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In Search of Birth Parents & Birth Family

Sharon Annette Mitchell
Adoptive Name
My Story

May this candle burn until all of us
find the answers we seek.

My name is Sharon.
I was born May 24, 1947 in Miami,Florida.
I was raised as an only child.  My adoptive parents
were 32 and 40 years old at the time of my birth.

My adoptive parents had always said they were both
RH-. I was told that my adoptive mother had given
birth to a stillborn child, a boy, before I was
born.  I was told that because of the RH- factor they
were unable to have any other children after me.

I had always "felt different", as though I were
adopted, but this had never been confirmed.

When I was twenty, and pregnant with my first child,
my blood work came back O+.
At that point I knew I was not their child.
Two O negatives do not make a positive RH factor.

I checked with the cemetary where my grandparents,
father and the baby were buried.  They told me the
enternment of the baby was November, 1946.  This
information confirmed I was not their child as I was
born May, 1947.

My adoptive father had passed away
when I was 13 years old. My adoptive mother
would not confirm that I was adopted
until I had the names of my birth parents.

My husband was a court reporter and friends with a
clerk who went into my sealed record and got both
the case number and my birth parents names.

I went to my adopted mother and told her
my birth parents were George W. and Jean Perkins.
My adoptive mother then admitted that I was adopted.

She then told me they had gotten me
from a Dr. Katherine Cole
on SW 8th Street in Coral Gables,FL.

My adoptive mother said my Aunt
had put her in touch with
a Ruby Suterra who had adopted children
through Dr. Cole. Ruby told my adoptive parents
that she would help them to get a baby
through Dr. Cole.

On a Saturday morning, May 24, 1947
my adoptive parents received a phone call
from Ruby Suterra
who said there was a baby available
if they had $100 cash.

My adoptive parents got the cash
and went to Dr. Katherine Cole's clinic.
She met my adoptive father on the front porch,
took the $100 and handed me to him.
I was wrapped in a flannel blanket.
She told him I was three hours old.

As my adoptive father turned to walk away,
he said, "Oh by the way, I have been in contact with my attorney
to make this a legal adoption
and he will be in touch with you Monday."

My adoptive mother said I was only a few hours old
when they got me from Dr. Cole's clinic on S.W. 8th
Street.  She also said I was beautiful and that I
wasn't even red.  (That one statement leads me to
believe I was more than a few hours old.)  I had my
son in one hour and ten minutes and he was still red
and he was my second child.

My adoption was handled through the Law Offices of
Attorney Troy C Davis, Miami, Fl.  I have the
receipts of payments made
to his office to handle my adoption.

It took approximately one year for the adoption to
be finalized.  My adoptive mother said that a social
worker from HRS had come to visit her several times
during that year.  She also said that she lived in
fear of my birth parents changing their minds during
that period of time and taking me back.  My adoptive
mother gave me this information in 1968.

All my relatives said my father wanted to tell me I
was adopted.  They said the couple had given me up
for adoption because of an accident my birth father
had been involved in which left him handicapped.  
They said that they didn't know how they would be
able to take care of me.

At the point in time that I learned of my adoption. I
was twenty and had no idea what I would discover
some 30 years later.

I tried for years looking in the Miami telephone
book and calling every Perkins I could find and
asking if they knew a George W. or Jean Perkins.

Some fifteen years ago I had written the State of
Florida, HRS, to inquire as to my adoption, giving
them the case number, etc. Their reply  was that
there were no record of adoption.  I still have that
letter to this day.

I joined CUB and a registry for both Florida and a
large adoption registry, Soundex, for the United
States.  Still nothing came of it.

However, during that period of time, I received one
phone call from a woman who was looking for her
husband's son.  At that time I did not realize why
this woman was looking for a "son" and not a

If you have any information regarding Dr. Katherine
Cole or my birth family please email me :



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