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Circle  J  Riders


Well another year has passed and our hobby grows better every month. I am amazed at the ingenuity and creative genius that has given birth to some of the best customizers we have seen over the last year. Vehicles upon vehicles emerged in 2002 with only the pocket book reigning in our lust to acquire a Motor Pool the likes of the Infamous Kozin's.We have seen great strides in the companies listening to what we the buyer wants. An up and coming star showed the big boys they didn't have the market cornered, and it looks as though they intend to keep the heat on in 2003.And sadly we lost one of our own.

I could never keep a figure or vehicle trapped behind cellophane bound in their cardboard prison. Even though the first figure that reunited me with the hobby was a JOE I find myself so far distanced from that company in three short years that I am amazed. I Don't ride the DRAGON bandwagon (mainly because it moves to fast for me) but more or less use a little of all the companies goodies.

I know this year will be incredible for me for I will become a Dad in August. I have many things to accomplish. Mainly enclosing my Carport as it seems the hobby room will become a nursery. And the Pediatrician said something about Resin fumes being dangerous to a child's development. hAsn'T HeRt me NUne. The economy is slow but my work weeks are long and I return to school again this April. It looks like I wont be spending much this year so maybe I will finish a project or two.

Happy New Year to All and Thank You for Coming Back

.....Even when ya didn't think I would

Updated Schwimmwagen Pictures

January 5th Update!!  Pictures added to the Schwimmwagen page check it out in military. Don't worry folks the Stuart Page is on the way!

OK Guestbook on the back burner....Trading Post has taken its place! When ya go there just remember one mans junk is another mans Gold Mine


"Stuart Rides Again!" Western page, Stuart in the title, you might think its my tribute to General "Jeb Stuart", but its not. Instead its a new look at my ongoing project of Super Detailing the TUS Stuart Tank! Check out this feature!                                                                                                                                

Not yet posted....soon!! First post for this project! Keep an eye on the Evolution



Call me KubelKrazy!" Ok my wife would kill me if I shelled out the cash for the Dragon Kubel. 30 bucks she can live with. So once again out comes the Razor saw for a little "Cut and Paste" of a different nature

February 4th First posting of the pictures and tips



" The Great Saddle Project " See the progress on my version of Rio Rondos Western Saddle Kit in 1:6 scale.                                                                                                                                                     

Not yet posted Ok I am REALLY slacking on the saddle project but I finally got some pictures of the hand woven Cinch up there



" Scratch built Firearms " It's been hard to find good western guns so I took it into my own hands.                                                                                                                                                        

Not yet posted Yes, yes, pictures of my double barrel shotgun and some "Cots" Revolver modifies are finally there!



" Dud's & Do Dads " If you think my spelling is bad check out my sewing!                                         

Finally Posted Same Ole' same Ole' haven't done much in the way of custom clothing but check out the new heads including my "Custer" from 8 months ago. Sheesh!



Finally to everyone who has dropped me a line to let me know how they liked the site, Thank you sincerly. I have been very very busy lately changing careers and all, so if I did not respond please forgive me. To everyone who requested a link to there site here at the Ole' Ranchero please contact me again. I promise I will respond. 

Thank you and God Bless you all!

Also check out Kens Country & Western clipart

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