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  • [Aug 7, 2001] Updates
    • Large Roster update. New additions and subtractions
    • New site updates also. I tested out my video outs on my videocard and there is a small video on the new site so please check it out... LINK
Yidaien Illuminous at 7:27:47 PM on Tuesday, August 07, 2001
GREAT job all on the CC raid as well as the guild lottery event. BOTH of which I held, but don't worry my head can't get any bigger than what it already is... Don't worry either there are alot more in the works with raids and all. I first want to get past 47 to start planning more so give me a little bit more time and we will be rocking and rolling again..

Yidaien Illuminous
43rd lvl Erudite Enchanter of the Tribunal