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1985-1988 Cadillac DeVille and Fleetwood

1985-1988 Cadillac DeVille and Fleetwood

For 1985, Cadillac introduced new downsisized front-wheel drive Deville and Fleetwood models. The cars lost 26 inches in length. They kept the same engine, which was a transversely-mounted 4.1 liter V-8.

The 85 Fleetwood was identical to the DeVille except for different interior appointments and options.

For 1986, the Fleetwood coupe was dropped and the sedan was simply an option package for the DeVille. All of these cars got a 5hp boost this year.The Fleetwood sedan would not be produced as a seperate model again until 1989 and was now called the Fleetwood d'Elegance. Touring versions of both cars were available to promote a Cadillac sporting image.

For 87, the DeVille got revised front and rear ends. The revised back-end made the cars 1.5 inches longer. The car also got an available anti-lock braking system.

The Fleetwood d'Elegance model carried on as a DeVille option package. It gained several new interior appointments.

For 1987, a seperate Fleetwood model was introduced. The Fleetwood d'Elegance was still available, but this car was actually a seperate model. It was the Fleetwood Sixty-Special. This car had a 5 inch extension of the wheel-base and a fully padded vinyl-roof. It also had all the luxury features of the Fleetwood d'Elegance package as well as a few more. The return of the Sixty-Special symbolized a new direction for Cadillac, one of distinction.

For 88, all Cadillacs except the Brougham got a new 4.5 liter V-8. This horsepoewer and torque boost made these cars much quicker.

This is the 88 Cadillac Touring Sedan. The touring cars had special wheels and trim. They also said Cadillac Touring Sedan on the rear window.

This is the 1988 Fleetwood d'Elegance

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