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Gundam Wing
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Gundam Wing 
Dragonball / DBZ 

Gundam Wing
Dragonball / DBZ

Gundam Wing
Dragonball / DBZ

Gundam Wing
Dragonball / DBZ

    Sayaijin Saga

Now, the world has been saved from Piccolo, Goku has settled down and had a child, and everybody is happy. But a mysterious space pod approaches the Earth. It lands and a mysterious man with a tail comes out of the pod. A nearby farmer draws his gun and tells the stranger to leave, of he will shoot. The mysterious man turns on a device on his ear and eye. He scoffs and approaches the farmer. The farmer fires his gun and the man catches the bullet. He throws the bullet back at the farmer and knocks him out.

The man looks around and his device on his face detects something. He flys off to find it. when he reaches it, he finds it is Piccolo. He asks Piccolo if he knows Goku. Piccolo fires a blast at the man and it harldy affects him at all. This shocks Piccolo, and the man starts to power up a blast. Right before he fires it, his device on his head goes off and finds a high power. He stops the blast and goes off to find it.

Meanwhile, Goku is taking Gohan to the Kame-House on his flying cloud, also known as Kinto Un. He arrives at the Kame-House, and meets up with Kame-Sennin, Kame Sennin's turtle, Bulma, and Kuririn. Goku introduces his son, Gohan to the group. They are all shocked to see that Goku has a child. Gohan had a hat with the four star Dragonball on it, and Bulma was the first to notice it. After a little more talking, Goku sensed a strong and evil power. A little later Kuririn sensed it, the Kame-Sennin sensed it too. And then they saw him. It was the mysterious man with a tail, hovering above them. He came down onto the land and looked at Goku. He says that Goku has not completed his mission, and is wondering what he is doing with the humans. Goku says that these humans are his friends, and then Goku asks "What do you mean "My mission?". Then he notices that Goku has no tail, and Goku explained that it fell off a long time ago. Then Goku said that Goku has lost his true power to transform. After Goku hears all of this, he asks this mysterious man who he is. The man says that he is Raditsu....Goku's brother. Everybody freaks out and Bulma notices that they do look alike. Raditsu was very tall, with special Sayaijin Body Armor on his body. He had his tail wrapped around his stomach, and long hair. Raditsu says that Goku is a Sayaijin from the planet Vegeta, and only four Sayaijins survived Planet Vegeta's destruction, and Goku  was one of the four. 

Raditsu asks Goku why he has not completed the mission and Goku is not sure what he is talking about. Then Raditsu asks if Goku ever experianced a bump onthe head as a child. Goku says yes, and then Raditsu says that Goku obviously forgot his mission. Kame-Sennin explained that when the Martial arts Master, Son Gohan, found Goku as a baby. and when Goku was a baby, he was uncontrolable, untl one day when he fell off a cliff and bumped his head. After that, Goku had became a happy little boy. Raditsu explains that Goku was supposed to wipe out all life on Earth and sell the planet to the highest bidder. He then slaps Kuririn away with his tail, and injures Goku. Raditsu is very angered and kidnaps Gohan. He tells Goku that he has to kill 100 humans on the Earth or he will never see his son again.

Goku, Kame-Sennin, and Kuririn try to devise a plan of how to take on Raditsu.. Bulma figures to track Raditsu down by using the Dragon Radar, because Gohan had a Dragonball on his hat, so they could trace him and Raditsu. Piccolo appears above them and says that only Goku and himself should go and fight Raditsu. They were all scared to see the evil Piccolo before their eyes, and the idea of two arch rivals joining forces was absurd! But it ends up, they went on to find Raditsu.

Meanwhile, Raditsu locks Gohan in his Sayaijin Space Pod and sits down to have a already living snack. The device on his head, called a scouter, pcked up a power reading of 715 inside the space pod! But he thought it must have been a malfunction, so he ignored it because he thought it was impossible for a boy to get so strong for his age, and without doing anything at all.

Piccolo and Goku arrived on the scene to fight Raditsu. Raditsu turned on his scouter and read Goku's power to be at 356, and Piccolo at 343. Yet Raditsu was at 1,200! But after Piccolo and Goku took off their weighted clothing, they were much stronger ad faster. The battle with Raditsu commenced. He was much faster than both of them, and they both took quite a beating. After a few more failed attack attempts, Piccolo tells Goku that he has a new attack...the Mankancousuppo. He says it is very deadly, but takes a while to charge. Goku agreed to buy Piccolo enough time to use the attack.

Goku's chanced alone against Raditsu were practically othing, he he decided to try a new aproach. He fly up in the air and charged a Kamehameha. Raditsu was suprised to see him raising his power level just like that. He read the level with his scouter to be at 956, so Raditsu began to run, but he wasn't running in fear. Goku fired it and made sure it followed Raditsu everywhere he went. Yet Goku missed, and Raditsu brought Goku down with a giant ki blast of his down. 

The scouter went off again with the power level of about 1,300. He looked over and saw Piccolo, charging an attack between the eyebrow area. Raditsu was frightened, and waited for Piccolo to make a move. Piccolo fired the attack and when the smoke cleared, the attack only hit Raditsu's arm, proving Raditsu to be faster than the speed of light. Putting more than all he had in that attack, Piccolo was out of options.

Then, Raditsu started to beat up on Goku, and Piccolo watched. Raditsu stomped on Goku's chest and broke his ribs. Piccolo was helpless, and Gohan was getting extremley angry. Raditsu lifted his hand in the air and was about to finish off Goku, but then Gohan busted out of the pod. Raditsu was freaked out, and Gohan was flying at him. Raditsu got hit very hard in the stomach and coughed up some blood. Very wounded, he got up and asked Gohan about where he got his power. Gohan didn't exactly know what to say. Then, Raditsu lifted his arm and was about to fire a ki blast, but then he felt a sharp pain. It was Goku, and he was squeezing Raditsu's tail. Raditsu begged his brother for mercy, but Goku refused. But then Raditsu said he would leave the planet if Goku let him go. Piccolo screamed out not to do it, but it was too late. Goku had let go, and Raditsu beat down Goku. He then ounted Gohan a small distance and was very angered. He decided he was going to finish off Piccolo, but then Goku grabbed Raditsu from behind.

Goku yelled out that Piccolo used his attack again, and said he will go down with Raditsu. Raditsu thought Goku was insane, and told him that they would both be killed. Goku said he was willing to do it to kill Raditsu. Piccolo charged his attack while Goku held Raditsu. And to make Raditsu's odds worse, the blow from Gohan had greatly weakened him and his strong body armor. Piccolo finished charging the attack and fired that Raditsu. It went through Raditsu's stomach, and then Goku's. Both of their eyes were bugging out as the Mankancousuppo passed through them both. They ended up on the gound with a hole through their stomachs, and in a pool of blood.

Raditsu was glad that Goku had to die, but then Piccolo told Raditsu about the Dragonballs, and how they can revive people from the dead. Raditsu freaked out, but then laughed. He told Piccolo that there are others on a different planet, and that Piccolo has told them about the Dragonballs through his scouter. Then Raditsu said that they were much stronger that he was. Raditsu had the last laugh after all.

Bulma, Kuririn, and Kame-Sennin reached Goku, and Piccolo stood nearby  as he faded away. Goku told them to take care of Gohan, and he drited away and died. Kuririn screamed out at his death and wept. Then, Piccolo insisted that Gohan be brought with him for special training to fight these Sayaijins that will arrive in a year. Kuririn and Kame-Sennin refuse, but Piccolo takes him anyway and flys off. Everybody else hopes that Gohan will be ok, but most of all...What is Chi Chi gonna say!?!?!?

Piccolo wakes up Gohan and asks him about his hidden power. Gohan doesn't know what he is talking about, so he tosses him quite a distance. Gohan powers up and fires a giant blast at the mountain wall he is about to hit and lands. The mountain has taken great damage, and from a mere boy. Piccolo tells Gohan that he will be a great use in the battle isf he learns to control his power. So Piccolo tells Gohan to survive in the woods for a while, then he will train him for the battle against the Sayaijins.

Meanwhile, Bulma reprograms Raditsu's scouter so they can understand what it is saying. She reads everybodies power levels, and then they try to decide wo is going to break the news about Goku and Gohan to Chi Chi. It ends up that Kuririn takes up the job.

Kuririn goes to Chi Chi and trys to tell her, but he just doesn't have the guts. He goes back to the Kame House and tells them that he just couldn't do it. Everybody gets angered at him, and later, Chi Chi and Gyuu Myoa drive to the Kame House on a floating car. Chi Chi asks about Goku and Gohan, and where they are, and where they have been. Kame Sennin tells her thewhole story, and she completeley freaks out.

Meanwhile, Gohan survives in the woods for a while, and ends up on a mountan top. Piccolo tosses him some apples secretly from the sky, because Piccolo is watching Gohan everywhere he goes until he thinks he can survive on his own. Gohan eats and then looks at the full moon. his eyes kinda bug out, and he turns into a gigantic monkey form (AKA Oozaru). Piccolo freaks out at what has just happened to Gohan. The giant monkey starts shooting giant beams out of his mouth. One of them barley missed Piccolo. Piccolo thinks of a way he stop this madness. He noticed that this occured when Gohan saw the moon so he acted fast and shot a giant beam and blew up the moon. Gohan went back to a little boy, and Piccolo gave him a new outfit while he was sleeping. And this outfit was with weighted clothing, like what Goku wears.

Kuririn informs Choazu and Tienshinhan about Goku and that Kami Samma has offered them to train on Kami's Lookout/Tower. They accepted, and then Kuririn and Bulma went off to find Yamcha. Ater finding him at a baseball game, they also inform him about the training that Kami has offered. He accpets very quickly, and then Kuririn explains to Yamcha about Goku's death. He was sad abput it, and then Kuririn explained about the Sayaijins that were coming. They were all ready, and they left to go to Kami's.

Meanwhile, at the Earth's Spirit Realm, the Great King Yemma is talking to Kami Samma and Goku. Kami insists on Goku taking trainiing from a man named Kaio Samma that lives on the trecherous Snake Way. King Yemma isn't sure about what his choice is. Goku asks if a guy named Raditsu passed through here. King Yemma says that he saw him, and sent him to Hell. Kami Samma also tells Goku that Kaio is stronger than King Yemma. King Yemma says that Goku can Goku can go to Kaio Samma's planet and cross Snake Way, if he can make it in one year. He informs Goku that if he ever falls over, he shall never return. Goku gets ready to set off.

A guy in a little van takes Goku to the entrance to Snake Way. He wishes Goku luck, and Goku sets off. Goku starts to fly on his , but realizes he might get lost or fall if he depends on flying, so he starts going on foot. He just keeps on running, and is ready for training.

Gohan starts surviving in his weighted clothing, becoming friends with a dinosaur,who gets killed, but this loss of a friend only makes Gohan a stronger person on the inside. He masters his new clothing in a short period of time, and becomes faster, and stronger.
Piccolo also trains himself, with his Split Form attack, and other abilities.

Goku sees a street sweeper on his way to Kaio's, so he hops on for a ride. He accidently falls off Snake Way, and into Hell. He meets an Ogre named Goz, in which he wrestles to get back up on Snake Way. Goku wins, but Goz's flying machine doesn't help Goku get back to Snake Way. Another Ogre named Mez, says he can get him back on Snake Way, and he challenges Goku to a race. If Goku catches Mez, he can get back on Snake Way, but if he loses, he is stuck their. The race off, going through Hell and running into crazy little situations. Goku steals a piece of King Yemma's fruit, and eventually catches Mez. After Mez is caught, he shows Goku the secret way back to Snake Way. Goku then flashes the fruit out, and Mez and Goz tell him it was only ment for King Yemma, and it will double a man's strength and speed, and keep him full for 3 months. Knowing this, Goku eats the fruit, and goes up the secret staircase to Snake Way. But he ends up in King Yemma's desk, and is forced to start over again...

Goku's strength and speed is doubled, which means he will get their quicker than before. He eventually reaches half way to Princess Snake's Palace. Beleiving she is Kaio, he attacks her. Princess Snake tries to "tame" Goku, but deicides she should just kill him instead. She tunrs into this giant snake and tries to eat Goku. Goku narrowly escapes, and the giant snake is tied up in knots.

Meanwhile, the gang on Kami's Tower train and realize that all they have done is sharpen skills. They want more of a challenge, and want to do what Goku did when he was there. Kami leads them to the Penilum Room, where they are transported back in time (Mentally), into a Sayijin war that has already ended. Finded two Sayaijins, they decide to start battle.Choazu is easily beaten, and Tien, Kuririn, and Yamcha continue fighting. Kuririn then gets beta by the Sayaijins. It was two on two now, and the Sayaijins' strengths were far over Yamcha and Tien's. Even after using Tien's Tribody, and Yamcha's guided energy blasts, Yamcha and Tien failed to beeat them, and were easily defeated. after returning back to their own time, Kami tells them that the perticular two Sayaijins that are coming now are double that strength. Now knowing this, they continued training, hoping to get strong enough.

Gohan eventually finishes his survival training, and Piccolo trains Gohan himself. Teaching him what it takes to fight.

Goku reaches Kaio's planet, and is astonished by it's heavy gravity. Goku trains Goku by making him catch Bubbles, a fast monkey that had already mastered the gravity, Gregory, a speedy cricket that Goku must hit with a mallet to show his strength, and learning the Genki Dama, one of the most powerful attacks known. Goku is wished back by Bulma on Earth. Goku also learns the powerful Kaio Ken, and Kaio freaks out and tells Goku that he will be late getting back to Earth because he didn't realize the time for him going back from Snake Way. But he tells him that he will make it there with his current strength in 2 days. Goku sets off, going all out to reach Earth, to help Gohan and the others.

The fighters at Kami's Tower set off their seperate ways to wait and see where the Sayaijins will arrive. The two Sayajins, Nappa and Vegeta, arrive in a city, and blow it to bits. They notice with their scouters that ther are many people on the planet with higher power levels. They set off to find the strongest two: Piccolo ann Gohan. Kuririn arrives where Gohan is, and Piccolo tells Kuririn he can sense them coming this way. The two mighty Sayaijins land down near them, and ask them questions about the Dragonballs. Saying they didn't know what they were talking about, angered Nappa and his wishes to get immortality. Vegeta noticed that Piccolo was Namekian, in which Piccolo never knew. Nappa plants 6 Saibamen, and unleashes them on Piccolo and the others. Fighitng them one on two was a challenge, and Gohan was frightened by fighting right now. Eventually, Yamcha, Tien, and Choazu all arrived, and then Nappa had an idea.

Nappa says to have them all fight a Saibaman one on one. Tien goes first, and easily takes out the first Saibaman. Then, Kuririn volunteers, but Yamcha says he will go for it instead. He too makes sport out of the Saibaman and overpowers him with a blue beam. Thinking he is dead, Yamcha walks back to where the others are, the Saibaman quickly latches onto Yamcha and self-destructs. Everybody is enraged by what just happened...but Kuririn in particular. He powers up to far his maximum level, and leashed 5 ki beams, 4 at the remaining Saibamen, and the largest at Nappa and Vegeta. He was succesful in killing all the Saibamen, but Nappa and Vegeta seemed unharmed. Almost everybody knew they were in over their heads...