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- Cristiane :

"Rio, we want to thank you for your hospitality. we've been in your country for about 5 days now! you're so beautiful, thank you for your love!" «kevin - during the show in Rio, may 03rd, 2001»
"this is absolutely amazing! so many beautiful people here tonight just for us. thank you! i mean that!" «aj - during the show in Rio, may 03rd, 2001»
"oh, hi - it's the ex! - why you called me right now? i can't talk right now ... i'm in Rio, without ya!!! ha ha ha" «aj - during the call, when he answers the phone, may 03rd, 2001»
"Brazil, obrigado(thank you)! you guys have been an awesome audience Brazil! thank you so much for waiting for us" «howie - at the end of the show in Rio, may 03rd, 2001»
"these arms of mine are open wide from now until the end of times, you are my world what can i do this heart of mine belongs to you" «back to your heart - bsb»
"i wish i may, i wish i might, be that certain everyone you wish for every night" «if you knew what i knew - bsb»