FSP - The Ship is Sinking! - FAST
Received Saturday, November 15, 2003 10:38 PM

This piece by "Fed Up at FSP" cross-references with the information we received about FSP Sports and other Staff Shenanigans at http://www.angelfire.com/fl4/fci/FSPsports.html 

Kay Lee


To: kaylee1@charter.net

I just thought you would like to know some of the recent activities behind the walls of FSP from an employee's view. 

First of all, since AC Clark has moved to New River as Warden, he has also transferred all of the softball team over there with him, as well as all of his other bitch boys. 
It's amazing, he had the FSP work camp renamed to the New River O-Unit so he could keep all those Admin jobs for his softball players.  There's still a few of the boys at FSP however, hopefully they'll be going soon as well. 
An officer was terminated last week for drawing a cartoon of a ship sinking, the ship just happened to be named theU.S.S. FSP.  The cartoon had rats playing sports still on the sinking ship with officers in the water wondering why the rats didn't have enough sense to leave the sinking ship. 
The [cartoonist] Officer was called into the Major's Office as well as the Colonel's and the Major bitched out about him lowering the morale, apparently they don't know that the morale at FSP is at an all time low!
It was basically a set up, they then wanted him to snitch on some fellow officers which he refused and he was then terminated for insubordination.  Not long after that the following letter was mysteriously circulated throughout the prison.
Well what do you know!  The ship is sinking fast, but our unfaithful leaders just do not want you to know it.  Let's see just who they want to put at the middle of the problem now.
It has gone on for some time now.  The wonderful artwork & cartoons done by Officer K has always been eagerly sought after by all shifts including the inner circle of elitist which is headed up by Major Kenny "Blonde Bomber" Lampp.
But all of a sudden this has become a problem, for some anyways.  Officer K was allowed to step on perverbial toes, just as long as his jokes were aimed at T.E.A. officers A, W, M, and C, as well as numerous other FSP employees including Sgt. E, NS, H, and R.  It was all in good fun.
K was not hiding his work or the fact that he is the creator.  All the copies were made in the control room with the full knowledge of shift captains including F, S, E, and M who would get their copy hot off the press!
Copies could be found everywhere in the unit from the V.P's to the medical clinic and west door, not to mention the Laundry Room, all the wings and there were even some in the Admin Building.
But now he has crossed the line in the eyes of the administration.  He has created the perfect picture of what has become the all time low in the morale here at FSP.  But I guess that it's just the opinion of this writer.
Every night when we arrive for the midnight shift, we discover that we are short handed and yet the dayshift seems to have more than enough help.  So much so that there are numerous staff walking around apparently lost all hours of the day.
The promotions just keep on with all the ass kissers and ball players moving up.  There are positions created for numerous ball - playing officers on the day or evening shift!  But not on Midnights!!  No way!  There is only a bunch of low lifes on the midnight shift, or so Major Lampp would like every one to believe.
So Officer K, you are not alone, we are with you in this.  We know that Ol Kenny boy is just trying to take the light off the recent arrest of one of his dough boys the Z-man, Zoltowski, who has been deeply involved in the steroid distribution here at FSP for some time.
Well Z do you feel like an outsider now? Just go ahead and tell it all so maybe the real professionals can just back the Paddy Wagon up to the front gate and pick up all those good ol boys at one time.
Yes Kenny boy, this here is printed on state paper using a state copier just like the 50/50 tickets that everyone is "made" to purchase.  But that doesn't matter.....Or does it?
But look at the bright side: if the morale keeps declining and when the ship does finally sink there just maybe enough life jackets to go around.  Or will there?
Fed UP at FSP

Can you think of any specific things that could be done to raise the moral at FSP?  Kay Lee

The officers on the midnight shift are thought of as the low lives of the prison.  You're nobody unless you play softball or sports and are on Admin shift.

They're putting people fresh off the street on admin and day shift that haven't even been to the academy yet.

I must say I don't agree with all of your web site as you do tend to make us Correctional officers out to be ALL bad.  You don't know the real story behind more than half of these inmates accusations, I do, I have worked there for some time and have seen the way these inmates act day in and day out.

To get off on the right foot, I want to explain that I have a high respect for people who do their jobs in a professional manner, whatever their profession may be.  I give Gold Stars onsite for professional officers.

But employees of the department who should be weeded are not officers, they are guards.  If they use their power over other human beings for revenge or personal gain, or if they hide behind their uniform committing their crimes under the color of law, they should not keep their jobs.  I'm as open about that as I can be.

Yes I am one for gassing an inmate when they are disorderly and create disturbances.  Most of these inmates here at FSP are not here because they want to be, we have the worst of the worse.  The gas is our only tool that we can use to maintain a safe and secure facility.

I'm sure there are times when all involved know the gassing is warranted. I'll even accept that most unwarranted gassing is not just guard aggression. I tend to believe that most unnecessary use of gas is a premature reaction of nervous officers.  But we both know it happens too often.  Perhaps if unnecessary gassing was one less problem for the inmates to stress about, you guys would be a tad bit safer.

I'm really not sure what they could do to boost morale on our shift, a few of us are trying but I don't see it happening.

Kay Lee



FSP - The Ship is Sinking! - FAST
Received Saturday, November 15, 2003 10:38 PM

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