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In Search of Birth Parents or Birth Family
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To date I have no futher information on my birth parents.

Terry McKowen passed away in the winter of 1999
due to heart failure.
He will certainly be missed by all of us.
Please read the next page for Terry's story.

On Mother's Day, May 14, 2000,
my dearest friend, Melanie Haviland
also died of heart failure..
She had worked very hard to keep all
the blackmarket adoptees together.
I can only hope that what she started
will continue on through all of us.

In July, 2000, "Next Entertainment"
a new television show airing in the fall
did an interview of Rick and me.
We were to have been their third show.

The show aired as "Million Dollar Mysteries".
They did a beautiful job of putting together
the "Cole" story.

They featured an re-enactment of my adoptive
parents purchasing me from Dr. Cole.
My interview,where I tried to tell the world
no one was looking for us was included.

They also did a very nice interview with Rick,
his story, wife Eli and their beautiful family.
In running the two stories, they were bringing out
a key difference between the two adoptions.

I was purchased and then "legally" adopted.
Bringing into play HRS and the Court
and a mile long falsified paper trail!

Whereas, Rick, like other "Cole" babies,
was purchased from "Cole" and his adoptive
parents names were then filled in by "Cole"
on his birth certificate as the birth parents.
Leaving no paper trail!!

"Million Dollar Mysteries" said there may be future stories,
but that has not come to pass.

When the show aired they were running Mel's old
registry, which did not have a current email
address for inquiries.

By the time the station
added my email address their was very little
activity, but a few new "Cole" babies were added
to my list.

In doing my interview, I called Tallahassee
and spoke to Josette again.
I asked her how many birth mothers
were looking for us and she said zero!

When I questioned her further,
she said there was an attorney out of Jacksonville
who had blackmarketed over 10,000 babies,
and made reference to other
blackmarket baby operations in Florida.
She told me that the State of Florida
did not even know where these babies came from.

Somehow, we have to get the word out
to all birth mothers who are looking for their children
and have not been able to find them.
They need to look to Florida.
Do not look for the exact date of birth!
Look for the month and the year.
Also, you may be looking for the wrong sex of the child,
as that was only one of many ways
the doctors covered up their illegal operations.

In keeping you updated, as of February, 2002,
several of the email addresses that I did have
for "Cole" babies are no longer good, and I am
not able to get in touch with them. So, if you are
a "Cole" baby and your address changes, please
let me know, so we can have an accurate site
and active registry.

One last sad bit of news-it has come to my
attention that before Josette left Tallahassee,
she told Linda Hammer there were
only eleven blackmarket "Cole" babies.
Thereby reducing our numbers from the original
4,000 to 5,000 in search. Which further reduced
our chances of ever finding each other.

Please remember YOU are OUR only CHANCE of FINDING each other.

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