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Give Me The Roses, I Will Give You The Thorns

Professional Domination is not prostitution. I am a Professional as well as Lifestyle, don't email me unless you are serious ... ABSOLUTELY SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY!!!!!!!!!

I Need At Least One Day Notice Before I can schedule Your Session.

I am honest , compassionate , very discrete and real ...You had better be!

I am extremely well versed in virtually every aspect of BDSM I have been in the lifestyle for over 10 years.

I accept and enjoy novice subjects as well as experienced and trained individuals. All are Welcome.

My expertise includes, but is not limited to:

Training Mistress, Masters, Subs/Slaves... all forms of novices

Adult baby, Body Worship, Bondage, Canes , CB Bondage, CB Torture, Corporal Punishment, Cross Dressing, Diaper , Domestic Training, Erotic Teasing, Fisting, Flogging, Foot Worship,Hairbrush ,Hot Wax, Humiliation , Ice, Knife Play, Medical, Puppy, Nipple Torture, Paddling, Pain Endurance, Rope bondage ,Training , Sensory Deprivation, Sensual Domination, Strict Domination, Slave, Spanking....... and more.

Interviews/Sessions Call after 8pm est. Weekdays and all Weekend.
407.619.1231 Page And Leave A Number. Or email me below.
Guaranteed Discretion
Visit the Gallery *under construction*

SAFE (both parties have rationally assessed the level of risk involved , decided it is acceptable to them, and taken steps to minimize the risk as much as is realistically possible);

SANE (both parties are of sound & sober mind, in control of themselves & aware of the possible consequences of their actions);

CONSENSUAL (both parties have discussed the terms and limits of the scene beforehand & will respect whatever limits are stated in or out of scene. Safewords/signals are arranged & respected immediately.);

CONFIDENTIAL (all aspects of the scene, a persons' identity & any personal information are to remain private & confidential).

© Blood Rose Chambers 2001