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The name is Steve Thompson and a native Floridian. I graduated from [FullSail Real World Education] in Winter Park, Florida in October of 1999. Where right after I was offered a job in the Post Production department for the Film & Video degree program as a lab assistant. Teaching different equipment from the AVID Xpress & 9000 model, Quantel Editbox with Paintbox, and the Softimage D|S system! It was not long after that in Mid-February I was offered a full-time position in the General Education department where I immediatly jumped at the opprotunity!
During my employment at FullSail I have also done some outside work when time permitts. I did an internship at [Nickelodeon Studios] in Orlando, Florida for a show named "Taina" a show aimed for the teenage audience. While doing my internship at Nickelodeon I also did a freelance job at a production company named [David Nixon Productions] in Orlando, Florida, fixing audio for a promo spot for the elections as well as re-editing a industrial slide show video.
I am looking forward to an intense career in the film industry! My career goal would be moving out to the LA and San Francisco area.
Please view the rest of the site for my online resume as well as some work that I have done over time...