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Paul Jerome Nash

Paul Nash has devoted more than 30 years promoting the life of, and works by, Karl Heinrich Ulrichs. Over the past two decades, Paul has poured his hard-earned cash -- thousands of dollars -- into computers, copying, and postage, in order to bring English-speaking readers into the circle of people in the know about Ulrichs.

Paul also likes to try his hand at poetry. His latest attempt goes as follows:

Jaguar (Football Team) Rap

To Mike

Too much rockin'
Not enuf blockin'
Too much prayin'
Not enuf playin'
Too much funnin'
Not enuf runnin'
Too much gasin'
Not enuf passin'
Played so borin'
Not enuf scorin'.


Four OH (40) and Counting
By Paul J. Nash

Paul (right) & Mike

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