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Ladies and Maidens

Custom Made Clothing For You

The items shown above I feel that I have enough experience in thier creation to construct for you, All the items can be made in colors and fabrics of your choice- keeping in mind of course that colors like fusia and shy blue are not period colors and synthetic materials are all new and there fore would not be acceptable for an outfit. I also must mention that many of the dresses must have the proper undergarments for them to look right. ,br>


1. Please specify dress name and year
2. Indicate Color wanted
3. Indicate Material
4. Indicate any extras wanted: embroidery, tassles, bells, beads, trims, ect
5. Indicate if you would like the item machine sewn or hand sewn (keep in mind hand sewning is much, much more expensive)
6. Please provide you current height, bust, waist, and hip measurements
please feel free to e-mail me with any questions- I usually respond within 24 hours.