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Mad Max

The Jeep Saga Continues...

Welcome to my online journal of my 1979 Jeep Cherokee Chief Project.




Sitting on the lot with a flat tire, and it was sad. Somewhere around SEP 2003.








Full of treasure????? Not quite.









Engine on day One.







First day home.










New carburetor. Also added: new fuel lines, fuel pump and clean gas tank.







Somewhere there is a major electrical short. Turn the key, click, spark...then nothing. Turned out to be a worn wire in the steering column.








A little TLC for the engine compartment: new plugs, wires, cap, battery, air cleaner, brake master cylinder and brake booster.





Dash is back together, drove around block with custom tire seat. Some strange clanking noise coming from underneath. This is also after rebuilding the TH400 auto transmission. Nice view of floor pan rust.





Passenger floor pan rust. Thankfully the frame is good.









Worst rust hole on exterior.







New shoes.

JAN 2004: Leaving to get new floor pans welded in and some other modifications...

FEB 2004: Diamond Plate door panels, still need speaker holes.

Diamond plate ready to be welded into the rear. The front floor pans are next, then the whole thing gets "rhino lined". The Explorer bucket seats and center console will go in also.


APR 2004: Drivers and passenger side floor pans with new diamond plate. Can't see the ground anymore. That is just surface rust. Floors will be prepped and coated with Durabak soon.


Diamond plate towards the rear.                                                                 Front seats and console are in.

Future Plans (subject to change as mood and bank account permit):   

1. Replace Quadratrac chain. DONE!!!

2.  2" body lift or suspension lift

3.  custom bumpers

4. convert rear window to manual. DONE!!!

5.  durabak interior floor

6.  por 15 and undercoat underside

7.  polish grille

8.  paint flat black and ???? exterior accessories in "road warrior" fashion. KINDA DONE!!!

Stay tuned for updates as they happen.


Matanzas Jeep 4x4 Club, St. Augustine FL

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