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Greyhounds as Pets

Charley and Jeno invite you to check out retirement with them!


Greyhound Pets of America National Website
Greyhound Pets of America, Tampa Bay
An online photo journal of what greys are REALLY like!!!
Pilot's story....AND FOSTERING OPTIONS!!!!
MJ and More Foster Greyhound Stories...

I would like to introduce you to two of my retired racers: Charley (curling up above) and Jeno (laughing) Both have been members of our family for four years now. They have differing personalities: Charley is the "social butterfly" and NEVER meets a stranger, while Jeno prefers his closest family members to cuddle with. Although different to some degree, they are very much the same in basic greyhound behavior. For example, there is a saying that retired racing greyhounds are "45-mph Couch Potatoes." This statement could not be more true! Greys are INDOOR pets and are more often than not seen napping, watching TV, napping, playing with stuffed animals, napping, eating, napping, well, you get the picture!

My first exposure to GREYHOUNDS was at DERBY LANE in Saint Petersburg, Florida. I was held captive by the strength and elegance, not to mention SPEED, this breed possesses. Yet, there is a gentleness and trusting nature evident upon gazing into even the most adept racers' eyes....The wagging tail and the happy demeanor only added to the enigma of these untouchable celebrities. After only a couple of visits to DERBY LANE, I was determined to own one of these exceptional souls!!! In retrospect, I should say I was determined for one of these beautiful souls to OWN ME!!!! As luck would have it, one afternoon I stumbled upon the adoption booth DERBY LANE provides to GREYHOUND PETS OF AMERICA, LARGO. Once I had the opportunity to interact with retired racers at this facility, I was completely smitten. I began to research the breed in earnest and found out that........

Even prior to modern-day racing, GREYHOUNDS held a special place in history. The grace and beauty these "gentle giants" possess have been recorded for centuries! To find out more about this, please click on the running pup. Here you will find basic information on greyhounds, their history, and their adaptibility from the track to the sofa. HOWEVER, if you need more detailed information on greyhounds, please contact your local adoption agency.


I've had to update this page TWICE now in order to show off our new greybabies, PILOT and "MJ". You will read of their stories on the following pages and links, but PROUD MOM had to "show them off" just a bit! To fully understand Pilot's story, please click on his link above! "MJ's" story is special also, as he walked into our home as a special needs grey. It took him all ofTWO seconds to walk into our hearts as well...and I'm sure you can guess the rest of the story!

Is this cute, or WHAT???
Photo taken by my daughter, Stefanie

UPDATE: As of January, 2005, our family made a big move to the beautiful state of Tennessee. The boys are taking some time to adjust to their new surroundings and I will be contacting GPA/Nashville to continue helping the greys up here! Also, I would like to take a moment to say that a part of my heart will always be with GPA/Tampa Bay and the many volunteers AND greys that touched my life there. I will never forget any of you. (KEEP IN TOUCH YA'LL!!!)

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