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Hide in Shadows briefly/Limited transform in battle ability
        using MP & Condition as timer.
(*note: Skip past the code and read what it does and all afterwards before
        doing this to see if it suits you).
Greetings, this Idea was based on Electronic Arts "The Bard's Tale I,II,III"
thief where a thief would hide in shadows and get a shot at critically
hitting an opponent (killing him) and emerge inmediately.  (what!, you
weren't born back then? Fine, go back to playing FF 20 or something).
It uses the standard battle system because it is what we've got so it is
more practical to setup than many of the Spiffier systems.  You can
just set up one Mparty group with this code, make many copies, change
the monsters in each and it should work fine. No need for making new
switches or variables for each individual encounter.
*First off
-Go to Database, Hero
-Create a Char (named Dala in my case, a thief) at any level, no MP
-Create 5 more Chars for this example [Dala(Shdw)10/ Dala(Shdw)20/
        Dala(Shdw)30/ Dala(Shdw)40/Dala(Shdw)50] at level = to #
        (set max level to this         level also), MP are a must.
        For best effects Set Certain Kill Prob to 1 (best), boost
        up the Curve of Abilities and set Condition Effect to a higher
        letter  (E>A).  We'll be transforming an ordinary thief
        into a super thief of up to 10 levels higher than the
        original level. For 1 round of thievery anyway.
-Go to Database, Conditions
-Create a condition named Cloaked: Classification (Combat Effect),
        Action Limitation (Restriction), Cure Method (0 on all),
        Decrease MP per battle turn (100% + 0). 0 on all else
        (Didn't mess with Plaque Rate).
-Go to Database, Skills
-Make a skill called Shadow, Class(Switch), MP 0, Battle(only),
        Sound Effect (any, Fog1 in mine), ON Switch(shadow hide).
        Using Message(any): Slips into the Shadows.  Note :
        (in other cases, this can also be done with an item,
        as seen in the Transform Tutorial by AyaBrea).
-Go to Database, Mparty and choose a group to modify
-On page 1 of the Battle Events Box do the following:
        Page1 *Trigger: Switch [shadow hide] ON
        *Change Switch: [emerge] OFF Set
        *Variable Op: [dala lvs] Set, Dala Level
        *Variable Op: [mock hp] Set, 999
        *Variable Op: [dala lvs] Div , 10             ---rpgm2k rounds down---
               ---note below:
               in Battle Events, Fork Optn is not a Fork, but        rather an
               Event Pending a Requisite in order to take place. You cannot
               use it to exclude events like a normal fork.
               (if yes then A ; if no then NO A)
        *Fork Optn:  Varbl[dala lvs] 1 Small than     -- < or =
               *Change Heroes Party: Dala -> Remv
               *Change Heroes Party: Dala(Shdw)10 -> Add
               *HP Change: Dala(Shdw)10 HP to Var[mock hp] Decrem --1 hp left--
               *Variable OP: [dala hp] - , 1         -----yes, minus 1 ------
               *Hp Change: Dala(Shdw)10 HP to Var[dala hp] Recovery
               *MP Change: Dala(Shdw)10 MP to 999 Recovery   ---important---
               *Condition: Dala(Shdw)10 -> cloaked Condition
        :End Case
        *Fork Optn:  Varbl[dala lvs] 1                ---set to 1---
               *Change Heroes Party: Dala -> Remv
               *Change Heroes Party: Dala(Shdw)20 -> Add
               *HP Change: Dala(Shdw)20 HP to Var[mock hp] Decrem
               *Variable OP: [dala hp] - , 1         -----ditto ------
               *Hp Change: Dala(Shdw)20 HP to Var[dala hp] Recovery
               *MP Change: Dala(Shdw)20 MP to 999 Recovery
               *Condition: Dala(Shdw)20 -> cloake