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Crystal Caverns Raid Map!

You can Click on the Bolded areas to take you too a closer view! You will enter where it says Zone in Here! Following the Red path to where it stops will lead you to the Pit area! This wil then take you to the next map below where it shows the best spot to setup camp for the Pit, which is where the Foreman Rixact, Orc Herbalist, and Orc Inspector spawn.
The rest of the Red path will take you too the Coldain city which is a good place to run if you get yourself in a bind. Make sure you remember though that the guards here are wusses and the Orcs will still be pounding on you while the guards are trying to kill them. Click where it says "Coldain Town" which will take you too a map of the town so you will know how to ge through it. Then you can continue on with the top map to get you to the Queen spawn.

Closeup on Upper and Lower Tunnels
Closeup on Coldain City