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PermaFrost Keep Raid Map!
  1. Yellow Route - Ice Giant Diplomat who drops Throwing Boulders, and Ice Goblin Champion who drops Crystalline Blade
  2. "King's Room" - King Thex'Ka IV who drops Symbol of Loyalty to Vox (Common) and White Wolf Hide Cloak (Rare), Ice Goblin Patriarch who drops Frost Goblin Totem, and Elite Goblin Guards who drop Icy Greaves, Frost Goblin Skin, and Elite Honor Guards who drop Silvery War Axe (Common), and Silvery Two-Handed Axe (Rare), and High Priest Zaharn who drops Zaharn's Coronet
  3. Goblin Archeologist who drops Archeologists Pack (Common) and Dented Brass Mask (Rare)
  4. Green Route - Goblin Preacher who drops Cold Iron Morning Star (Common) and Runed Circlet (Rare)
  5. Blue Route - Goblin Alchemist who drops Mammoth Hide Leggings (Common) and Mammoth Hide Cloak (Rare)
  6. Purple Route - Goblin Scryer who drops Ice Crystal Staff (Common) and White Wolf Slippers (Rare)