The Wedding Part 1-4

The wedding

As Lita was brushing her hair there was a knock on the door.

Lita: Who is it?

Mina: Its me Mina.

Lita: I'm coming

Lita put her her brush down and ran down the stairs to answer the door.

Mina: Your not ready yet?

Lita: Ready for what?

Mina: You forgot?

Lita: Forgot what?

Lita had not clue what Mina was talking about.

Mina: Serena and and Darien's BIG DAY!

Lita: Oh my God!!!

She runs up stairs and starts to get ready.

At the chapel

Everyone was so happy to see Darien and Serena finally getting married. Then the music starts to play and Serena starts to walk down the aisle. She had the most happiest look on her face. She gets to Darien who had already been waiting for his soon to be bride. It looked like it had been in her dreams.

Serena: We are finally getting married Darien.

Darien: I know i am so happy.

A tear came from Luna's eye because she knew that the little 14 year old girl she remembered was all grown up.

Prest: Darien, do you take Serena to be your wife?

Darien: I do with all my heart.

Prest: Serena, do you take Darien to be you husband?

Before she could answer some one screamed " Stop the Wedding" Everyone turned around.

The Wedding Part 2

It was Andrew. Everyone was in shock.

Andrew: Serena please tell me you will be MY wife!!

Serena: I can't I love Darien with all my heart and soul. Why are you doing this? Please tell me this is a joke.

Andrew: I love you

He ran and grabbed her.

Andrew: I'v got her now and you can't have her back

Serena: Noooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! Darien!!!!!!!

Darien runs after the two but Andrew was too fast.
In Diamond places

Diamond: That was the best plan ever Darien well never know he will think it's Andrew.

Serena: My Darien well come for me

Diamond: How when he does not even know it was me?

Serena starts to cry. Serena thinks to her 'He will never find me because he doesn't know Diamond did it. What will happen to me? Will have to marry Diamond? What will I do? She looks at the chains on her hands and feet. Diamond forced a pill and she passed out.

In Chapel

Darien: What am I going to do? I have to find Andrew now.

Darien starts to cry.

Lita: Well help you find him.

The Wedding part 3

Next Day at Diamond's place

Serena wakes up am finds her self naked. She starts to cry again. Serena think 'Did he have sex with me? No I want Darien to be my first!!!! This has to be a nightmare please tell me this is a nightmare!!!!!!! I want to wake up from it!!!!!!! '

Diamond: Good Morning my Princess.

Serena: You did not rape me did you?

Diamond: No I wanted to wait till we were married because it would not be right any other way.

Serena think 'Thank god. That still gives me a changes to let Darien be my first.'

Diamond: We will be getting married Tomorrow my love.

Serena: I don't want to marry you!!!!!!!!!

Serena starts to cry again. Diamond wipes the tears from her eyes.

Diamond: Don't cry it will be great. It will be just like you want it.

Serena: I don't care I want my Darien!

Diamond: You can't have him!

He leaves the room. Listening on was Emerald who has always wanted Diamond. She was planning on finding away to get him and she thought she found away to get him.

At Darien's Place

Darien: I have to find a way to get her back. I need her so bad. What am I going to do?

Mina: We get her back don't you worry about it.

Ami: First we have to find where Andrew is with Serena. Then we have to have a plan to get her out of where ever she is at.

Lita: Ami is right first thing is where in the world is she. I don't think we are going to get anywhere if we don't know where she is.

All Darien could think about is where Serena was at and if she was ok and if Andrew was hurting her.

8:00 that night

Darien was sitting in the spot where him and Serena had there first kiss. Then some one touch he shoulder. He turned around.

Darien: Who are you?

Emerald: I'm Emerald. I have some Information to tell you about where Serena is.

He looked at he closely.

Darien: I know you. Your the one who is working for Diamond.

Emerald: I am but The only reason I am telling you where she is as is so I can have Diamond all for myself.

Darien: Diamond has her?
Emerald: Yes he pretended to be Andrew so You would not know it was him who was taking her. As long as you don't tell him where you got the information from i'll bring you and the scouts to where he is. Do we have a deal.
arien: How do I know this is not a trick?

Emerald: you don't that's the rick your going to have to take to get her back. I have a plan to get her back to you and me have Diamond.

The Wedding Last part

The next day

Everyone was standing around waiting for Emerald to come. finally she gets there.

Emerald: Ok lets go we only have a 5 of hours to get her back.

Ray: Why is that?

Emerald: They are going to get married in 5 hours thats why. Any more questions?

None one said anything. Darien thinks 'MARRIED THIS CAN'T BE TRUE!!!'

Emerald: Here we go.

They all get there and now they only have 4hours and 30 mins left. Emerald Tell them hot to get to where Serena was at and she leaves them so she won't get caught.

Ray: How do we know we can trust her?

Darien: I asked her the same thing.

Ami: What did she say?

Darien: You don't. Thats the rick your going to have to take. Then she said the plan.

Ray: Well Lets get to it.

So they went and finally go to where Serena was at. The room was so pretty. Candles every. The light were dim. It was so nice. Then they tranformed.

"Mercury Star Power"

"Mars Star Power"

"Venus Star Power"

"Jupiter Star Power"

Jupiter: I call on the power of Jupiter help me bust into that building. 'Jupiter Thunder Chash'

They busted the door down. They found Diamond setting there wile Serena was tided up. But she had stuff on then.


Diamomd: How did you get here??

Darien: MMMMMMMMM ..... I can't tell you that.

Venus: Venus Love Chain and Circles

Mercury: Merucry Ice Bubbles

They hit Diamomd good. Wail they were doing that Darien was getting Serena out of the chains. But there was on lock on her her could on he off her. It was on her know her.....MMMMMMMMM..... You know I can't say it her MMMMMMMM. You know area. Anyways Diamomd starts to laugh.

Diamond: If I can't have it you can't. The only way you can have is if one of you kill me which that won't happen. I am much stronger then all of you.

Serena: Thats it Diamomd your done. I know that you where a good person before something happen in you life so I am going to help you with that.

' Moon Healing Activtion '

Diamond started to glow. Then he fell to the floor.

Diamond: Whats going on here???

The Lock on her you know..........Area was gone.

Diamond: Emerald!!!!!

Emerald: Diamond!!!!!

They hugged.

Emerald: I knew you guys could do it now I am going to send you back to about the part right before Diamomd came in. ok?


Prest: Serena do you take Darien to be you husban.

Serena: I do

Prest: You may kiss the bride.

They kissed of a long time... then they stoped only for a minunit though.

Serena: I love you.

Darien: I love you too.
The End