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Seabass said that?

"I'm number 1?"

Hey everyone, much has changed since my last update:

 First of all, I'm engaged to Tracey, who is wonderful and very tolerant of all my unfinished projects. We are getting married in the spring of 2006. The girls (Pokey and Lacy) are still doing good and very spoiled. I have finally moved from Florida Avenue to a nicer place south of town. I am still in the military and actually like it (most of the time).

My vehicle has changed again as usual. Most everyone knows that I go thru vehicles faster then pretty much everything else. I have moved up to a F-150 crew cab. No more little pickups. I currently do NOT have a motorcycle to many people's surprise and disappointment. I have moved back into Jeeping (how many remember that?). Dustin (from work) and I started Matanzas Jeep 4x4 Club back in FEB 2004 and it is doing great.


Be sure to check out my pics and the Jeep Club website:

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Matanzas Jeep 4x4 Club