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WoOoOoO!***HOT!!! =P
Welcome in this section...HOT section!!!
Here you can to contribute with your story...hard story
Well the question is this...
If you had a 1 night with your fave BSB...What are your plans for this hard night?!!
Or in your opinion as Nick is to bed?...about Nick sexuality!!!
And Brian ...Kevin, Aj or Howie?
What are you thinking of this/they?!!

Write your story...your dreams...wish...fantasy...and more about this cool and sexy BSB and I'll put you here!
Click on the image of BSB and write me an e-mail with your story...You can tell a your hot dream or 1 story of your fantasy... I'm here and I waiting for your hot email...come on turn on your mind and....sexuality!
Important that you write togheter at your story also your name and email!
Forbidden dreams...=P

A girl 4 Baxx! =P
My name is B-rok, and I'm gonna always love you
My name is AJ and I'm gonna always love you
My name is Howie, Howie doin' sweetheart
My name is Nick and I will always love you
And baby, my name is Kev, and I just want you to know
That I will always love you Yes, baby, no diggity

A girl 4 Nick! =P
My name is Nick And I like the type of girl That loves to go dancin' The type of girl that likes To move her body The type of girl that likes To shake what her mama gave her The type of girl that'll let me hold her hand And then kiss her The type that'll let me take her to the movies And then kiss her The type that'll let me hold her sooo tight And then kiss her, and kiss her And kiss her, and kiss her... Hey hey...

A girl 4 Aj! =P
A-Yo, my name is AJ And I the type of girl That let me do everything for her Let me make you breakfast Let me make you lunch Let me make you dinner, baby Then after that, well just make you happy You see Howie, that's how you gotta do it man!

A girl 4 Howie! =P
My name is Howie D And this is how we (howie)do it I like a type of girl That one day she'll become my wife We'll get married And she'll make me breakfast She'll make me lunch, and my diner I want bacon'n eggs, pancakes Orange juice, mashed potatoes, turkey, guacamole...

A girl 4 Brian! =P
Hi, my name is Brian But uh, you can call me B-rok 'Cause I'll be rockin' your house (A-Hee-hee-hee)I'm just playin' But, on the real tip I like a serious girl Somebody who's uh, gonna be smart A girl who even, uh, Like's to even go to school maybe No, come on Nick, for really I like a girl who's got a good head on her shoulders.

A girl 4 Kevin! =P
My name is Kev And I like the type of girl Who can love me for me The type of girl Who I can hold in my arms And give her all that I have to give And if you're that type of girl Then you're gettin' all of my love

Condom for Aj! =P
Capricorn's are known for their longevity, wisdom, practicality, ambition and earthy sensuality. Capricorns tend to be on the conservative side. Capricorn condoms are the most durable, having the longest shelf life. Capricorn condoms are extra strong to last extra long. With Capricorn condoms, wing tips, pin stripes and brief cases are optional. Be sure to shake them out from time to time, otherwise they go stale. Capricorn is the sign of the mountain goat. When you're horny enough to climb the mountains of love, you want a Capricorn condom.

Condom for Howie! =P
Leos are known for their passion, pride, and (pro)creative urges. Leos tend to be a bit flashy, showy, and original in and out of bed. Leo condoms come in gold foil packaging with custom monogramming. Leo condoms come in one size: extra, extra large. Leo is symbolized by the lion. When you're ready to meet your mate and make wild jungle noises, you're ready for a Leo condom.

Condom for Kevin! =P
Libra's are suave and eager to please others. Libra condoms are the fancy European models and come in fashionable hand-painted designer packaging. Libra condoms make for an elegant accessory on the best dates. Libra condoms are aesthetically pleasing to both partners. They are reversible and can turn into a diaphragm thus sharing the responsibilities. Libra is symbolized by the scales. When sex weighs heavily on your mind, you want a Libra condom.

Condom for Brian! =P
Pisces are known for their deep feelings that somewhat border on mysticism. Pisces are idealistic, sometimes to the point of ecstatic bliss. Pisces condoms are truly extra sensitive and translucent. Little spikes are optional on the inside. Pisces condoms contain special instructions for erotic fantasy games. Pisces is the sign of the fishes. When it smells like love and you're on a seafood diet, you want a Pisces condom.

Condom for Nick! =P
Aquarians are gregarious, yet aloof. Aquarius is a high energy sign, and one that is usually politically correct. Aquarian condoms are just a little bit kinky. They come colored hot pink and electric blue, and they come with a battery pack to light up in the dark and French ticklers for extra stimulation. With Aquarius condoms, the packaging features political slogans such as the MiXXe Maxim, "Things can change overnight; it depends upon how late you stay up and with whom doing what." Since Aquarius is a social sign, Aquarian condoms come in multi-packs and are detachable to share with your friends. Aquarius is the sign of the water bearer. When your love juices really get to flowing, you want an Aquarius condom.

In Bed With Nick! =P
When he's alone with a girl: He likes to go slow and enjoy the moment. When Nick becomes affectionate, time seems to stop. What he likes the most: Kissing and to be softly kissed on the lips and neck. (I'm DYING here people!) What he dislikes: Fast caresses. When he kisses: He almost always closes his eyes. He says it's due to shyness. A caress that drives him crazy: That the girl touches his hair softly as if she were massaging it. To him, his hair is the sexiest part of his body and he likes that the girl who is with him shares that feeling. He also likes: The girl's navel and if they have any piercing or tattoos it is more exciting! He likes to start with: A sweet, intense, and long embrace, those that are able to fuse two souls into one. "It is the best way to break the ice," he says. His favorite sensation: The hug he mentions before, but underwater. His intimate dream: To make love in space. His strongest confession: "I'm no expert in sex. But I think that if there is love, then the technique is the least that matters." With or without lights? Without, but with some candlelight in order to see something and create a romantic atmosphere. Always in silence: He doesn't like talking in between kisses. He prefers to say it all in a look. He doesn't like: The hurries and being kissed in public or kissing a girl who smells like she has been smoking. "I don't like to kiss ashtrays."

In Bed With Kevin! =P
When he gets intimate: He turns into a volcano full of passion. What he likes the most: That his girl whispers sweet things into his ear. What he dislikes: Kisses all over his face. The skin on his chin is very sensitive and it gets swollen easily. When he kisses: He does it with power, grabbing the face of his beloved in his hands, pressing his lips against hers. A caress that drives him crazy: When his girl touches his spine with the tips of her fingers. It sends shivers of pleasure throughout his body. He looks: A girl's underwear. He likes them to be sexy and feminine. He likes to start: By playing soft music and dancing to it, getting her close till being able to kiss her. His favorite sensation: The touch of a soft skin. His intimate dream: Throw himself with his beloved in a bed full of rose petals. His strongest confession: "There can be sex without love, but you have to make it clear. I will never tell a girl that I want her just to sleep with her." To seduce him: You have to give the first step. He is too shy. The most sensitive part of his body: His chest. He does not like: Girls who scream or are not feminine.

In Bed With Brian! =P
When he is alone with a girl: He loves to give and receive caresses everywhere. What he likes the most: Getting carried away. He loves that his girl takes the first step and to him her wishes are his commands. He does not like: Girls that provoke him and then say no. His kisses are: Direct, intense, and short and are usually followed by a big smile. He also likes to kiss with his eyes open so he can see the face he loves. What drives him crazy: Receiving and giving kisses on the neck and ears. He looks: At a girl's cleavage. He loves girls with curves and feminine forms. He likes to start: Talking. He would never get to a girl only to sleep with her or make out in public. He needs time and intimacy to break the ice. His favorite sensation: Attempting to guess what she feels by only looking into her eyes. His intimate dream: Being kidnapped by Pamela Anderson only for half an hour. His strongest confession: "The wildest thing I've done in my life was have sex in a sauna. You can imagine how hot it was!" With or without light?: Without. Darkness makes everything more exciting. The best place: "A water bed. It makes a lot of noise, but it is fun." He does not like: That in the middle of the romance the girl asks questions like "What do you feel?", "You like it?" or "Am I beautiful?".

In Bed With Aj! =P
If he likes a girl too much: He dies to be alone with her and kiss her. Besides he is no coward, he tells the girl how he feels. What he likes the most: Looking at his girl. AJ says that there is nothing more beautiful than a woman's body. What he dislikes: Wet kisses. When he kisses: He kisses passionately. He likes long, warm, and tasty kisses. A caress that drives him crazy: Feeling his girl long nails digging into his back. He looks: At the girls' butts and the way they walk. He likes to start: Making up poems for his beloved and recite them while he looks at her. His favorite sensation: Closing his eyes and letting her kiss him all over his face. His intimate dream: Make love in the seashore during day. His strongest confession: "I would never make love without a condom, even if the girl drove me crazy and it was our last night together." He also considers himself as a first class kisser, but it doesn't matter if she does not have that much experience. The sexiest thing to him: Discovering tattoos or piercing in places that are not visible at first sight. He does not like: Not having a condom and noticing when it's late and if the girl wears too much perfume.

In Bed With Howie! =P
What's essential to him: To be in love. He really feels desire for a girl if he feels something special for her, too. What he likes the most: To be kissed softly on his chest and abdomen. His kissing way: He is soft and passionate. He says that he does not have any technique and he likes to just get carried away. A caress that drives him crazy: Tickling the nape of his neck. If she has long nails, it's even better. He looks at: A girl's ankles and lips. Seeing a girl moistening her lips in a sexy way turns him on. He likes to start by: Caressing his beloved's face and by touching her lips before kissing her. His favorite sensation: Having her head rest against his chest while he hugs her. His intimate dream: He would love to live a history like the one with Rose and Jack in Titanic, but with a happy ending. His strongest confession: "To me, the best place to make love is in bed and if the sheets are satin, then it's the best. I know it is not original but it's great." He does not like: The dates in which the girl tries to hurry everything. He prefers to take his time and spend the night talking or sleeping. He also doesn't like if the girl is dumb and has nothing to say. If the girl is beautiful, but she can't talk about anything, then all his passion disappears.