Kay, I am familiar with some of these assertions and have had more dealings with the Florida State Prison than any other - my partner having been housed there for 31 years. This is interesting reading and certainly the likelihood of 'some' of this has some merit but my question is this - of all the things these people (FLDOC) do to our loved ones - at that and all other State facilities - what do we hope to gain by reacting to this as a prisoner action group?  We have a hodgepodge of accusations -there is no way to verify most of what is said here and even if there were - if the powers that be do have the situation well in hand in terms of resolving and silencing the matters - WHO is going to listen and furthermore care about it? I agree that you with your own organization (MTWT) may be interested is the truth but what if it is not the truth? Is it fair to post this without substantiating the facts? Is that not tantamount to witch hunting?  I guess what I am saying is - in this group - is it something we really have the time to focus on given that scope of problems we and our loved one face at their hand?  Please do not take my inquiry to be opposition because certainly that isn't the case,  I just believe in fighting the battles with merit,  that can be won. Tlc

First of all, I hereby state that I am not an advocate; I am a child of God, a concerned grandmother, and a citizen, in that order.  And because of all those things, I consider myself a Lolit in truest sense that Dr. Richard Korn gave to the acronym.

The disclaimer on my website from the beginning of my efforts to make the walls transparent acknowledges that I have no way of knowing the truth:  I am not an investigator... I am not a cop,  the FBI,  the judge, nor the jury.  I do not have the power, money and means to prove  what's truth. It is not even my job to 'prove the truth' in an environment cloaked in secrecy, lies and cover-ups, where knowledge and truth are expressly forbidden to people like you and I.

I have always been simply the old lady who listens at the gate, an amplifier,  the voice of a citizen who wants these things investigated by those who DO  have the money, the power, the authority and the means to investigate and prove or disprove "Truth".  I am not afforded those tools because it is not my job.

If I never reported anything but what I KNOW is Veri Tas (The Truth), my website would be empty, for I am not THERE when the truth happens, and my readers would know no more about the system than they did before I began.  But I refuse to wait for someone who has the ability, tools, power AND desire to stumble upon the things I've already stumbled across.

Fair?  Is it fair to ask for an investigation of this behavior?  Yes, I believe it is not only fair, but urgent and timely and important to release this.  This employee was sure enough of his 'facts' to try to alert the media to it back in October 2002.  Just weeks ago, a group of guards, (some of whom have filed a lawsuit for sexual harassment against the DOC) came to me with 'facts' about the corruption and abuse of funds and power represented by this sports thing and I sat on it.

Now another employee - totally unrelated to the first group - contacts me about the same situation, with more 'facts' that are different but that all tie in.  I believe these claims warrent an investigation and since I do not personally know anyone who will take this seriously enough to investigate, if I tell the world and if we are lucky, someone who counts will hear it.

The battle for me is to do all I can to clean up the DOC, to demand professionalism from those in uniforms of authority, thereby making life more livable for those inside and safer for those outside.

Using taxpayer's money in this manner, hiring unqualified ballplayers to watch over our prisoners with nothing on their mind but the next inning, may seem unrelated to the quality of your prisoner's life, but I believe it all has a direct bearing on whether the DOC believes it has to obey the rules the rest of us live by or not.

As far as tackling only "actions that can be won", Churchhill said it best: "If you will not fight for what is right when you can easily win without bloodshed;  If you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly, you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival.  But there may be a worse fate:  You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory because it is better to perish than to live as slaves."  Well, I don't know if victory is possible or not, but by God, I'm going to fight anyway!  Besides, God didn't tell me to "Do it", He simply said, "Try!"

So, the posting was not particularly for your action - but for your information. How do I know if others have more to add that might lead to the truth if I don't share what I have?  If you want to help send it to reporters, officials, lawyers and investigators that is up to each individual. It doesn't matter - I'll work with the guards if I have to.

The posting was done here because I know many on this list are interested in these things and I was giving you "The Scoop".

Kay Lee






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by Jacquelyn Small, Eupsychia Institute

In every age of human history certain people have felt a strong sense of destiny and realized there is something bigger going on here than meets the eye. These practical mystics are visionaries, but they are also grounded catalysts for change who know intuitively how to recognize and direct the natural process of personal and planetary transformation. They perform the sacred function of helping humanity evolve. Having already tapped into the core of the creative process, they know how to give spiritual principles a concrete _expression to move us from the uncreated to the created. For they remember that they are divine. Because of their obvious strength of conviction and their faith in this process, these individuals are sought by others for guidance and support. Though in the minority, these vision carriers hold steady with their unbending belief in the coming future while much else falls apart. These people haven't actually done anything to make their presence felt by others in this way; their authority is not a matter of doing, but of being.

A spontaneous flow of spirit naturally pours through their nature. And this spirit is contagious! When you are in the presence of such a person, you feel aligned with a higher purpose and can rest, content that everything is being guided by a Higher Power and that even your small life has a sacred meaning.

Practical mystics are guides for humanity during times of great change. They are the architects for the new era, for they can see the sacred within the ordinary world. They possess an intuitive understanding of how to die to the old and allow a Higher Order to make all things new. And they model this process for others, which is how they teach.

We ourselves are these artists and designers of the coming times, makers of the specific themes and events we intensely desire to experience. There appears to be a "universal fabric" or "cosmic soup" in which our consciousness is imbedded. This consciousness, our very life force, can be molded and visibly shaped into any type of matrix or design for every human potential we can imagine as a possibility. By using our creative imaginations, focused attention, and remarkable ability to create stories and assign meaning to things, we shape our reality. We do this in alignment with the Creative Force itself.

If we could draw a diagram of what is happening, we could see that our human will is merging with divine love itself. In so doing, we are cultivating qualities of courage, compassion and understanding. We are aligning with the Creator's plan for humanity. Our prayer becomes:

"For so it must be, and help me to do my part!"

Are you one of these awakening ones, perhaps a "closet mystic" with an eye on the future life and ears to hear the inner instructions coming from your Source? If you are, you will know it. [excerpt from BECOMING A PRACTICAL MYSTIC, pg. 4-6]

Today, because science and mysticism are merging, practical mystics are coming forward from within our own psyches, a new archetype emerging for today's transitional times. As the synthesis of the Seer and the Scientist, practical mystics know how to manifest the visionary in physical reality. These new helpers of humanity are not dreamers; they are doers of Spirit's work. They are free thinkers–and must be–in order to break away from the past and serve an evolving humanity.

The mystics of old spun visions of possible futures out of their hopes, wishes and desires. Most were knowers who could predict what was to come, not builders who could construct it. Today's new imaginative visionaries do not stop with an image of the ideal. They embody their dreams and build scaffolds through which Spirit can shine its light.

"God geometrizes," said the Greek sage Pythagoras, the father of music and mathematics. Today's new seers move into the world of materialism with a steady eye, grounding humanity's visions in new institutions, systems, policies, and procedures that reshape our everyday world.

Practical mystics are never zealots. They know how to balance the tension of the opposites and not get caught in one-sided emotionalism, at least never for very long. Their "Aquarian" consciousness respectfully carries forward the goods of the past, honoring all paths that represent true spirituality as approaches that lead one home.

But I must warn you: Those who are invested in upholding the status quo often regard today's mystics as complete fools. No matter. Possessed with a gutsy fortitude to buck society's stereotypes, the practical mystics of today remain obedient and courageous servants of Spirit, undaunted by any resistance they encounter in the outer world. Then, with an uncanny childlike grace, they inspire all of humanity to build its dreams.

[excerpt from BECOMING A PRACTICAL MYSTIC, pg. 124-125]

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