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9-11-01 Memorial
Never Forget.
Never Again.
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Before you stands a mirror,

A portal to another world. It is a place where good and evil are not abstract ideas, but the essence of heroes and villains. Step closer. We bid you, come and see this land, Solacia.

Enter a world where dragons and elves roam, where the most common man may have the greatest destiny. Solacia, a bastion of Light, all alone in the night.

Peer through a portal to the southwest. The Sutton Canal and seaport of Stormhaven come into focus. Ships from all the lands pass through the canal, sailing from one ocean to another. The Silvershield mountains lay here, home of a proud clan of dwarves.

To the North lay the broken lands, wastelands. Where the Land itself has been shattered and twisted by foul magics. To the south, the elven lands, barred to all but the fey folk. Upon which few, if any, Mortals will tread.

The eastern borders of this land are the Rihji plains. Past, which are the lands of the Triad of the Rose. An ally strong in support of the BoR for these many years since it has moved to this land.

In the center lays the beacon of light, New Dunbouri. Three roads cross the lands, and here they meet. Ketil road, going north, Corellon road, leading eastward, and the Yuis road, going southwest, down past the Canal.

Here in this land, where all who follow the light are welcomed, we bid you explore. It is a land rich in its own history, and culture.

It is a place where Myths and Legends are born, and where Evil fears to tread. Come with me now, step through the Portal. Join me, and my family, as we bid you welcome to Solacia.

Home of the Brotherhood of the Rose!

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Dunbouri: The City of Light

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