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PROJECT "P" MISSION STATEMENT On February 8, 2000, Christopher Gavin Cunningham was traveling the Beeline Expressway to Orlando for two job interviews. Prior to leaving home, Gavin ensured that his two year-old daughter, Emma Plum, was secured in her car seat and that the car seat was well anchored in the front seat of his pick-up truck. Gavinís diligence in ensuring the safety of his daughter saved her life when his truck swerved on the Beeline and collided with the guard rail. Although Gavin was killed instantly, Emma and her car seat were safe and secure and sustained no injuries or damage. Gavin, upholding his duties as a father, had protected his child even in death. Our mission with Project "P" is to encourage other young parents to take as many safety precautions with their children as possible and to use Gavinís diligence with his daughterís car seat as an example. For young parents first starting out, purchasing items necessary for a childís safety is not easy, and car seats are often a very expensive item, therefore dropped lower on the list than other necessities such as rent, food, electricity. But car seats are essential to saving a childís life in the event of an automobile accident. Project "P" would like to help those parents acquire the car seats they may not be able to afford. By donating one to two car seats a month to families in need, Project "P" will encourage parents to take safety precautions, specifically "buckling up," with children. Because Gavin loved Emma enough to buckle her into her car seat and to ensure she was safe and secure in his vehicle, Gavin made certain that Emma, a part of him, endured for his family to love and cherish. Project "P" would like to help other parents do the same. Please send a letter to, The Cunningham Family
if you would like a car seat or booster seat.