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Sex Classics in Translation Series

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender Studies
Translated from the German into English

From Prometheus Books

Distinguished Professor Vern L. Bullough, Ph.D., R.N., consulting editor
Classical Scholar Dr. Eugene O'Connor, editor
Dedicated to Paul J. Nash

The three sex classics in the series are The Riddle of "Man-Manly" Love by Karl Heinrich Ulrichs, and Transvestites and The Homosexuality of Men and Women by Magnus Hirschfeld.

These three sex classics from Prometheus Books took more than ten years to publish.

In 1978, Paul Nash, my lover, asked me to translate Ulrichs. In 1989, under Urania Manuscripts, I published all of Ulrichs in two volumes.

In May 1989, Vern Bullough wrote to say he had heard of the translation and ordered a copy. Later that year, he wrote to say he would help me get the Ulrichs published. Meanwhile, however, he wanted Hirschfeld's Transvestites translated. He said he would like to establish a sex classics in translation series. If the Hirschfeld sold well, he would try to have the Ulrichs published.

In May 1991 the Hirschfeld was published. By August of that year, Vern had the go-ahead from the people at Prometheus to publish the Ulrichs. In February 1994 the Ulrichs appeared in print. At the same time, Vern sent me Hirschfeld's Homosexuality to translate.

The translation of the second book in this series by Hirschfeld was completed in September 1997. Meanwhile, the cost of production forced the people at Prometheus to find funds to publish the work. It took them almost two years.

In February 1999, Eugene O'Connor sent me the first edits of Homosexuality to correct. The editing was complete 14 months later. It has now gone to press.

The translation and publication of this series of sex classics is clearly a labor of love. The goal of all of us was education -- our greatest source of gratification.

Michael Lombardi-Nash, Ph.D.
April 15, 2000

Update: July 2000. I got a copy of the translation of Hirschfeld's Homosexuality just off the press. Just for fun, I include here a photo comparing the original with the translation. It's a great feeling to know that we English-speakers now live in a world that has these sex classics in our own language. Yeah!

Hirschfeld's *Homosexualität*
Click the book to see the larger picture
and the mini-mountain of paperwork involved
And another pic: Mike, Paul & "Magnus"
at the bottom of the pile
Comparison Photo

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