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The Kilar Family

Thomasz Wladyslaw Kilar was born December 8, 1884 in Obertyn Glaicia, Austria. He married Bernice Blasykowski June 23, 1908 in Obertyn, Kolomeja Galicia, Austria (Poland/Ukraine). Thomasz and Bernice immigrated to the United States in 1909 aboard the Kaiserin Auguste Vicoria with a whole $9.00. They entered the United States of America at Hamburg- Ellis Island, NY. Eventually, they ended up in Detroit, Michigan.

They had 10 children.

Eventually, Thomas and Bernice moved to Chicago, Illinois. I will concentrate on the son, Marion, who happens to be my father.

Marion and Audrey Kilar

Marion married Audrey Martin Smith November 25, 1945, in Dillon SC and settled down in Chicago. They had five children, Marion Jr, Glenn, Karen, Sharon, and Dawn (me).

back row: Sharon, Glenn, Marion, Robert
middle row: Audrey, Karen, Ashley
front row: Marion, Jill

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Marion Frank Kilar, Jr.
Glenn Stephen Kilar
Karen Ann Kilar
Sharon Ann Kilar
Dawn Elizabeth Kilar


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