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Horse Kids Club

First of all WELCOME TO MY PAGE!!!!!!! I am totally Against All Horse Slaughter. I need you to send in links to exchange!!! I would like to tell you all about my horses. I have 5 horses: Tonka, Pretty, Crystal. Rocket, and Patches. I'll start with the oldest and end with the youngest. Tonka is a 27 year old Appaloosa gelding who has been abused by previous owners. He was at "RIDING STABLE" that I think was just ignorant about horses. Tonka used to try to kill anyone that rode him, because he was sick of life. The place he lived at sent horses out on trail rides , and as soon as they came back they would send them out again with out cooling the horse out or letting them have a drink of water. When they refused to go out the whip came out. One day Tonka got heat stroke. My mom put luke warm water on a bunch of towels and layed them over Tonka. From that day on he was a great horse for my family, so we bought him. we moved to a different barn, and one day it was really storming. A bolt of lightning hit and Tonka went down. We all thought Tonka had died. Then he got up!!! It turned out he just lays down every time lightning strikes :-) We now have him on our property and we started learning english together. We currently jump 21" and will be moving up to 2 feet soon. we are also D-2's IN PONY CLUB. I would like to add that Tonka is in amazing condition for a 27 year old horse, and you must be completely positive that your horse is in great condition before you start your older horse in any kind of activity. I would reccomend asking your vet if your horse is in the right condition for any kind of horse sport. Patches is a 16 year old Spotted saddle horse mare. We don't know much about her except we suspect that she was abused before we got her , or the people before us got her. She's from Tennesee originally. Th epeople before us told us to call them 3 hours ahead of time before we came to see her,and we figured out that it was because she took so long to catch. she is just letting me handle her without trying to run away, after 5 years of owning her. We did some Drill Team work, but mostly we go to gaited horse shows together. We have brought home alot of Blues!!!!! Pretty is an 8 year old Thoroughbred mare. We got her from the same place as Tonka . They gave her to me as an 8 month old for my 5th Birthday After my first horse died of colic. They expected her to either go permenately lame or to die. She is my most beautiful horse, and is in top condition. I am now training her to be an event horse. The hardest thing for me to do with her is get her in the trailer. She hasn't gone in the trailer for at least 3 years now. I went to a few clinics to see how they get other horses that have fear of trailers into one and we have been making wonderful progress. Rocket is a 4 year old paint gelding with mostly quarter horse blood. We got him when he was 11 months old from a horse dealer nearby. He has quite a story. we bought him as a stallion , and one day, when we were building our house, my mom was holding him while the workers went out the gate. He decided he didn't want to stay still any longer , so he reared up and fractured her eye socket . So he is now a gelding. I am currently training him for western pleasure. He is doing well. Crystal is a 3 year old Arabian mare. She is the one pictured above. We are currently training for walk-trot eventing. She is doing awesome. I trained her how to go into the trailer and back out calmly. We are also doing halter. She is the sweestest horse in the world!!!! She will sit there and lick your hand for 15 minutes at a time. We went on our first trail ride and she even went through water!!!! We have only had her since August 1999 so I don't have much more to tell about her. Sign My Guestbook Get your own FREE Guestbook from htmlGEAR View My Guestbook


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