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Ms. Josette Marquess
F.A.R.R. Florida Adoption Reunion Registry
1310 Winewood Blvd.
Tallahassee, Florida 32399
Telephone Number: 850/922-6234

Miami Herald Articles by John Donnelly Carole Baker's exhausting search for her past the the discovery of Miami's notorious Dr. Catherine Cole.

Million Dollar Mystery Fox Editoral On Black Market Cole Babies

A Cole Baby’s Home Away From Home Bob Lightner's story and home page.

Dolores Slavin Tomarelli, Black-Market "Cole" Baby, dob 4-11-61 read her story.

Susan Duham's Registry A wonderful website featuring Susan's story and registry.

My Photo from the News and Observer. My story featured in our local newspaper, The News and Observer. My dear friend, Melanie Haviland, scanned the article and my picture for me.

"Cole" Baby Registry A wonderful registry by Melanie Haviland

Memorial to Melanie Haviland by Ruth A beautiful page created as her personal Memorial to our treasured friend

In Loving Memory of Melanie Haviland A loving tribute to our long lost friend by Toni Livesay

Blackmarket "Cole" Babies A collection of "Cole" baby pages, stories, links, registry and chat room by Patty Burns and Sharon Mann.

Black Market Adoption Support List
Hightower Black Market Babies Of Texarkana, Texas
The Hightower Maternity Home Registry
Finding In Florida Registry
The Springer Connection: Springer Babies’ Home Page
Silent Legacy: The Hicks Clinic Birth Registry
A Black Market Adoptee Searching For Birthfamily
My Journey Through Adoption: A Black Market Story
Twins Separated At Birth: Nebraska
Article: The Baby Peddlers
Australian Black Market Adoptee's Registry

Kay's Home Page
An Arkansas Adoptee's Story
Montreal Black Market Babies
Adoption Crossroads: Adoptee Birthparent Reunion, Search, Support
Ideal Maternity Home: Butterbox Babies’ Home Page
Tennessee Black Market Adoption Information
The Willows Maternity Home
The Veil Hospital Information
Children Of Hope: Adoptions Handled by Helen Tanos Hope
Bessie Bernard: Adoptions Handles by Bessie Bernard and Irwin Slater
Origins Tasmania: Triad Support/Reform
You Are Here: Black Market Resource Page

The Peacock Babies Of Quebec
Article: Black Market Adoption Information Guide
Rebecca’s Home Page
Guitbowl’s Home Page