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Guild Roster

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Players Name Rank Status Race Level Time Zone Trade Skill
Szylvestro Diskolicious Squire Half Elf 39 Eastern
Songg Thatneverends MIA Wood Elf 31
Naeamian Sweetlyric Class Leader Wood Elf 35 Central
Sinbila Chinchila Squire Half Elf 30 Eastern
*Kantraz Squire Wood Elf 20 Mountain
Orphee Squire Half Elf 19
Wegwen Squire Wood Elf 16 Central
Gulan Squire Wood Elf 11 Pacific
*Dances Squire Half Elf 10 Eastern
Jynxe Squire Wood Elf 9 Eastern
*Baladas Squire Wood Elf 7 Other
Llailya Squire Wood Elf 5
Adaafaz Stumprunt Squire Dwarf 50 Eastern
Myre Deorcaelf Class Leader Dark Elf 49 Eastern
Nightopean Skies Squire High Elf 48 Other
*Nerowolf Squire Dark Elf 49
Zelutun Trueheal Squire High Elf 45 Eastern
*Gigantic Squire Dwarf 40 Eastern
Arlboro Thornberry Squire High Elf 34
*Sarderk Truefriend Squire Dwarf 32 Eastern
*Neerecka Toehammer Squire Dwarf 25 Eastern
Lunapis Soularrow Squire High Elf 26 Eastern
Kasca Squire High Elf 26
Lifewind Squire Human 21 Eastern
*Melchisedek Sadiq Squire High Elf 20 Eastern
*Vivianna Squire Dark Elf 17 Central
Nealan Squire Dark Elf 15 Eastern
*Binadaf Squire Dwarf 14 Eastern
*Starglaze Squire Human 12 Central
Dizzygily Squire Halfling 10
*Raladaar Squire Dwarf 9 Central
*Atrus Squire High Elf 7 Eastern
*Nilene Squire High Elf 7 Pacific
Pazl Tawn Guild Leader Wood Elf 58 Central
Liyen Reflection Squire Wood Elf 54 Pacific
Shimr Officer Wood Elf 53 Central
Tanitin Leatherfoot Squire Wood Elf 52 Eastern
Moonz Guild Leader Wood Elf 52
Frostriven Squire Hafling 52 Eastern
*Morit Elite Officer Wood Elf 51 Central
Syffen Nammtar Class Leader Halfling 51 Eastern
Tarasmen Squire Wood Elf 50
Lulamila Nammtar Officer Wood Elf 47 Eastern
Dreamfall Squire Wood Elf 47
Tiffaa Mistrunner Officer Wood Elf 45 Mountain
*Redleaf Squire Wood Elf 45 Other
Lalweil BurningMyst Officer Wood Elf 47 Eastern
Faol Squire Wood Elf 39
Noppwin Cayate Squire Hafling 35 Central
Sahrazad Dunyazad Squire Wood Elf 37 Pacific
Wolfard Squire Wood Elf 32
Chiad Mistrunner Squire Wood Elf 32 Mountain
Cristof Squire Human 31
Fuzzyfoot Swiftwind Squire Halfling 30 Other
Kindaien Squire Wood Elf 30 Other
Foun Squire Halfling 31 Central
Darklan Squire Wood Elf 29
Beastmasta Squire Wood Elf 24
Gessipi Squire Halfling 20
Melfy Squire Wood Elf 20 Eastern
*Vdarie Squire Human 16 Pacific
*Sukili Squire Hafling 14 Other
*Sardurk Squire Wood Elf 27 Eastern
Kysama Squire Hafling 14 Pacific
Kolien Squire Halfling 14
*Illbyour Squire Wood Elf 10 Pacific
*Iuvienya Squire Wood Elf 9 Eastern
Kudehn Squire Wood Elf 8
*Zeskobarii Squire Half Elf 5 Pacific
*Varnos Squire Hafling 5 Central
*Gordo Squire Wood Elf 5 Eastern
Iliana Fireblaster Officer High Elf 46
Lixus Officer Erudite 47 Pacific
Yidaien Illuminous Class Leader Erudite 43 Eastern
Natoli Squire High Elf 38
*Dotz Squire High Elf 35
Mindgamer Squire High Elf 27 Eastern
*Enfeblir Squire Erudite 20 Eastern
*Cendaien Squire High Elf 14 Other
*Linelin Squire High Elf 20 Eastern
Dizzaster Squire High Elf 13
*Mazadaar Squire High Elf 8
*Nenrick Squire Dark Elf 7 Other
*Bebilith Squire Erudite 4 Central
*Tinykisses Squire Gnome 4
Khralose Class Leader Human 45 Central
Andryx Squire Dark Elf 30 Pacific
*Cuendillar Squire High Elf 25 Eastern
Grumbleweed Elementalwrath Squire Gnome 25 Other
Bariolle Squire Human 24 Eastern
*Solarblade Squire Erudite 12 Eastern
Goinee Squire Human 51 Other
Dutchie Squire Human 34
*Adeara Squire Human 31 Pacific
*Aphrodiitee Squire Human 30 Mountain
*Tofs Lee Squire Human 29 Central
*Humbal Officer Human 28 Central
Jorarle Squire Iksar 28
*Kiazer Squire Human 21
*Serliss Squire Human 21 Eastern
*Hanki Panki Squire Human 20 Eastern
*Czhang Likestobang Squire Human 20 Pacific
*Mahar Squire Human 20
*Klack Officer Iksar 20
Baradose Squire Human 14
*Xasis Squire Iksar 13 Eastern
*Fobban Squire Human 13 Central
*Elation Squire Human 11
Woopya Squire Human 8 Mountain
Kudehn Squire Iksar 9
Ubno Squire Erudite 51
Rodo Plagguebringger Class Leader Dark Elf 39 Central
*Mils Sommerset Squire Dark Elf 36 Eastern
*Lityl Graverober Squire Gnome 29
Wobleworth Rattlebonez Squire Gnome 30 Mountain
Zutasha Darktidings Squire Dark Elf 30 Other
Vescalle Squire Erudite 21 Eastern
*Revilo Squire Dark Elf 17 Central
*Xarackus Squire Dark Elf 12 Pacific
*Vilinn Squire Gnome 12 Pacific
Shrack Guild Leader Human 53
Morituri Officer Half Elf 48
Jearom Jasienta Class Leader High Elf 45 Central
Knronick Blunts Squire Dwarf 30 Pacific
*Kaaman Selonius Squire High Elf 30 Pacific
Selnar Shadowspawn Squire Dwarf 28 Pacific
Kolien Squire Half Elf 14
*Tristium Squire Human 13
*Kogainn Squire Half Elf 6
Malox Dreams Squire Wood Elf 50
Thiamus Squire Wood Elf 52 Pacific
Lluadin Squire Wood Elf 47
Leaferx Darkwood Squire Half Elf 47 Eastern
Maladaar Wolfrising Class Leader Wood Elf 43 Central
*Giuseppe Officer Wood Elf 45 Pacific
Gulolan Whitewolfe Officer Wood Elf 36 Eastern
Salex Whitewolfe Squire Wood Elf 36 Mountain
Fitch Squire Half Elf 29
*Dalteer Squire Wood Elf 25
*Ranald Mistwalker Squire Human 23
Malhavoc Soularrow Squire Wood Elf 23 Central
Shibby Squire Half Elf 17
*Fallenarrow Squire Human 12
Jafu Squire Dwarf 51 Other
Nestea Nighteyes Squire Wood Elf 35 Central
*Inda Class leader Dark Elf 28
Munchin Hilltopple Squire Halfling 33 Central
*Sylke Squire Dark Elf 19 Eastern
*Kleye Squire Wood Elf 12 Pacific
*Gotchamoney Squire Wood Elf 10
*Termenator Squire Dwarf 4
Shadow Knight
Griffith Dragoonlance Class Leader Dark Elf 40 Eastern
Taarig Squire Ogre 40 Pacific
Dracorex Kin'gisa Squire Iksar 35 Other
Lowlight Adipocere Squire Human 35 Eastern
Malgog Squire Troll 28
Loncreed Squire Human 28
Jotar Squire Dark Elf 10
*Zekiz Squire Iksar 16
*Astraal Squire Dark Elf 15 Eastern
*Deorc Squire Dark Elf 10 Eastern
*Zaramoth Squire Dark Elf 6
Pazmule Officer Barbarian 39 Central
Jorelil Squire Barbarian 33
Kroxigar Class Leader Iksar 29
Llugh Silverhand Squire Barbarian 32 Central
Reginman Squire Barbarian 18
*Autopsey Squire Barbarian 15 Eastern
*JIlyian Squire Barbarian 14 Eastern
Hannu Squire Barbarian 13
Deezie Squire Iksar 5
Pazsmack Anwhack Squire Human 52 Central
Baffa Stouts Squire Dwarf 40 Eastern
Flexxor Roxx Class Leader Dwarf 40
Sardark Trufriend Officer Dwarf 47 Eastern
*Starzz Squire Human 35
Aanrea Squire Dark Elf 33 Eastern
Warlaer Bloodhunter Squire Barbarian 32 Pacific
Twohands Ranger Squire Dark Elf 31 Eastern
Drygon Squire Dwarf 31 Pacific
Pipa Squire Wood Elf 34 Eastern
*Starbladex Squire Barbarian 29
Catraniz Bladescale Squire Iksar 29 Pacific
Bendhuin Tsorovan Squire Half Elf 26 Central
Mahdrek Squire Barbarian 22 Eastern
Journeyman Squire Human 23 Central
*Pyronite Squire Dwarf 17 Eastern
*Kanadyan Bayconn Squire Dwarf 14 Eastern
Korur Squire Dwarf 16
*Laldari Squire Wood Elf 15 Pacific
Aoinie Squire Human 10
*Flayin Squire Dark Elf 6
Astorgus Soulburner Class Leader Dark Elf 50 Eastern
Pyronight Fireblaster Co-Leader Erudite 43 Central
Casmithor Squire Erudite 40
Obym Officer Gnome 39 Central
Rashakra N'Faria Squire Dark Elf 37 Pacidic
Errumno Squire Erudite 29
Crystalie Kahlass Squire Human 20 Central
Zilos Squire Erudite 20 Other
Malikhai Squire Dark Elf 28
*Bederyn Squire Erudite 10 Central
Josenumtwo Squire Human 9
*Berginyen Squire Gnome 6 Eastern
*Rayin Squire Erudite 12 Central

Guild Data


Guild Information updated on Tuesday, August 07, 2001 at 7:20:14 PM
of the Tribunal
Total Guild Members Total Officers Total Squires
197 25 182
Total Guild Members w/o Alt Average Lvl
117 30
Class Amount Race Amount
Bard 12 Barbarian 10
Cleric 20 Dark Elf 22
Druid 36 Dwarf 18
Enchanter 14 Erudite 13
Magician 6 Gnome 6
Monk 17 Half Elf 10
Necromancer 10 Hafling 12
Paladin 9 High Elf 17
Ranger 14 Human 31
Rogue 8 Iksar 8
Shadow Knight 9 Ogre 0
Shaman 9 Troll 1
Warrior 21 Wood Elf 46
Wizard 13