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This is my quest for a presentable schwimmwagen. Besides customizers no one has made a schwimmer save 21st Century that is reasonably close. At the start of this project  I had no less then 5 other major rebuilds going. This all started as an "I can't stand to work this another day!" diversion from an existing rebuild. I had been staring at that bloated body of my 21st Schwimmer since I first got it. The low detailed rims, giant Tonka tires and a body tub that with a quick glue of a trunk to the hood would resemble the Dumbo Ride at Disney had been plaguing my eyesight for months. While sitting in my chair trying to forget a mold design predicament I suddenly had a brain storm! I grabbed the Schwimmer some masking tape, a marker, a ruler, a darn sharp razor saw and my trusty steed Sir DREMEL. Next thing I know there is the wife with a broom and the Vacuum....."Time to clean up the plastic shavings before bed dear!" she gloated. There will be a lot to this project and I would like to offer some of my custom cast parts if all goes well. For the time being check out the teasers below. Please let me know what you think of the projects and what you would like to see more of. Doesn't really mean I will listen but it might just motivate me into a speedier finish! Thanks as always for all the support!


Dumbo I'm Telling ya!schwimA.jpg (61994 bytes)

Lean mean Dumboschwimb.jpg (52928 bytes)

Rear View beforeschwim1.jpg (115190 bytes) afterschwim4.jpg (121199 bytes)

Opening latcheslatchA.jpg (43743 bytes)latchB.jpg (73593 bytes)

Gadzooks He's made progress rearbulhead.JPG (29432 bytes)

Hey at least it is progress..........Interior.JPG (40979 bytes)

You sound have seen the dust on this puppy AFTMACHINEGUN.JPG (48794 bytes)

Just a revamp of 21st's Outdrive PTO.JPG (45605 bytes)

The Master for my recast of a 21st Kubel rim fitted

into a SOTW Rim

Wheel01.JPG (30450 bytes)

And the last for now my cast Tow hooks and mounts towhook.JPG (43287 bytes)

Transmission Tunnel Plug and quick cast

Here is the Balsa Plug I carved and Primed  schwimm 002.jpg (108155 bytes)

Next I didn't want to waste RTV mold compound on this so I  powdered it and embedded it in "CleanClay".

Then I removed the plug and made the pour...not a perfect cast but a little sanding and hey these were stamped out of sheet metal.

schwimm 014.jpg (115196 bytes)schwimm 015.jpg (114251 bytes)

And the new tunnel before finishing

schwimm 016.jpg (100968 bytes)


I WILL finish this project