owners at 48". See for some history of these fine boats.

    The 48" frames are $175, 58" are $250, both plus shipping.

    The Number Boat 22 is one of the finest of the Number Boat series at 28'. Everett Smith has three new ones and one being built available in his shop. A few older ones are still available including one that is being restored at Hall's Boat Company on Lake George.

    See the YouTube videos of the Number Boats racing on the St. Lawrence River.

    Click for the Number Boat 22 PhotoShow.

    The Number Boat 22 is 28' long with 8' beam. We are studying the many photos found on-line which are included in the Number 22 PhotoShow.

    Click Number Boats to see these fine boats racing again on the St. Lawrence River.

    Survey These Model Boat Web Sites

    See my laser cut parts for many types and sizes of model boats.

    Review the Vintage Model Yacht Group web site. Learn about lines drawings and plans that I can provide laser cut parts for.

    Join the American Model Yacht Association to receive their excellent quarterly newsletter and the monthly e-mail newsletter from the David Brawner, AMYA President who races J-Class models. See the many available newsletters.

    Go to the J-Class Website has many detailed photos of the 2011 National J-Class Championship.

    Join the Tampa Bay Ship Model Society and receive their excellent monthly E-mailed newsletter for $12 annual dues.

    My other web site at shows other models and frames I offer including models of the Chesapeake Light Craft's Skerry. It is a model of the same design of the full scale Skerry's using the "stitch and glue" approach. The 73" Vanja A Class model is shown in some detail along with the mold I offer at cost. I am hoping that those who like larger r/c models will want to sail these Vintage A Class models as shown in the 1936 Popular Mechanics article by George Baron, designer.

    Click for Sparkman & Stevens review of the resurgence of interest in J-Boats.

    The IOD 48" display model by Herb Miller is available for $800, a 36" for $450

    Herb Miller offers his IOD 36" and IOD 48" display model hulls for $800. Contact him in Marathon, FL 305 304-4970. His models are on display at my home in Sarasota, FL. I will provide photos upon request and upgrade rigging and sails if desired. I offer the IOD Assembly Manual on how these models with rigging. I offer the IOD Assembly Manual with 3 CD-Roms with many photos and two books on .pdf's for $35. It is useful for other model boat types as well.

    I once again offer fiberglass IOD 48" hulls with 3" deeper keels for more stability under r/c. Bare hulls are $350 plus shipping. Ready to sail r/c models are $2750 plus shipping. Laser cut frames often called shadows in any scale are available as shown later on this site.

    The International One-Design Class - 33' 5" classic day sailers with cuddy cabins

    The International One-Design Class was started in 1936 by Cornelius Shields at Larchmont Yacht Club in NY with a fleet of 25 boats. They were based on the design of the beautiful 37.5' 6 meter Saga that Corny had seen in Bermuda designed by Bjarne Aas of Norway. Corny specified the cuddy cabin, no Genoa jib and a similar but smaller boat. He convinced the 25 Sound Interclub Sailors to switch over to the IODs in one fell swoop! So, instantly the IOD Class was launched.

    Many of the America's Cup skippers of the 12 meter era learned their skills in the IODs. They included Bus Mosbacher, Bob Bavier, Jr, Bill Cox, Arthur Knapp and Corny himself. Fleets were developed in Bermuda and then Marblehead, San Francisco, Edinburough, and Oslo. International Championships have been held every year except during WW II.

    Click to order the IOD History book now available.

    Corny's original boat, the Aileen, is still sailing very competitively having been restored by me in 1991 and then again in 1976 by Len Crawford, and finally done professionally by Bruce Dysan of Marblehead. In 2006, the Aileen proved to be the fastest of the IODs in the Championship at Larchmont Yacht Club's boat rotation. Tony Huston, who once owned her, won that Championship. The Aileen is now in Nova Scotia with the new fleet and doing well.

    Upon retiring to Sarasota, FL, I decided to take up building and racing model boats. The plastic Soling 1 meter models were very popular. But, I thought an r/c model of the IOD would be more graceful and interesting. So, I built two hulls and made a mold of the better of the two. That was to provide fiberglass hulls for those who finished them for themselves. I finished five for those who wanted completed models as presents. But, to my knowledge there never has been enough IOD models in one place to establish an active racing club. I shipped a set of frames to Australia recently. Kendall Allcott of New Zealand's IOD Joyce is shown in buildig and sailed on YouTube. My IOD PhotoShow includes many IOD models I have made over a 35 year span. A few of the recently released 75th IOD Anniversary book photos are included. But, I did not see my own IOD that was once Corny Shields' orginal Aileen, the one that started the IOD Class in 1936. It is now racing in a new fleet in Chester, Nova Scotia.

    When my mold wore out, I provided plans and band sawn frames for building these models. A few years later, a friend laid out the frames for making laser cut frames. I continue to offer the laser cut frames in several sizes and formats. The IOD 48" with the 3" deeper keel is the most popular. Smaller sizes with a center profile for making display models are provided. There continue to be a number of people each year that order the laser cut frames to build their own. They are attracted to the elegant design and the shallow draft that does not catch weeds due to the shape of the keel.

    I think the IOD model boats have been a success. To that end, I provided a 48" IOD plug to Don Spielberger of Rochster, NY to make a new mold.

    See the many IOD models and the for IOD_Model_Yachts and elsewhere on my web site as proof.

    Click for the The IOD’s - The Big Little Class article from Motor Boating of January 1964.
    Click for the Cornelius Shields and the IOD founding.

    Wooden Boat Magazine Reviews the Saga of the International One Design Class

    See the article by Matthew Murphy, Editor of Woodenboat by clicking on Saga of the IOD

    Patrick Foley's IOD One Meter - A bright star in the universe of model IOD's

    Patrick Foley of Greensboro, NC, veteran US Navy pilot, who has made many model airplanes, built this beautiful IOD One Meter. And, he has recently completed a 44" Endeavour R/C model. He chose the IOD for his first model boat to be made from laser cut frames. He makes as much of the model parts by himself as practical. His current project is the Nathaniel G. Herreshoff designed Gloriana also shown on this website.

    He wanted the One Meter size so he could race against others in his area near Elon College who race other One Meter Class R/C models. The IOD 48" layout was reduced to provide for a One Meter size model which worked perfectly with no other changes.

    He made his own sails. He strip planked the deck with maple and walnut. Fittings are from Roger Cousineau, Midwest and Worth Marine. The mast is aluminum from the EC 12 Class. He fiberglassed the hull and applied several coats of resin to the interior that waterproofed the balsa wood planking.

    He is the first to finish an IOD cockpit per the construction plans. His very handsome model has dark green topsides, red bottom, white waterline, and natural wood deck. The on/off switch and battery charger port is conveniently located under the companionway hatch cover.

    Click for more IOD models.

    His next model was the R/C 44" J-Boat Endeavour from my laser cut frames shown below. He is now working on plans to build a 48" model of the Herreshoff Gloriana, a breakthrough triple headsail gaff rigged design of 1981.

    New layouts for International One-Design Class 36" and 48" laser cut frames

    The International One-Design Class frames for scale models have deeper keels for r/c sailing/racing.

    Our new supplier for IOD laser cut frames provides a "T-rail" strip for aligning the frames on a building board. It assures perfect alignment and straight hulls.

    The IOD models are exact to scale except for 3" deeper keels for improved stability in winds over 15 mph. The for IOD_Model_Yachts shows many models that have been built from laser cut frames that are planked in basswood or balsawood and covered with fiberglass.
    The frames are very easy to assemble as they are notched to fit the keelson and the control strip. The preferred ballast is #9 lead buckshot that is epoxied inside the planked hull.

    YouTube Video by Kendall Allcott of New Zealand of his IOD 48" from laser cut frames

    This video is by one of the best IOD builders showing how he made his IOD 48" 'Joyce'. Click on Kendall and his friend, John Gilmour, each built them for match racing. Mark Rogers of Australia has ordered at set of IOD 48" frames. Contact:

    Click for the IOD PhotoShow of many things relating to the IOD Class and scale models made from laser cut frames.

    The resurgence of interest in IOD models is perhaps influenced by the recent announcements of the J-Boat Lionheart and the new 8+ feet long AMYA J-Class models and because IODs appear to be much like smaller versions. I provide a new IOD Assembly Manual for those considering the building of plank-on-frame IOD or other models. My original IOD Assembly Manual was written for those starting with a fiberglass hull. See the other IOD sections later in this website. Google Search for "IOD Documentation" will bring up the manual I provided with the fiberglass hulls. It is appropriate for the new hull that Don Spielberger provided. Contact me for more details.

    Gloriana - The 1891 Herreshoff designed very successful triple headsail gaff rigged sloop

    The Gloriana won all 11 of her first year's competition. She was a break-through design with
    her cut away forefoot. This allowed her to carry a lot more sail within the current rule.

    Patrick Foley ordered frames for his 48" Gloriana model with a 10% wider beam
    and deeper keel for added stability. See his two other r/c models on this web site.

    Andrew Charters built his Gloriana 8' 4" loa, 5' 9" lod, LWL 45.5", Beam 14", depth 11.5",
    mast height 73.5" with top mast, 47" without to deck, deck 3.5" above LWL, main boom 52", main gaff 30"

    Comments by Patrick Foley:

    Andrew Charters built his 8' 4" Gloriana by fiberglassing the foamed frames. He made his frames out of 1/4" wood. He uses high density foam that can be obtained from outdoor sign making shops. Frequently they have scrap pieces that can be band sawn to fit nicely between the frames. After shaping the hull, he removes the wooden frames and replaces them with Styrofoam. Then he covers the entire hull with sheet rock mud...then sands it...then paints it with latex paint. He then Fibreglasses it with 3" wide fiberglass and West System epoxy and then sands, sands, sands. To remove the foam, he pours gasoline over it which dissolves it so that he can pour out the remaining go. That makes a lighter weight hull...but one still needs to replace a number of frames to strengthen the assembly. Some frames were lefct out to make more room for sail control equipment and internal ballast.
    Some recommend using #9 lead shot for ballast. It is safer than pouring molten lead!
    Andrew Charters builds mostly schooners. The AMYA magazine published diagrams of his schooner sheeting system. It is my understanding that his system for Gloriana will be in the upcoming quarterly issue.

    Gloriana's system consists of two closed loop systems. One is below deck for mainsail control and one is above deck for the 3 headsails. All 3 headsails are tendable with his system.

    On my 44" LOA model of Endeavour, I employed a much simpler system for control of my staysail and jib. I tend the staysail with a separate servo mixed with the mainsail servo. Thus, both sails operate through the throttle servo of my model airplane computer radio. The clue of the jib is simply connected to the foot of the staysail at midpoint via a loop of line. When the staysail moves, it drags the jib with it and wind causes it to flop over for the proper overlap. It works fairly well.

    Click for videos of the New Zealand Classic Yachts. See what it is like to sail these beauties live!.
    Click for a similar R/C model from Australia that shows how well the double headsail rig performs!

    Felca - The German sloop designed by Max Oertz that won the 1906 Coupe de France

    Felca was a 10 Ton gaff rigged sloop with two headsails similar to Gloriana show above.

    Frames for the Felca model at 48" are $175 and 66” are $250 plus S&H.

    Felca was designed by Max Oertz, a famous Classic Yacht Designer and early aviation expert. He lived from 1871 to 1929 and was the designer of the Kaiser's yachts.

    Born 20th April 1871, Max Oertz was a naval architect, a builder, engineer, and later a pioneer of aviation, with experience in Finland and St. Petersburg before developing his yard near Hamburg.

    Around the time Oertz was working in Hamburg the Kaiser developed a keen interest in yacht racing – and not just as a participant. He wanted to develop a yachting culture in Germany that could rival that of the British and Americans. Max Oertz played a leading part in that development and his name became inseparable with the emergence and rapid development of the German yacht industry at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th Century.

    He designed many class racing yachts and later he was given the prestigious job of designing the Kaiser’s schooner, ‘Meteor IV’, to race against ‘Britannia’. His output was both prodigious and successful.

    Other well-known Oertz designs are ‘Felca’, ‘Lims’ and ‘Samoa’.

    The Evelina M. Goulart Restoration at Essex, MA

    The Essex Shipbuilding Museum in Essex, MA has the 84 year old Evelina M. Goulart schooner under cover as they plan further restorations. She is an excellent example of the nearly 4000 fishing schooners that plied their trade off the Massachusetts coast. There was a proposal to do a cut away exhibit to show how these schooners were built.

    It is proposed that laser cut frames be provided to a modeler to build an open half model diorama to show what she would look like to would-be donors. I will provide the frames if someone comes forward. She is used as a teaching example of how the genre' were built. This 31 1/4" Evelina M. Goulart model is for sale for $395 plus S&H with an appropriate commemorative engraved name plate. Consider donating it to the Essex Museum's collection.

    Click for a few words about this historic vessel.

    Oheka II frames for models of this famous 1927 German Built 85' yacht

    There are two different Oheka II hulls found on Internet. I provide laser cut frames for the white bottom hull and deck houses. It has different windows in the main cabin than the other model which was made by Christian Rex. Oheka II 48" and 60" models are made from laser cut frames and parts from the original plans of an 85' German 1927 yacht. She was the prototype for German Schnellboots, the fast torpedo boats of WW II. Oheka II's name is derived from the owner's name: Otto Herman Kahn.

    The Oheka II has the same lines as the German Schnellboots of WW II. The frames can also used to build Schnellboot models by reducing the freeboard a little. This hull design was driven safely in rough seas at 34 knots. Its unique rounded hull prevented squatting at high speed. These frames are designed to be placed upside down on a building board or assembled with the rigid brace that holds the frames in alignment for in-hand strip planking. They have been reduced to allow for 3mm planking which is a little less than 1/8".

    Click each photo for a larger size view.

    New Lines Drawing for Oheka II set of laser cut frames and deck houses

    Click for 2nd Rendering of 60" New Oheka II design by Pietro Bastiani

    You can download the new lines drawings and other images by clicking on the "View and Download" link on the PhotoShow introduction page.

    Herb Miller of Marathon, FL confirms that the 60" Oheka II frames he received are those that match the model on the left. Herb has built several sizes of the Randall Flyer hydroplane and IOD 48" models shown later on this web site.

    Herb Miller's 60" Oheka II model is coming along nicely. He planked it with balsa and knocked off the ridges and coated it with two coats of epoxy. Then he touched it up with 3M Bondo-type finishing glaze that works very well. He put 3 coats of West System epoxy over the top of that.

    The white hulled model shown above is the style of deck houses that Herb will put on his model.

    Click the photos for a larger views.

    Click for the Wikipedia history of the Oheka II and see the Oheka II models built from Lurrsen Classic boat model. This is a good challenge for the power boat enthusiasts. I provide laser cut frames comparable to those in this model kit in any size you wish. Shown are the 48" sent to Bill Bibeault of Athens, GA area and 60" sent to Herb Miller of Marathon, FL.

    Click for laser cut frame details and frames shown on the for Classicwoodmodelboats. Click for a PhotoShow of the Oheka II and other models found on Internet.

    I am doing a layout for a laser etched strip planked deck, cabins and deck features for the Oheka II in both sizes. See the Robbe Atlantis YouTube video of one being decked by Mick Brown. Please let me know of the amount of detail you would like to see.

    Laser cut frames for 48" - $175 or 60" - $215 plus S&H. Laser cut deck houses and features - $100 plus S&H.

    Call for a quote on other sizes. 941 966-9179 in Sarasota, FL

    The Atlantic, three masted schooner was recreated as an exact replica in 2010

    The Atlantic, designed by William Gardner won the 1905 Kaiser Cup Transatlantic race with a record time that stood for over 100 years. She did over 660 miles in one 24 hour period under bare poles in a hurricane with Charles Bar skippering.

    Many models have been built of this famous schooner which can be found on-line with Google.

    Laser cut frames are now available using the lines as shown below that were redrawn by Pietro Bastiani of Liguria, Italy using DELFTship marine design software.

    Click for the Atlantic re-build history.

    Click for the Atlantic Photo Show.

    Length over all 186', waterline length 134', beam 29'

    Pearson Ariel and Commander One Meter Laser Cut Frames

    The Pearson Ariel is often described as a smaller Triton. That is a fair evaluation as we found when we bought Ariel 41 in 1963. We sailed her on Barnegat Bay with two young children before relocating to Rye, NY on Long Island Sound in 1967. We took many vacation cruises on her.

    The Ariel has the same hull as the Commander which has a smaller cabin, larger cockpit. The Ariel-Commander YRA on San Francisco Bay is going strong. See their web site at Ariel-Commander YRA . I did a newsletter for the Ariels and Commanders from 1967 - 1971 until going to the IOD Class.

    Everett Pearson said how pleased he was to see the many Ariels still sailing on Narraganset Bay.

    L'Hirondelle French Oyster Smack Laser Cut Frames

    L'Hirondelle laser cut frames have been provided to Antoine Froment of France for his 38.19" model. She is a historic 5 ton oyster smack from the west coast of France. It is loaded with 5 tons of sand ballast to sail to the oyster beds. As the oysters are loaded, the sand is off loaded. The original boat is preserved in a famous boat museum near Port-hru, France.

    We thank Antoine Froment for providing this this web address for good boat plans.

    Laser cut parts for model boats or any objects you plan to build!


    Crandall Flyer - A classic high speed powerboat model kit

    I provide laser cut frames for any design whose plans are available in almost any size you want. Frames up to 48" loa for $175 plus S&H.

    John-Tom of Thailand. See Flyer plans.

    Click on the Flyer close up photo for YouTube video.

    Opalek Footy by Pawel Dejnak of Poland

    The 12" Footy Class has become very popular with many young people becoming involved. It has been really good for our sport.

    Pawel Dejnak has a complete kit that includes everything you need except the electronics and adhesives. He sent me a kit with two sets of frames and both the wood and plastic planking.

    See the Opalek photo show. Notice the workshops for the very happy youngsters.

    You can view and download the photos by click on the line at the right with that name.

    You can find a lot about the Opalek on-line with Google.

    Books with plans suitable for making model boats

    Your New Boat is a 1947 hard cover book of designs with lines drawings for a wide variety of boat types from dinghies to larger sailing craft. It provides advice for those who may be interested in getting afloat for recreation, and particularly to those who may be making their first venture into boat owning. I have made many models from it including the Comet, Hampton, Star Class, and International One Design.
    You can buy "Your New Boat" online at and Book Finder.

    Malcolm Farrant's International One-Design 48

    Farrant' Gallery.
    Malcolm Farrant of the UK built his IOD 48" from plans with maple planking. It has a beautiful deck with notched king planks and pegged strip planking. It is a sight to behold. Click for his photos.

    Kendall Allcott of New Zealand's IOD 48" Joyce

    Many groups race One Meter models because of their convenient size, all things considered. Therefore, I offer at the $175 plus shipping, the same frame set for One Meter loa as the IOD 48" but at the reduced size.

    Kendall Allcott of NZ's IOD 48" 'Joyce' is shown in his video posted at

    Ken has done an excellent job in every detail. His photos are also on the for IOD_Model_Yachts. Great work, Kendall!
    IOD laser cut frames are available in many sizes from 18" to 48" and larger.

    See videos of my models on YouTube.

    Contact me at:

    Milton Thrasher
    4258 Hearthstone Drive
    Sarasota, FL 34238
    941 966-9179

    Click for the Vanja 73" A Class article by George Baron. And, click for the VANJA slide show . Click for IOD 48" Class models on this page by Milton Thrasher
    The Vanja appeared in the March 1936 Popular Mechanics. The IOD 48" Class was created in 1995 at Sarasota, FL.
    I made 4 fiberglass Vanja models. I have delivered 35 fiberglass IOD hulls and many laser cut frames.

    Sailing Craft by Edwin Schoettle

    This is an excellent book for model builders. It has the lines drawings in sufficient detail for building accurate models of some very famous boats.

    I have build models of the Larchmont O Boats, South Bay Shore Birds, Star Class and several others over the years.

    I discovered this book while at Maury High School in Norfolk, VA in 1943. I have kept copies of this book on hand ever since. There are copies of this book available on-line from for less than the list price.

    Click for my Barnegat Bay Sneak Box models based on information from this book.

    Yachting Videos and Websites

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    The Luciole II classic racing yacht model laser cut frames are now available

    Francis de Becker of Haillot, Belgium provided the lines drawing making it possible for me to provide laser cut frames for him to make a model at 1" to 1' scale for a 63.5" R/C model. No adjustment was made to the lines to improve its stability. A 1/8" offset for the 3mm planking was made to the frames which have a 1/2" high camber in the decking. The Fulmar is another model of interest to the Belgium model builders. It seems that some of the recent increase in activity on my web site may be attributed to Francis de Becker and Jean-Claude Sermeus telling others in Europe about my ability to deliver laser cut frames for any boat that plans are available for.

    Table of Model Boat Laser Cut Frames

    Model Boat Laser Cut Frames Listing 1-23-2012
    Check Back Frequently for New Boats

    I provide frames in any reasonable size!

    Boat Model NameTypeSource Current Sizes DesignerComments
    Lionheart J-Boat Bastiani104, 60, 48Hoek Design Deck, deckhouses requested.
    Svea J-BoatBastiani104, 60, 48 Hoek Design Deck, deckhouses requested.
    Ranger J-BoatThe Book104, 60, 48Burgess/Stephens Deck, deckhouses requested.
    Endeavour I J-Boat The Book104, 60, 48Charles Nicholson The Book lines will replace current layouts
    Columbia Americas Cup Boat The Book104, 60N. G. Herreshoff Frames cut from lines in The Book for Dean Derusha to race against his other AC Cup Boat models.
    Reliance Americas Cup Boat The Book104, 60, 48N. G. Herreshoff Frames cut from lines in The Book for Dean Derusha to race against his Shamrock III.
    Shamrock III Americas Cup Boat The Book104, 60, 48 William Fife III, Jr. Frames cut from lines in The Book for Dean Derusha to race against his Reliance.
    Endeavour II J-Boat The Book104, 60, 48Charles NicholsonI will use the Book's lines
    Oheka II High Speed Yacht Found on-line60, 48 Lurssen Shipyard Deck, deckhouses plans by Paco Labrador are ready for laser cutting.
    Number Boat 22 Power boatEmmett Smith60, 48, 28 Charles W. MowerMiller is building a 58" electric #22
    Pearson Ariel 25' 7" One-Design Class Pearson Yachts60, 48 and One MtrCarl Alberg Deck, deckhouse parts requested.
    Bluenose SchoonerFishing Schooner Found on-line 60, 48 and One Mtr William Roué, built by
    Smith and Rhuland, Nova Scotia
    See the YouTube video of
    Bluenose vs. Gertrude M. Thebauld
    Chamois 45 One-Design Class See web page45See web pages Awaiting model builders' photo
    Dragon One-Design ClassFrom magazine48, 36 See Int'l Dragon Class web pages Awaiting pending orders for deepened keel by 3" and 2.5" respectively
    Etchells 22" One-Design Class Int'l Class Hdqtrs48Skip Etchells Awaiting deck, deckhouse plans
    Felca 66" Vintage Classic Sloop Found on-line104, 60, 48Herman Goetz Awaiting photos from builder for this web page
    Finisterre 57" Center board Yawl Sparkman & Stephens104, 57 S & S Awaiting model builder's photos
    Luciole IIVintage Classic SloopProvided by Francis de Becker104, 63.5 48M. Abel Lemarehand Shipped to Haillot, Belgian buyer 1-23-2012
    Crandall Flyer Hydroplane Found On-Line60, 48Bruce Crandall Awaiting model builders' photos
    Gloriana 48" Vintage Classic Sloop N. G. Herreshoff60, 48N G Herreshoff Awaiting Patrick Foley's prototype video
    Gloriana 9' Vintage Classic Sloop N G Herreshoff104, 60, 48N G Herreshoff Andrew Charters' sail control diagrams in AMYA Qrtly Newsletters
    Evelina M. Goulart Fishing Schooner Essex Ship Museum31.25See web page Seeking deckhouse and sail plans
    Heritage 12 Meter AC The Book 60, 48Charles Morgan Deck, deckhouses requested.
    Hirondele 36" Oyster Smack French Museum60, 48See web page Awaiting builders' photos for this web page
    Number Boat 22 at 58" Power Boat Charles W Mower 58, 48Found on-line Awaiting model builders' photos
    Oheka II" High Speed Yacht Found on-line104, 60, 48Lurssen Shipyard Awaiting deck, deckhouse plans
    Opalek Footy Footy Class Pawel Dejnak12 Pawel Dejnak Awaiting ordering information
    Rainbow J-ClassJ-Boat The “Book”104, 60, 48Burgess/Stephens Use Book's lines
    South Bay Shore Bird One-Design Class Edwin J. Schoettle Book60, 48Charles W. Mower Design Awaiting deck, deckhouse plans
    Svea J-ClassJ-Boat Bastiani104, 60, 48Hoek Design Awaiting deck and deckhouse plans
    "#Star"Int'l Star">StarOne-Design ClassStar Class YRA Web Site48, One Meter, 36 Francis Sweisguth Starlet 36" made for Irish Youth Programs
    Vagabond Vagabond 83"www.PondYachts.Net83, 60, 48Unknown See Jerry Hendrickson's PhotoShows of his build
    VanjaA Class1936 Popular Mechanics73, 60, 48George Baron Looking for my 1948 model
    International One-Design
    ( IOD )
    One-Design ClassOne-Design Class Web Site60, 48, One Mtr, 36, 24 Bjarne Aas of Oslo, Norway One unfinished 48" fiberglass decked hull is available
    Siesta Key Sailing Club Skipper Contact Roster - March 29, 2014 Members============Phone=========Boat/Duty===Boat Class======Email Anderson, Frank ==1-301-452-3158 =Coda = Sovereign 20== Baehr, Paul ======941-323-7551===Adagio=Precision 18 = Buros, Pete ======941-266-8709 == CREW ============= DiMillo, Alberto====941-323-2897===Friendship=Freedom Hall, Bill==========941-966-3060="...Messing About..."=Spindrift Hawrilenko, Alice == 941-375-8659 ==Lapwing=Stuart Mariner 19 = Horbach, George == 1-201-388-6887=Journey =Catalina 22 ====== Jennings, Burr ==== 941-587-5765 == Liberty = Freedom 21= Jennings, Ted ==== 941-927-7773 == Liberty = Freedom 21= Jewett, Susan Kilbourne, Charlie = 941-346-2241===Nina=== Compac 16 = Miller, Bob =====1-716-523-0570===Friendship= Freedom 21=bob2121mpc@aol. Thrasher, Milton ===941-966-9172===Liberty crew======== cell 941 735-6860 Titchener, John === 941-894-7912===Lundi ==Seaward VonAllmen, Frank ==941-346-8057==Ace High=Venture 25= Wallin, Dick ====== 941-323-2562==Sally=McGregor Wanless, Leaf ==== Wockenfuss, Hans = 941-925-7643 ==Neptunita=Freedom 21= Click for return to top of page. 0