The Murdering of Mr. Valdes

The Story

Frank Valdes was beaten for being human: for loosing it after helplessly listening to a week long series of savage attacks being committed on other inmates.The man closest to him had been targeted for punishment.. Seems several inmates at Hamilton "C"I. had caused a rucus and had been moved to FSP for punishment. The guards had reportedly been literally hanging up the inmates, putting cloth around their heads, and beating them viciously day after day most of the week. Good old boys just having a little fun.

The screams were disturbing to other inmates, and Frank grew desperate as the days went by, until One day he couldn't take it any longer. He began to scream at the guards to quit, that he was going to tell the outside world about them.

That got their attention alright, and on July 16th, C/O Montres Lucas reportedly beat Frank Valdes severely enough to leave him lying on the floor with a broken jaw. The next day, on July 17th, nine guards, according to most reports, entered Mr. Valdes' cell early in the morning, woke him, handcuffed him and slowly and methodically beat him to death.

  The coronor's report says all Frank's ribs were crushed, boot prints were imbedded in his chest, and his testicles were swollen to the size of a man's head! I got reports from others that when the guards first saw his body it was black from bruising.  How did this happen?  The guards were asked.  "He threw himself off the top bunk over and over, until he did this to himself!"

That's the DOC's Story and they're stickin' to it!

The Valdes Archives


Alachua County Grand Jury Indicts Four Florida State Prison Correctional Officers on Charges of 2nd Degree Murder.

February 3, 2000

State Attorney Rod Smith, 8th Judicial Circuit, Gainesville, and Commissioner James T. Moore of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) announced today that an Alachua County Grand Jury has returned indictments charging four Florida State Prison Correctional Officers for the alleged beating death of death row inmate Frank Valdes.  Valdes died on July 17, 1999.

The Grand Jury returned indictments on the following four suspects, charging each with 2nd Degree Murder.

The Grand Jury also returned an indictment on Montrez Lucas, for breaking Frank's jaw on July 16th, the day before the beating that killed him.